Projects 2013 /

Creative City Manifesto for Košice, Slovakia

Tom Fleming’s Creative City Manifesto for Košice designed the vision and framework for building a strong and sustainable creative economy for the city of Košice, European Capital of Culture in 2013. The Manifesto helped to develop new collaborations, support programmes and activities across the creative industries and cultural sector. It also set out new partnerships and commitment – setting out some clear opportunities for Košice to bounce from 2013 toward being a genuinely significant creative city for the next era. The Manifesto can be downloaded here:

Advising the UK City of Culture Independent Panel, Derry, Northern Ireland

Tom Fleming worked as expert cultural assessor of the shortlisted bids for The UK City of Culture (UKCoC) 2017. The shortlisted cities Leicester, Dundee, Hull and Swansea presented their bids to the Independent Advisory Panel in Derry; followed by the Panel’s final announcement of Hull selected as UKCoC 2017.

A Creative and Social Enterprise Innovation Centre for Goldsmiths, London UK

Client: Goldsmiths, University of London

This study explored the options to develop and reinforce Goldsmith’s role as a leading creativity and innovation centre in London’s creative economy. The consultation explored new approaches for Goldsmiths to develop new links between creative industries, social enterprise, education and innovation.

Workshop and Innovation Paper for Derby Quad,UK

Client: Derby Quad, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy led a workshop with the staff and stakeholders that explored Quad’s progressive role as a leading cross-art-form venue. The final paper defined Quad’s best and next practices that would develop Quad into an innovative and open organisation in Derby.

Scoping Research for the Creative Economy and Audio Visual Programme of the British Council in Kenya and East Africa

Client: British Council

A research and consultancy project to support the British Council in the development of an strategic programme for the Creative Economy and Audio Visual sector of East Africa. Through research, stakeholder meetings and study visits to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia, TFCC identified a set of priority areas, audiences and partners for the next three years and beyond. This built on our wider research and policy guidance across Africa where we are growing our practice across agendas in arts, cultural and creative industries and the wider creative economy.

Expert Advice on the Strategic Development of a Creative Economy, Ulyanovsk, Russia

Client: British Council

Tom Fleming was appointed for delivering expert advice and guidance on the development and support of a creative economy strategy for the city of Ulyanovsk and its region. In collaboration and dialogue with a selection of UK experts, this mission includes a range of workshops, keynotes speeches and other actions directed to Ulyanovsk’s city-makers and its local creative community, focusing on key strategic points as creative industries, entrepreneurship, and international collaboration.

A Creative Economy Strategy Paper for The British Council in Asia

Client: British Council

A major creative economy research programme in Asia. This included a high level paper which explored the current strategic development agendas for the creative economy in Asia; introduced case studies of innovative practice; and highlighted how regional collaboration can be mobilised with the support of the British Council.

Economic Impact Study for Culture and a Visioning Study for Cultural Tourism in Hertfordshire, UK

Client: Hertfordshire LEP and Arts Council England

This piece of work played a major part in supporting a sustainable and growing future for culture at the heart of economic and social life in the county. It achieved this by demonstrating the current value of culture, and the future potential it has as a driver of economic activity, innovation, skills, jobs and more.

Social and Economic Impact of Culture and Creative Industries in Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre, UK

Client: Blackpool Borough Council

An extensive research and consultation project leading to a strategic framework for culture. This project also provided data and intelligence, plus strategic visioning for 'Playground of Wonders' - one of the major elements of Arts Council England's 'Creative People and Places' programme.

Advising the Sheffield Civic University Programme, Sheffield UK

Client: Sheffield University

Advisory and consultancy support to positionthe Civic University programme as a major innovative tool for the development of the University and the City of Sheffield.

Options Appraisal for Murston All Saints Studios, Sittingbourne, UK

Client: Murston All Saints' Studios'

An Options Appraisal for the conversion of the Murston church ‘All Saints’ into a new creative hub for artists and creative businesses.

Branding Study for Charleston House, East Sussex, UK

Client: Charleston House, East Sussex

A project to re-position and develop Charleston’s brand as a means to attract new audiences, and refresh its image in sync with its capital development plans. The study was delivered in collaboration with branding expert Juan Carlos Belloso.

Refreshing the Vision and Action Plan for Creative Colchester,UK.

Client: Colchester Borough Council

This built on our 2011 work to develop a strategic framework for the development of culture and creativity in the town. Our initial intervention led to some considerable sector development, such as the Creative Business Centre, a networking forum and activity space in the Waiting Room of the Old Bus Station. This ‘refresh’ included a set of sector consultations to build a collaborative environment for future interventions.

Consultancy Project for the Strategic Development of Arkhangelsk,Russia.

Client: Arkhangelsk, Russia

The strategic consultancy aims to study the economic, spatial, social and creative development of the region. In addition to the consultation, it also comprehends a set of masterclasses and cooperational research projects with NARFU, the Northern Arctic Federal University.

This project forms part of TFCC’s ongoing ‘Smaller Cities Programme’: a platform and set of specialist consultancy services for smaller cities keen to grow a sustainable and value-adding creative economy.

UK City of Culture 2017 - Advising the Bidding and Assessment Process

Client: The UK City of Culture (UKCoC)

The UK City of Culture (UKCoC) 2017 bidding process was formally launched in January 2013. Tom Fleming worked as expert cultural assessor of the initial bids. He provided recommendations to an Independent Advisory Panel chaired by Phil Redmond on a shortlist which will be asked to submit final bids for the UKCoC 2017 title.

Kirovograd Creative City Manifesto,Ukraine.

Client:Kirovograd Region Authority

Tom Fleming is delivering a major long-term project for the city of Kirovograd, Ukraine. The Manifesto comprises a vision document and action plan for the city, which will be launched at the 2013 Creative City Forum. It is based on an extensive programme of workshops talks, interviews, and major interactions with the city.

This project forms part of our ongoing ‘Smaller Creative Cities Programme’: a platform and set of specialist consultancy services for smaller cities keen to grow a sustainable and value-adding creative economy.

UK Audience Development Network for Film: Building the Framework for Collaboration.

Client: British Film Institute.

This new network will deliver an exciting programme of film activity across the UK on a range of platforms, with a focus on expanding, diversifying and improving the relationship with audiences.

This includes nationally coordinated approaches to data capture, evaluation, programming, events and leadership.

National Creative Economy Strategy for Vietnam.

Client:British Council and Government of Vietnam.

Strategic consultancy working directly with the Government and main strategic partners across industry. The aim is to establish Vietnam as a leading South East Asian Creative Economy by 2020.

This task involved an intensive consultation and advocacy programme spread across 2013.

Evaluation of the Music Industry Talent Development Fund, Pilot Phase. April 2013-March 2015.

Client: PRSF and Arts Council England. The Music Industry Talent

Development Fund is a pilot intended to test a small grants scheme for early to mid-career musicians broadly operating in the contemporary popular music sector of the music industry.

Our role was to provide a wide-reaching evaluation and deliver a clear forward plan for the fund with the full backing of the wider music industry.

UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite for Vietnam.

Client: UNESCO.

CDIS is a research and advocacy initiative that aims to establish a set of indicators highlighting how culture contributes to development at the national level fostering economic growth, and helping individuals and communities to expand their life choices and adapt to change.

Our role was to interpret data provided by UNESCO and present a set of overview papers on the current profile of the cultural sector in Vietnam.

Design & Hosting of UK Creative Economy Study Visit for Ulyanovsk Region, Russia.

Client: British Council.

As part of our ongoing work across Russia, hosting a delegation of senior policy-makers and cultural operators from the Ulyanovsk Region, Russia.

With the support of The British Council, we introduced colleagues from Ulyanovsk to some leading cultural organisations and creative industries programmes in London, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Creative Hubs in Kent, UK - a Study and Strategy.

Client: Kent County Council.

A major study: working closely with partners across the County to identify those places in Kent where the creative sector has the greatest potential for growth - 'hotspots' - and where investment in workspace and 'wrap-around' infrastructure will generate sustainable growth.

This was delivered at an important time for Kent - as it seeks to grow the creative economy across its distinctive towns, nurturing an ecology that supports the major investments which have taken place over the last decade - in education, place-making and infrastructure.