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Nneka Ugboma


Nneka is a leading member of our research team and specialist in developing large scale creative consultations with the cultural and creative sector, young people and for community engagement. Nneka works to integrate life into ideas, projects and activities, giving them a variety of platforms to breathe and grow.

Nneka has worked with Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy for six years. Previously she undertook an MA Cultural and Creative Industries at the University of London. She has led a series of projects at TFCC, including a ‘Creative Cluster Strategy for Lebanon’, a ‘Cultural Vision for Margate & Turner Contemporary’, a ‘Creative Economy Strategy for West London’, plus a series of evaluations and strategies that focus on creativity, visual culture and collaboration. Nneka is also Director of Mushrooms - a creative intelligence company:

Contacting Nneka

Phone. +44 (0)20 7430 0855
Email. nneka[at]