Events 2014—2015 /

Development Policies for the Creative Industries, Special Symposium, University of Warwick, UK

TFCC Senior Associate Andrew Erskine was one of the speakers at a symposium on UK's past, present and future Creative Industries Policy. This was organised by Warwick University's Centre for Cultural Policy Studies as part of the official visit of a senior Chinese delegation from Shandong Academy of Social Sciences.

Date: 15 December 15

Scoping Exercise for a Malaysian Creative and Cultural Mapping Programme, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Initiated by Think City in partnership with the British Council, this was a study visit to Kuala Lumpur to help shape strategic thinking in the sector and to scope the main opportunities for developing a full mapping study and strategic development programme for the creative and cultural industries in Malaysia in 2016, with the aim to aid local companies and national government agencies to plan their investment and activation in the creative and cultural industries efficiently, and bring the stakeholders closer in achieving the bigger picture together.

Date: 7-12 December 15

Building A Creative Region, Oujda, Morocco

A two day event curated and chaired by TFCC Senior Associate Andrew Erskine aimed at kick-starting the support for culture and creativity in the region of Oriental Morocco with a focus on music and festivals, food, heritage, tourism, design and making, entrepreneurship and the digital sector in promoting arts and culture. This event was initiated by L'agence de l'Oriental and coordinated by Anima Investment Network.

Date: 7-8 December 15

Unesco and Sida Technical Assistance to the Government of Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

A series of workshops and meetings to develop competencies relating to the 2005 UN Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions. This is as part of Tom's assigned role as creative industries expert to the Unesco Technical Assistance Programme.

Date: 23 -26 November 15

Creative and Cultural Industries Masterclass, Estonian Business School, Tallinn, Estonia.

As part of a new Creative Business MA at the Estonian Business School, Tom Fleming delivered a set of lectures and workshops focused on the overall global picture for creative industries policy development and investment.

Date: 12-14 November 15

Data & Evidence and Definitions. (Re)Positioning culture and creativity in Iceland. Keynote Speech, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Ministry of Education and Culture of Iceland invited Tom to deliver a Keynote Speech on the current understanding, measurement and positioning of the Cultural and Creative Industries in a wider economic and social development context. This lecture fits within Iceland's new post-crisis policy development process for the creative and cultural industries.

Date: 11 November 15

ALTERED STATE, Tasmanian futures after MONA, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Tom Fleming participated and presented in a public seminar and workshop hosted by The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), exploring the themes of cultural economy, participation, urban planning, design, and governance. This seminar was a result of MONA's collaborative research project between international and local experts and practitioners and also its wide-ranging impact on Hobart and the island state of Tasmania as a whole.

Date: 21-23 October 15

Culture in Cities and Regions, Nantes, France

As part of our expert advisory role to the Culture for Cities and Regions Programme, Tom contributed to a set of explorative workshops on urban regeneration through cultural and creative industries; creative clusters and ecosystems; and creative entrepreneurship.

The Culture for Cities and Regions Programme is a major new collaborative research and development programme to explore the role of culture in city and regional development across Europe. Led by Eurocities and funded by Creative Europe, the programme involves the development of best practice case studies, knowledge exchange and professional development in culture-led cities and regions.

Date: 6-18 September 15

Pillars of the Economy - UK China Exchange, Tate Britain, London, UK

TFCC Senior Consultant Andrew Erskine moderated an important invitation only event on UK / China Cultural Cooperation. This was part of the year-long British Council UK / China Year of Cultural Exchange. The seminar, called 'Pillars of the economy', featured 8 cultural leaders from the UK and China including the director of the Southbank Jude Kelly and the head of the National Theatre of China Zhou Yuyuan. It involved an audience of 60 leading figures from the arts, culture and creative industries.

Date: 18 September 15

Creative Spillovers - Final Report Launch, Essen, Germany

TFCC Senior consultant Andrew Erskine will presented the final report of TFCC's research project on Spillover Effects of Public Investment in the Arts, Culture and Creative Industries in Europe. Attended by leading academic, research and industry figures from across Europe, it took place one day before the annual Forum D'Avignon.

(Links to the report and the website will be posted here as soon as they are live.)

22-23 September 15

International Museum Forum, Kazan, Russia

Andrew Erskine delivered a Keynote speech at the International Museum Forum in Kazan. The International Conference, organised by the International Council of Museums (Russia) and the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Republic of Tartastan (among others), is on the theme of the Mission of the Museum on a Multicultural World.

Date: 8-10 September 15

Imkan Workshop for Young Cultural Leaders in the Arab Region, Broummana, Lebanon.

The third Imkan workshop for Young Cultural Leaders in the Arab Region is a vital knowledge development programme led by Al Mawred Al Thaqafy (Culture Resource) - a regional, non-profit organisation for culture in development.Tom run two-days of sessions which focused on capacity-building in the cultural economy, innovation in cultural organisations and different approaches to audience and business development.

Date:29-30 July 15

4th South-East Asian Creative Cities Conference: Authentic Cities, Cebu, Philippines.

A major event for the South-East Asian Creative Economy. Andrew Erskine was an invited speaker, commenting on the event's theme "Authenti-Cities: Identity and Unity in Diversity", held under the jurisdiction of the Creative Cebu Council and the DTI-Cebu. Partner councils were Creative Chiangmai, BCCF Bandung, and ThinkCity Penang.

Date: 24-26 June 15

'Connect, Develop, Invest' Conference, Chisinau, Moldova.

A high level conference hosted by the European Commission and Ministry of Culture of Moldova and organised under the framework of the Eastern Partnership Platform 4 'Contacts between people'. Tom Fleming delivered a keynote speech, contributing to the debate on the potential and challenges of the cultural and creative sectors in the Eastern Partnership countries of Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Date: 24-26 June 15


Keynote Speech at Intermuseum, Moscow, Russia.

Invited to Moscow by the Russian office of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), Tom Fleming delivered a keynote speech at Intermuseum - the largest congress and exhibition for museums in Russia and one of the largest in the world.

Date: 14 June 15


Keynote Speech at CreaLAB final conference, Seville, Spain.

Tom Fleming presented an overview of TFCC's recent research into 'Spillover Effects of public investment in arts, culture and the creative industries.' CreaLAB is a territorial cooperation project, co-financed by the programme SUDOE, which focuses on the creation and promotion of a Transnational Cooperative Network focused on the creative sector and their relations with other notionally traditional sectors.

Date: 11 June 15


Cultivating Creative Cities, Royal Academy, London, UK.

Tom Fleming chaired a keynote debate for the London Festival of Architecture, exploring how creativity can be nurtured and sustained in a global city like London. The debate included contributions from Will Alsop, architect; Mike Butcher, Editor at Large, TechCrunch; Munira Mirza, Deputy Mayor of London for Education and Culture; and Andy Pratt, Professor of Cultural Economy, City University London.

Date: 8 June 15


High Level Conference: Culture in Development, UNESCO/EU Programme, Brussels, Belgium.

This was a major event at Bozar, where Tom Fleming reflected on his experience as a UNESCO-appointed expert in the ongoing Technical Facility to support the implementation on the 2005 Convention on Diversity of Cultural Expressions. The conference incudes contributions from Ms Silvia Costa, Chair of the Committee for Culture and Education of the European Parliament; Commissioner Neven Mimica,and UNESCO Director-General, Ms Irina Bokova.

Date: 5 June 15


Start out in the Arts - Talk In Cambridge, UK.

Andrew Erskine was a guest speaker at 'Start out in the Arts' - a fortnightly event held at the Espresso Library that aims to help creative people in Cambridgeshire take their ideas off the ground, gain confidence in setting up and running their own business, raising awareness of the importance of creative economy, and contributing to the development of creative industries in the area.

Date: 4 June 15


A Cultural Economy Masterclass and Keynote in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tom Fleming delivered a 3 day cultural economy masterclass to policy-makers and academics at the Mongolian State University. This was followed by a keynote address at the country's first major Creative Industries Symposium and Showcase - attended by over 250 people. Tom provided an overview of global trends and discussed some of the main opportunities for Mongolia given its distinctive cultural identity, strengths in performing arts and film, and incredible natural environment.

Date: 18-19 May 15


Global Cultural Economy Roundtable, University of Warwick, UK.

Intervention by Tom Fleming on Cultural Policy and Development from the position of the Expert. This is as part of Tom's wider role as adviser to the Warwick Global Research Priority in International Development - GRP-ID.

Date: 8 May 15


Creative Hubs in the Canary Islands Workshop, Lanzarote.

This workshop was staged by the Government of the Canary Islands with the support of the Municipality of Lanzarote and was the first public event to explore how best to connect the islands' creative businesses. Teaming up with Antonio Ramos Murphy, Director of Culturalink, Tom delivered a workshop focused on the development of hubs for the Canary Islands.

Date: 23 April 15

The 3rd CARIFORM-EU Business Forum, Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Tom Fleming chaired a session on music policy and investment at the CARIFORUM-EU Business Forum - an international trade and business development conference designed to connect Caribbean, African, European and Pacific businesses. He also delivered a keynote speech on opportunities for EU-Caribbean collaboration and trade in the creative industries.

Date: 15-16 April 15


Keynote at Tallinn Music Week, Estonia.

Andrew Erskine, Senior Associate at TFCC, delivered a speech at Tallinn Music Week to reflect on the role of creativity in making cities more dynamic and successful. This week long festival is an annual industry event and the biggest indoor event in the Baltic-Nordic Region.

Date: 28 March 15


Disruptive spaces for the new Creative Economy, Birmingham, UK.

Andrew Erskine chaired and delivered a keynote presentation at the Disruptive Spaces event - part of Birmingham's Digital Week. The event was held at BOMLab - a new space for art, technology and science in the heart of Birmingham.

Date: 24 March 15


Cultural and Creative Crossovers, Riga, Latvia.

Keynote speech by Tom Fleming on the contribution and impact of cultural and creative crossovers (or spillovers) to growth, innovation, sustainable development and social well-being.

Date: 12 March 15


Creative & Cultural Skills (CCSkills) Conference 2015, Thurrock, Essex, UK.

Tom Fleming delivered a presentation on how the Cultural and Creative Industries can engage with Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) as a key strategic opportunity for sector investment and development.

Date: 5 March 15


Creative Hubs 2015, Lisbon, Portugal.

Creative Hubs is the major gathering in this field. Tom Fleming is on the Creative Hubs Steering Group, working with the British Council, ADDICT (the Portuguse creative industries agency) and the European Creative Business Network to raise the profile of and build connections between creative hubs. Tom led several of the Creative Hubs Forum sessions and connected his networks of creative hubs from across Europe.

Date: 13-15 January 15


Lecture at University of Warwick Centre for Cultural Policy Studies, UK.

Featuring a set of case studies of TFCC's portfolio of international projects over the last decade and laterally exploring the international trends of cultural policy and creative industries agendas; the presentation critically reflected the role of cultural consultancies, independent research and technical expertise in shaping creative and cultural sector development.

Date: 28 November 14


The 4th African Creative Economy Conference - ACEC2014 - Rabat, Morocco.

A major conference organised by Arterial Network, a Pan-African civil society network of artists, cultural activists, enterprises, NGOs and others active in the creative sector. Selected as one of the Keynote Speakers, Tom explored priority agendas for the development of a sustainable, inclusive and collaborative creative sector for Africa, building on TFCC's ongoing consultancy work across the African creative and cultural economy and Tom's role with UNESCO as expert adviser on international cultural policy. Tom also featured his work on the National Cultural Industries Strategy of Vietnam - which includes issues and approaches relevant to some African countries.

Date: 13-15 November 14



6th Asia Europe Culture Ministers Meeting - Eindhoven and Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tom Fleming was moderating this major event for the European and Asian creative industries, which involved senior delegates from multiple governments across Asia and Europe - including Ministers of Culture from several countries. The event was officially opened by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker. Tom Fleming moderated the opening plenary session and also chaired each of the senior official meetings - where ministries came together to explore best practice, next practice and opportunities for Asia-European collaboration.

Date: 20-21 October 14

For more information visit:

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The 1st Moscow Forum: Culture into the Future, Russia

The Moscow Department of Culture invited Tom Fleming to present at the 1st Moscow Forum, held at the city's Central Exhibition Hall 'Manege'. The Forum is one of the main events of the Russian Year of Culture 2014. It brought together more than 4000 attendees from 15 countries - including leading Russian and international experts in the field of culture, science and education, city mayors and policy-makers.

Date: 15 October 14


Avtograd Expo, Togliatti, Russia

Tom delivered a Keynote Speech at the Avtograd Expo on sustainable cultural development and the role of museums and other types of cultural infrastructure of the city.

Date: 9 September 14



download the programme (Russian) | pdf format

Cultural Economy Network Workshop Programme, Prato, Italy

The Cultural Economy Network brought together 20 leading experts and academics from every continent to set new agendas in cultural policy-making, to share knowledge and to build a consensus that strengthens the concept of 'local cultural development'.

It builds on the 2005 UN Convention Diversity of Cultural Expressions and the subsequent UNESCO Programme where Tom Fleming is an appointed expert.

Date: 29-30 July 14


Prato as a Creative City - An International Workshop, Prato, Italy

Tom Fleming was invited by the City of Prato to deliver a presentation and lead a workshop on Creative City Making and the wider Creative Economy narrative. Through examples from Tom's previous work as Creative City Programme Director for Guimaraes European Capital of Culture 2012, he introduced approaches which embrace cultural practice, participation and co-creation that could help Prato to develop its local cultural strengths - building on existing assets.

Date: 28 July 14



Creative Centres and European Creative Business Network - London, UK

Tom addressed representatives of the Dutch Network of Creative Centres and the European Creative Business Network. This was as part of their study tour to London to explore the city's creative hubs and wider policy and sector development context. Tom was invited to commentate on sector trends, challenges and opportunities in London and across the many cities TFCC works in internationally.

Date: 29 May 14


Advisory Board for University of Warwick Global Research Priorities Programme for International Development, UK

Tom Fleming had the privilege to join the Advisory Board for the University of Warwick's Global Research Priorities Programme for International Development - enabling him to assist in co-designing a major research programme for cultural policy and the creative economy in a leading university. Agenda areas include the role of culture in development, culture and creativity in city-making and diaspora communities in the global creative economy.

Date: 29 May 14


Digital R&D for the Arts, Edinburgh, Scotland - Final event.

Tom Fleming was invited to deliver a keynote speech at The Digital R&D for the Arts Symposium, a major event that explored the development needs of and opportunities for the sector in Scotland. This event also reflected on TFCC's role as an evaluation and learning partner to the Programme.

Date: 21 May 14


'New Sources of Business Competitiveness and Territorial Development', Tomar, Portugal

NERSANT, the Business Association of the Region of Santarem, held a major symposium in Tomar, Portugal, to explore strategic priorities for economic development, innovation and culture across the region. As part of TFCC's growing portfolio of creative economy and cultural planning activities in Portugal and southern Europe, Tom was invited to deliver a Keynote Speech on ecologies of business development in the creative and wider knowledge sectors.

Date: 16 May 14


CENTRES Final Conference on Creative Entrepreneurialism in Schools, Brussels, Belgium

Tom Fleming was invited to give a presentation at the final conference of CENTRES - an international network programme bringing together partners in eight European countries to explore approaches to Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools. TFCC has worked as innovation partner to CENTRES - offering advice, critical thinking and reflections on best practice. Tom commented on the relevance of creative entrepreneurship in schools, describing the merits of the CENTRES programme, and introduced ideas for 'what next. A short film featuring Tom Fleming and other partners has been produced and can be seen on the link below.

Date: May 15 14

Visit the shortfilm:


'The Future for Creative and Digital Industries in Lewisham', Deptford Lounge, London, UK

Tom Fleming was invited to present at 'The Future for Creative and Digital Industries in Lewisham'-an event that took place at Deptford Lounge. It was organised by Deptford Albany and brought together a wide range of businesses across the creative and digital industries of Lewisham.

Tom presented our ongoing project commissioned by Lewisham Council to carry out a feasibility study for a creative incubator space in Lewisham. He also explored with the group of businesses some ideas and aspirations for creative workspace in the Borough - including incubator and meanwhile space in town centre locations.

Date: 6 May 14



Hadrian's Wall - Collaboration Workshop, Northumberland, UK

Andrew Erskine led the Hadrian's Wall Site Directors meeting as part of a new era of collaboration for the organisation.

The workshop focused on how Hadrian's Wall and the museums along its way can realise their full potential as a key economic, cultural and social drivers for the North. With new sources of strategic funding and partnership coming on stream - e.g. from LEPs and Arts Council England/Visit England - this workshop was a crucial initiative for exploring new and deeper ways of collaborating and co-creating.

Date: 11 March 14


City Conversation - the art of place-making, Manchester, UK

Andrew Erskine was invited to present the CityCo 'City Conversation' event in Manchester - with a focus on innovation and the creative economy, the business of culture, and creative places and spaces.

This is one of a series of events led by CityCo - Manchester's city centre management company. Other appointed speakers were Riccardo Marini, Director, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen; Peter Swift, Director, Planit Intelligent Environments; and David Partridge, Managing Partner, Argent. Andrew presented examples and case studies of our role in creative place-making internationally.

Date: 6 March 14


Creative Hubs Forum, Oliva Creative Factory, Sao Joao da Madeira, Portugal

Tom Fleming facilitated and provided critical review at 'Creative Hubs Forum' - a collaboration between the British Council, ADDICT and Oliva Creative Factory. The event brought together managers of creative hubs across Portugal and Spain, together with selected hubs from the UK and from across Europe. Tom Fleming then developed a strategy paper to shape agendas in creative hub development in Portugal, Spain and other parts of Europe.

Date: 12-14 Feb 14



Publica 14, Madrid, Spain

As part of Tom's ongoing role as consultant to the British Council's Creative Economy Programme, he delivered a keynote presentation on how to motivate the creative economy: spaces, infrastructure and collaboration. Staged at the Circulo Bellas Artes in Madrid, this was a major event for the Spanish creative economy and cultural sector, focusing on new and emergent business models for the sector, on policy trends, and on research and development. Tom also contributed to a workshop on cultural indicators, measurement and notions of value.

Date: 30-31 Jan 14



First Nigerian Creative Economy Study Tour to UK

In partnership with the British Council and Enterprise Creative, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy led a one-week study tour designed to support and advise key Nigerian policy-makers and stakeholders on the building blocks for a strong and sustainable creative economy in Nigeria. It also helped to nurture partnership and broker knowledge exchange between the UK and Nigerian creative industries sectors. The tour included visits to leading creative and cultural organisations and support programmes for the creative economy in London and Bristol - such as Ravensbourne, Bow Arts, The Backstage Centre, Roundhouse, Hatch Africa, Mushrooms, Spora Stories, Creative United, Watershed, Pervasive Media Studio and the Bristol City Council.

This is the first such Study Tour. It followed Tom Fleming's creative and cultural policy master class in November 2013. We plan to develop the study tour programme to occur more frequently and in a more targeted way over the coming months.

Date:Jan 12-17 14