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18th July 2022

Strategic Innovation Programme for Norwich University of the Arts, UK

TFCC has been commissioned by Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) to scope the rationale for two new Institutes:

- An institute for Creative Technology
- An Institute for arts and wellbeing, health and sustainable development.

TFCC will scope demand for such institutes, explore existing provision across the UK and internationally and set out a business case and model for new institutes. This builds from the refreshed Corporate Strategy for NUA, which includes a commitment to the role of creative practice in identifying, understanding and addressing the climate crisis and global challenges; and embedding ambitious local and international industry projects and experiences within all courses.

17th July 2022

Sprint Evaluation of StoryFutures and StoryFutures Academy, UK

TFCC has been commissioned by Royal Holloway University of London to evaluate StoryFutures and StoryFutures Academy. These are two linked programmes funded by UKRI to grow immersive businesses, R&D investment, jobs, products, services and training capacity in the UK economy.

Our evaluation will tease out the impact of these two programmes, including impact on local clusters, national sector development, inclusion, innovation and partnership.

30th June - 3rd July 2022

Art and Creativity for Change Summit, Kigali, Rwanda

Tom Fleming will participate in this major summit for the African creative economy. Built on a collaboration between Africa in Colors and MOCA, the summit brings together creatives and policy-makers from across Africa and globally to explore opportunities to grow the African cultural and creative industries.

Tom will participate in a round table discussion with Invest in Rwanda and the Ministry of Culture, plus on a series of panels exploring approaches to cultural and creative industries policy. This builds on our work across Sub-Saharan Africa, including multiple projects in countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. It constitutes our first collaboration with Africa in Colors, which is driving sector development and playing a leadership role for the African creative economy.

21st - 22nd June 2022

Culture and Museums International Tech Forum - Shaping Culture Through Tech, Malaga, Spain

Tom Fleming will provide a keynote speech at this major summit for museums and tech in Malaga. CM Malaga brings together museums, cultural organisations, technologists and artists to explore technological and innovative solutions in culture. With a focus on sustainability, accessibility and social development, the Forum convenes over 1000 professionals and 150 speakers from 30 countries.

Tom Fleming will present the findings of the MuseumsRevisted study which TFCC undertook for the British Council in 2021-2. This study engaged dozens of museums from Portugal, Romania, Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece and Ireland to understand their shifting role and development needs in the context of global instability, pandemia and digital transformation.

26th May 2022

Middle East Education Thought Leadership Workshop

Tom Fleming will address this Gulf Conferences event at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel, London. He will discuss the growing need for creative and arts education as a way of building a workforce capable of thriving in the 'fourth industrial revolution'. This is with a focus on the Middle East, where the higher education arts and creative offer is still emergent and where creative employment is still not widely validated. The event comes too soon for Tom to reflect on our work for the Government of UAE of future creative education and skills provision. However, some headline themes will be shared.