Events 2004—05 /

Sustainable and Distinctive Creative Industries Development

Date: December 2005

Podgorica, Serbia and Montenegro. Keynote Speaker at the Podgorica Creative Forum

Creative Industries - A UK perspective

Date: December 2005

Vilnus, Lithuania. Baltic States Creative Industries Programme Final Conference

Creative Futures

Date: September 2005

Beirut, Lebanon. Leading on Creative investment and framework development

The Village of the Future

Date: August 2005

Altai, Siberia, Russian Federation. A series of workshops to highlight the potential of creative rural regeneration

Creative Industries Investment - Overcoming Barriers to Growth

Date: March 2005

Plovdiv, Bulgaria. British Council South East Europe Forum

Creative Cities and Economic Growth

Date: December 2004

Boise, Idaho, USA

Creative Industries Network and Supply-Chain Development

Date: November 2004

Moscow, Russia. Intensive worshop and action research activity

Building Creative Intermediary Support Services – Training of Intermediaries

Date: November 2004

Togliatti, Russia

Hi8us Away Day

Date: September 2004

London, UK. Directing the first team strategy meeting for the 70 staff of this important film and media development agency

Creative Industries Development in 'Foreign Markets'

Date: June 2004

Jetset, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK

Investing in the Creative Industries: Key Issues for Investors and Investees, UNCTAD X1

Date: June 2004

Sau Paulo, Brazil.

The Potential of Creative Industries

Date: June 2004

Hackney Creative Futures, London, UK.

Creative City Planning

Date: May 2004

Zagreb, Croatia. Ministry of Culture.

Investing in Creativity

Date: April 2004

Creative Clusters, Brighton, UK.

Intellectual Property – Challenges for Creative Businesses

Date: March 2004

Creative Lewisham, London, UK.

Creative Intermediaries and the Creative City

Date: January 2004

Kirkenes, Norway.