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10th December 2021

Developing a Research and Evidence Framework for the Creative Industries in the Republic of Georgia

As part of a new national Creative Economy Programme for Georgia, TFCC will develop a research and evidence framework. This is the first initiative of its kind in Georgia, building on recent work to test data collection methodologies and establish an evidence-based approach to policy and partnership. This includes work undertaken by TFCC in early 2021, where we worked with Creative Georgia and the British Council to provide guidance and training on creative industries baseline research.

This project, with the same set of partners, will involve an extensive programme of sector engagement, partnership and advocacy, resulting in a holistic research and evidence framework capable of supporting smart and innovative policy.

1st December 2021

A Performing Arts Review for Jersey

Building on our Arts Strategy for Jersey, TFCC has been commissioned to undertake a review of the performing arts ecosystem of the island. This will involve extensive consultation with key organisations, practitioners and intermediaries to co-design a sustainable ecosystem which enables creative talent to flourish. This includes a focus on key venues such as the Opera House, and on ways to nurture a new generation of innovation and excellence in the performing arts.

28th November 2021

A New Centre for Performing Arts, Rotherham, UK

TFCC is working with HLM Architects to scope options for a new theatre / performing arts facility in the centre of Rotherham. This is part of an ambitious plan to revitalise the town centre and re-energise the cultural economy. Rotherham, which is part of the South Yorkshire conurbation, adjacent to Sheffield, has a diverse, youthful population and significant aspiration to develop dynamic cultural infrastructure to serve future generations.

TFCC will work to scope options for the type of facility based on analysis of strategic development needs of the town and the opportunity to support the wider cultural ecosystem of the region.

26th November 2021

Place Based Creative Industry Development: Research for the Creative Industries Council, UK

TFCC has been commissioned by the UK Creative Industries Council to map and describe the place-based approaches to sector development and support across the UK nations and regions. This will explore how different agencies - in enterprise, culture and local government - are delivering support to the Creative Industries.

The research will culminate in a Paper which describes the diversity of approaches to sector development and sets out how this landscape is changing and likely future trends and development needs.

The Creative Industries Council is a forum of government, creative businesses and other creative organisations. It focuses on areas where there are barriers to growth of UK creative sectors such as access to finance, skills, export markets, regulation, intellectual property and infrastructure.

25th November 2021

Re-think: The Creative Economy of Scotland

TFCC is has been commissioned by Creative Scotland to undertake a review of its approach to the creative economy. Based on engagement with the Creative Scotland team and partners in the public and private sector, we will identify core priorities, tools and approaches for creative economy development. This will unpack how state-supported practice co-exists with commercial practice, scrutinising the hybrid reality of creative work. It will identify key focus areas for Creative Scotland, working alongside other agencies.

The outcome will be an options report for the Creative Scotland Board. This will set out priorities for investment and development from 2022.