Events 2012—2013 /

Cinema as a Tool for Education, Cairo, Egypt

Andrew Erskine delivered a set of workshops at the event 'Cinema as a Tool for Education'. He discussed theoretical and practical ways of teaching through the use of cinema. This event was organised by Misr International Films, The Arab League, MEDIMAGES, Anna Lidnh Foundation and The British Council.

Date: 28-29 November 13


Nigerian Creative Expo 2013, Lagos, Nigeria

Tom Fleming was in Lagos where he curated and facilitated the Nigerian Creative Expo of 2013, a major policy and partnership summit for the creative economy of Nigeria. The event brought together leading players from across the Nigerian creative economy and various UK experts (e.g. from A New Direction, Creative & Cultural Skills and Ravensbourne) to discuss how to lift the capacity of the Nigerian Creative Economy - majoring on skills, excellence and leadership, and concepts as capacity, skill development.

Date: 26-27 November 13



A Creative Economy Policy and Strategy Master Class Programme for Nigeria

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) staged a 3-day-long Policy and Strategy Master Class for leading policy-makers and investors in Nigeria, in partnership with the British Council and Enterprise Creative. The programme raised awareness of the creative economy as a key policy for Nigeria and combined this with a set of practical tools, case studies and models relevant for the country. This programme preceded a 5-day master class and study visit to London and Bristol in the UK.

Date: 21-23 November 13


Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya

Andrew Erskine led a set of stakeholder meetings and study visits in East Africa, as part of TFCC's ongoing Scoping Research for the Creative Economy and Audio Visual Programme of the British Council in this area. These visits in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya started to identify key areas, partners and audiences that the British Council will engage with in the next three years and beyond.

Date: 13-25 November 13


Study Visit and Keynote Address, Seoul, South Korea

As part of TFCC's growing consultancy role in East Asia, we were invited to establish collaborations with colleagues in the Government, the Higher Education Institutions and the British Council Office n South Korea. Andrew Erskine delivered a keynote address at: 'The 2013 International Forum on Service Sector Advancement', a major annual event led by the The Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF) and Korea Development Institute (KDI). The theme for the 2013 event was: 'Services as a New Engine of Growth: through Creativity and Innovation. Andrew also gave a speech at the Graduate School of the Academy of Korean Studies.

08 November 13


Tom Fleming Keynotes at Creative Poles Final Conference, Cottbus, Germany

Tom Fleming delivered a keynote speech in Cottbus at the Conference entitled 'Potential and Challenges of Cultural and Creative Industries in Medium-sized Cities'. This conference was a final event of 'Urban Creative Poles', an EU-funded programme which "which promotes creativity to advance innovation-oriented development, to spur transnational clusters of creative industries, to create jobs and to stipulate additional income as means to strengthen the local economies".

Date:07 November 13


UNESCO Cultural Experts Event, Shanghai, China

A high level workshop hosted by Shanghai Jiaotong University, Monash University and UNESCO to explore new approaches to concepts such as cultural economy, sustainable development and diversity of cultural expressions (linked to the 2005 Convention). Tom is an expert adviser to UNESCO.

Date:21-23 October 13



Digital Collaboration Day, Edinburgh, UK

Tom Fleming participated in the Digital Collaboration Day at Summerhall in Edinburgh, presenting an update of our work as an evaluation partner for NESTA and Creative Scotland's Digital R&D Programme.

Date: 10 October 13


Tom Fleming Curates, Facilitates and Keynotes at: Place! Major Creative Cities Summit - Kosice, Slovakia

As part of Tom Fleming's mission to advice Kosice's Creative Economy Masterplan, Tom Fleming was commissioned to be the facilitator to the Place! Programme, a key creative city-making event and expert platform for Kosice, European Capital of Culture 2013. Tom delivered a keynote speech and run a workshop that explored the next challenges and opportunities that will continue to build and develop Kosice towards a more diverse, creative and balanced economy.

Date: 3-4 October 13


Keynote Speech at Ulyanovsk Cultural Forum, Russia

Tom delivered a keynote speech to the Ulyanovsk Cultural Forum,Russia, as part of his collaborative project with other UK experts to build up and contribute to a creative economy strategy for Ulyanovsk. This Forum is a key initiative for the development of a sustainable cultural policy of the region and for Russia as a whole.

Date: 27 September 13


Cultural Industries Strategy, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tom Fleming returned to Vietnam for the last workshop on cultural industries policy and completed his work as an expert adviser to the Vietnam Cultural Industries Strategy. This project was supported by UNESCO as part of their EU-funded programme to support the 2005 UN Convention on a Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Date: September 13


Smaller Creative Cities: Workshop in Obidos, Portugal

Tom Fleming led a workshop and met a set of entrepreneurs and strategic partners working to nurture a sustainable creative economy in Obidos. Tom also visited COlab Obidos, a new creative workspace and hub for the city.

Date: 10 July 13




Coimbra International Creative Economy Seminar, Portugal

This seminar explored the role of cultural and creative activities for regional development. Tom Fleming delivered a keynote speech entitled "Toward the distinctive creative city: heritage, identity, knowledge and sustainable growth". The seminar was followed by an interdisciplinary round table between major local, university and business specialists to discuss Portugal's creative economy and its strategic development.

Date: 09 June 2013



Dan-D Design in the City event, Zagreb, Croatia

With the support of the British Council, Tom Fleming delivered a keynote speech on creative cluster development. The focus overall was to explore opportunities to develop a sustainable creative cluster for the city of Zagreb and Croatia as a whole.

Date: 14-16 June 2013


Creative Business Centres Working Group, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tom Fleming participated in the 'Creative Business Centres Working Group', a research project which aims to transfer knowledge and experience between the creative centres and incubators in the Netherlands and the UK. The meeting was held at the Creative Factory in Rotterdam - a leading creative hub for the Netherlands. Tom provided a keynote presentation on the wider EU-funding picture for creative business centres, exploring and discussing common trends of the creative sector.

Date: June 2013

Creative Place-making Workshop, Firstsite, Colchester, UK

Andrew Erskine led a workshop in Colchester as part of TFCC's on-going project for refreshing the Vision and Action Plan for Creative Colchester.

Date: June 2013

A Creative Economy Masterclass and Strategic Consultation for Arkhangelsk, Russia

Tom Fleming and Andrew Erskine were invited to Arkhangelsk, in the North West of Russia, to identify strategic opportunities to develop a more balanced and diverse economy. This included a focus on the creative industries, cultural tourism, and an innovation ecology overall. In partnership with the Northern Arctic Federal University, NARFU.

Date: 05 - 09 June 2013

A Creative City Masterclass Programme for Kirovograd, Ukraine

Tom Fleming delivered a series of workshops and provided consultancy to multiple city-makers of the city of Kirovograd, Ukraine. The workshop themes included 'Creative Talent and Education', 'Creative Workspace and Clusters', and 'Civic Creativity'.

This was part of the consultation programme for the 'Kirovograd Creative City Manifesto' to be written by Tom Fleming. This will be launched at the 2013 Kirovograd Creative City Forum and intends to develop the growth potential and quality of life of the city. The project represents one of the first 'Smaller Creative City Manifestos' by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy.

Date: 13-17 May 2013

Tom Fleming featured in ArkhangelskMagazinePlus

The ArkhangelskMagazinePlus was covering his lecture and workshop at the prestigious Skolkovo Institute as part of our wider work in Russia on cultural policy, creative city-making and the exploration of the role of culture in improving the overall quality of life in Russian cities.

download article| pdf format

Date: May 2013

Vietnam : Toward a Creative Economy Strategy

Tom Fleming designed and led a consultation and strategic partnership programme to Vietnam for The British Council. Building on our UNESCO-supported work in 2012, this is to set out a deliverable National Creative Economy Strategy and to set an agenda for 2014 - when Vietnam will be a Focus Country for The British Council (with opportunities for new dedicated partnership projects to support the Creative Industries).

Date:14-25 April 2013


BFI Audience Development Network - Facilitation, London

Tom Fleming facilitated the first national planning day for this new network. With new Hub Partners travelling from across the UK, partners explored how to connect regional networks to an overall UK Network offer.

Date:12 April 2013


Inaugural African Creative Industries Investment Summit (ACIIS), Africa Centre, London

Tom Fleming introduced his work supporting strategy and policy for the Creative Economy in Nigeria - supported by The British Council. He introduced some of the investment challenges faced by the sector in Nigeria and pointed to the many opportunities for growth.

Date: 10 April 2013

Creative Economy Master Class for Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, London UK

Tom Fleming provided a keynote speech and workshopfor Artscom Ltd. - the international course development programme for the University of the Arts London.Tom's intervention was part of a programme to introduce Chinese business leaders to potential investment opportunities in the Creative Industries.

Date: 08 April 13

Tom Fleming Keynotes at Skolkovo Institute, Moscow

A keynote presentation and workshop at the prestigious Skolkovo Institute, as part of Tom Fleming's wider work in Russia on cultural policy, creative city-making and well being. The event involved colleagues from Arkhangelsk in northern Russia to explore the role of culture in improving the overall quality of life in Russian cities.

Date: 20 March 2013

Unlocking the Creative Potential of Smaller Cities - CURE Conference, Colchester, UK

A keynote speech delivered by Andrew Erskine to the second International CURE Conference, as part of Tom Fleming's role of Colchester's Creative Economy Strategy. The EU Funded Interreg Northwest IVB CURE Programme: Creative Urban Renewal in Europe - aims to develop creative and cultural hubs that will provide creative workspace and showcasing opportunities and enliven the space for the whole community. Testing this concept are partners from across North-West Europe.

Date:14 March 2013

Tom Fleming Keynote Speaker at the Cittaslow International Congress, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

The congress explored new agendas in smaller city-making. Focusing on issues such as 'growth', 'creativity', 'inclusion' and 'innovation' , it sought to develop a fresh agenda for Viana do Castelo and other smaller cities in terms of longer-term development.

Date: 14-16 March 2013

Film London's Film Exhibitor's Breakfast

Tracey Gregory presented the latest findings from our evaluation of the Barbican's Framed: Cinema for a New Generation; and Film London's Cultivate, two programmes that are part of a wider portfolio of film and cultural education and audience development evaluations.

Date: 12 March 2013


Creative Futures: Kent Cultural Conversations

A series of three symposia for Kent County Council: Kent Cultural Conversations. These are positioned to reflect on progress made since the launch of the Kent Cultural Strategy in 2010, to identify new priorities, and explore aspirations for the next 3 years.

Date:From December 2012 to February 2013

A Creative Economy Workshop in Funchal, Madeira

Tom Fleming hosted leading stakeholders in the Madeiran Creative Industries to explore how the island can develop a more balanced and productive economy, fosucing on the tourism sector, young talent development and entrepeneurship and the importance of creative approaches.

Date: 8 Dec 12

Nigerian Creative Expo, Lagos: A Creative Investment Programme for Nigeria

Tom Fleming chaired the second Nigerian Creative Expo for the British Council. The Expo focused on investment and investment readiness in the Creative Industries. Contributors included the Bank of Industry, UK Trade & Investment, Nexim Bank, The Ministry of Culture, and many businesses.

Date: December 2012

The Brest Fortress - Transforming its Cultural Tourism Offer

A keynote presentation in which Tom Fleming explored the potential influence of heritage assets o contemporary cultural practice and on the revitalisation and refreshment of tourism.Drawing on his experience as City Programmer for Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012, Tom Fleming presented opportunities for Brest to diversify and reinvigorate its visitor and overall creative economy.

Date: 24 November 2012

Urban Development Masterclass, Aalst, Belgium - led by Tom Fleming

A multi-day training programme organised by the Flemish Association for Space and Planning. Tom Fleming focused on the potential revitalisation of Aalst, a 19th-century working-class district with a strong tradition of Carnival.

Date: 23 November 2012

Two Keynote Presentations by Tom Fleming, Sao Paulo: Brazil: 'Creative & Economic? What are the Possibilities?' And 'The Creative Economy Legacy of the 2012 London Olympics'

As part of Tom Fleming's programme of activities to strengthen our partnerships in Brazil, Tom's second keynote presentation at the Club Transatlantico Seminar in Sao Paulo(in collaboration with Ana Carla Fonseca of Garimpo de Solucoes - a leading creative and cultural expert in Brazil)explored opportunities for sector development from a Brazilian perspective. The events were supported by The British Council.

Date: 12-13 November 2012

CIDADE CAMPUS, Guimaraes, Portugal

The city's major moment for reflection, boundary-crossing discussion and future-planning. Programmed and curated by Tom Fleming, the event brought together major highlights of the Capital of Culture Programme, plus introduced a new set of interactions, presentations and collaborations to collectively 're-imagine the possibility of the city' with major speakers as Charlie Leadbeater, Femi Longe (Nigerian Co-Creation Hub), Dick Penny (Bristol Watershed), Marleen Stikker (Waag Amsterdam), Bernadette Passos (Paraty, Brazil), and Greg Hadfield (Open Data Cities).

Date: 1-2 November 2012

Tom Fleming Keynote Speaker at the Creative City International Forum, Kirovograd, Ukraine

The keynote speech explored the 'creative city agenda' from the perspective of post-Soviet cities. Drawing on experience working across the Russian Federation and countries such as Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, Tom highlighted the limitations of the agenda and pointed to an agenda which works from the specific position of post-Soviet cities.

Date: 12 October 2012

Keynote Speaker at the international conference 'Territory, Creativity & Urban Regeneration', Ilhavo, Portugal

Tom Fleming delivered a critique of the ways concepts such as 'culture-led regeneration' and 'creative cities' have too often been vehicles for privileged wealth creation and have served to divide rather than connect communities. The presentation reflected on good and bad practice over the last decade and offered a new approach which re-claims the 'creative city' for the whole community.

Date: 28 September 2012


Tom Fleming in Nigeria as part of Creative Investment Programme

Tom participated in the first meeting of the Lagos State Angel Network as part of TFCC's role as advisory and advocacy to support the development of the Creative Economy in Nigeria. This programme was intended to consult partners across industry and government to identify sector priorities.

Date:24-25 September 2012

Andrew Erskine in Krakow as Expert for the Centres Programme

Andrew Erskine presented Tom Fleming's role as a specialist adviser to the Centres Programme. It included active participation in a series of events across Europe, a critical review of activities, and the production of a set of innovation papers which connect the Programme - Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools - to best practice and policy developments in creative learning.

Date:20 September 2012

Launch of Future City Jobs Report in Brussels

Tom Fleming presented the Future City Jobs Report to the European Commission in Brussels- alongside partners from The British Council and the city of Wroclaw. It provided a major overview of the report and presented the case for a coherent programme of youth job creation in the Creative Industries across Europe.

Date: 20 Sept 12

UNESCO expert for cultural industries development visit, Hanoi, Vietnam

Second of two outward missions on behalf of UNESCO working closely with policy-makers in Vietnam to establish a clear and coordinated approach to the cultural industries (part of UNESCO's wider programme: 'Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries').

Date: July 2012

UNESCO; Hanoi, Vietnam


Nurturing Creative Entrepreneurship, Opening Up Institutions, Aveiro, Portugal

Major seminar to explore new models for academia and the arts and cultural sector in developing an enabling environment for creative entrepreneurs.

Date: July 2012

University of Aveiro, Portugal


Tom Fleming's 'Nurturing Creative Entrepreneurship' Keynote Speech is now available. Visit and follow the instructions

Future City Jobs Pilot Events - Wroclaw (Poland) and San Sebastian (Spain)

Workshops to explore the progress of the two pilot projects in Wroclaw and San Sebastian, working with the 6 participating cities for this important pilot Creative Industries employment programme for young people.

Date: June & July 2012

British Council; Wroclaw and San Sebastian


Toward a Creative Economy Programme for Nigeria

Series of strategic consultation meetings with key partners from government, industry and education culminating in a policy development workshop and a short policy guidance paper.

Date: June 2012

British Council; Lagos, Nigeria


The Cultural and Creative Economy of Kent: Animation & Events Programme.

Concept development, coordination, production and commentary for Kent County Council as part of its Cultural Strategy delivery, resulting in a raised profile of the cultural and creative sector, and enabling greater interaction, exchange and collaboration.

Date: June 2012

Kent County Council


Keynote Speaker at the Creative Economy Rio+20 Conference

Keynote speaker at EU-Brazil Sector Dialogues Conference running alongside the Rio +20 UN Sustainbable Development Conference involving over 50,000 delegates from across the globe.

Date: June 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Keynote Speaker at Creative Portugal Conference, Oporto

Introducing vision for the creative and cultural economy in Portugal, including a focus on the CITY (Cidade) Programme of Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012. Tom Fleming is Programme Director of CITY, curating activities that call on everyone to "(re) Imagine the Possibility of the city."

Date: June 2012

Oporto, Portugal


Creative Economies seminar, London UK

Keynote speaker at this high profile national seminar investigating the role that arts can play in economic development and the regeneration of communities in the current challenging economic climate.

Date: June 2012

Arts Development UK, Arts Council England; London


Exploring the Social Capital of the Tabernacle in Notting Hill, London, UK

Facilitating a workshop for friends and stakeholders of the Tabernacle - the iconic cross-artform venue in Notting Hill, London - explore the ways the Tabernacle connects different types of social capital - leveraging the identities and knowledge of its multiple users.

Date: June 2012

The Tabernacle; London


A Creative Economy Masterplan for Kosice, Slovakia

Launch presentation for the new Creative Economy Masterplan for Kosice, including a joint presentation with the City's Mayor and team for European Capital of Culture 2013.

Date: June 2012

Kosice, Slovakia


Guimaraes European Capital of Culture 2012: FASHION HUB launch

Facilitating the launch of FASHION HUB, part of the Cidade (Cities) strand of Guimaraes 2012 being programmes by Tom Fleming.

Date: May 2012

Fabrica Asa, Guimaraes, Portugal


Culture Hack Scotland

Fast-paced event bringing together creative technologists, designers and organisations to create new culture-related projects in just 24 hours (part of evaluation of digital developments in Scotland's arts and culture sector with NESTA).

Date: April 2012

NESTA; Glasgow, Scotland.


'Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries': Technical Assistance Mission to Vietnam, April 15-30 2012

Co-designing and facilitating a programme of workshops and events in Vietnam as part of Tom Fleming's role as UNESCO expert in the cultural industries.

Date: April 2012

UNESCO; Hanoi, Vietnam.


A Vision for Culture in Smaller Cities

Presenting a vision for culture in smaller cities to the Styrian Regional Government, including a set of discussions on how smaller cities develop sustainable and innovative approaches to cultural policy, and how we need to develop new tools to effectively maximise the potential of our cities. (Part of Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012, Cidade Programme.)

Date: April 2012

Styria, Austria. Visit:

Growing the Creative Economy in Hengelo, Netherlands

Presenting at a specially convened forum of city-makers, in Hengelo, in the east of the Netherlands, to identify opportunities for the local creative economy.

Date: April 2012

Hengelo, Netherlands. Visit:

Third Russian-British Creative Economy Forum, Moscow, Russia

Final in a series of three policy making conferences taking place throughout 2011 - 2012 in Moscow with leading international and Russian speakers, exploring issues of copyright, intellectual property and educational programmes in these fields.

Date: March 2012

Moscow, Russia; British Council, Russia. Visit:

Made in Thessaloniki

International guest speaker at the British Council's Creative Economy seminar. Part of a week-long series of design and fashion activities taking place in Thessaloniki, Greece aiming to showcase the potential of the city's creative industries and reinvigorate Thessaloniki's creative identity.

Date: March 2012

Thessaloniki, Greece; British Council, Greece. Visit:

Kent Economic Board Creative Media and Communications Business Growth Consultation

Key note speaker in fifth of a series of events designed to discuss driving investment, shaping business development and securing a prosperous future for Kent's Creative Industries sector.

Date: February 2012

Maidstone Studios, Kent; Kent Economic Board; Kent County Council. Visit:

Future Cities Jobs workshop: Prague

Facilitating a two day workshop as part of the British Council's Creative Cities/Future Cities Jobs initiative to generate project plans for new, creative start-ups which will generate jobs for young people.

Date: January 2012

Prague, Czech Republic; British Council, Czech Republic. Visit:

Creative Industries and the European Union. Reykjavik, Iceland

A European Commission conference on Cultural and Creative Industries. Andrew Erskine provided a keynote address on: "Place and the creative industries: supporting the creative economy at a local, regional and national level. Experiences from Scotland and other leading small nations."

Date: 26 January 2012


Guimaraes European Capital of Culture 2012: Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony for Guimaraes 2012 acting as a catalyst for the social, economic and urban transformation of Guimaraes, further raising its international profile.

Date: January 2012

Guimiaraes 2012 Foundation. Visit:

Guardian Culture Professionals network live chat: future proofing arts organisations

Expert panel on Guardian Culture Professionals network live chat discussing how arts venues, organisations and cultural careers can be future proofed, highlighting practical tools as well as strategies to ensure a sustainable arts and cultural sector.

Date: January 2012

Guardian Culture Professionals network. Visit: