Projects 2012 /

Evaluation of Arts Council England's Creative Industry Finance Pilot

Client: Arts Council England

Creative Industry Finance is an Arts Council England initiative which is currently being piloted across two regions, London and Yorkshire.

The aims of the programme are to provide access to finance for small and medium businesses of the creative industries, as well as providing business support, so to enable business growth, enhancing their business profile and supporting talent development across the UK. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy provides summative and formative evaluation and operates as learning partners to key stakeholders across the programme. The evaluation will conclude in 2014.

Cultural Industries Regulatory Framework for Developing Economies

Client:World Bank

A framework and paper targeting government officials and private organisations with guidance on how to assess the impact of regulation on the cultural industries sector. This exercise supported the Trade Department of the World Bank to develop a toolkit for the analysis of the regulatory framework and institutional setting affecting the overall services sector.

The Garage: a New Chapter-Norwich, UK

Client:The Garage Trust Ltd.

An organisational review and business plan for The Garage Trust Ltd. - a specialist performing arts facility that supports young talent in the heart of Norwich, UK. TFCC worked closely with The Garage and its partners to ensure a new chapter of sustainability, development and growth was made possible.

The Cultural and Creative Economy of Kent: Animation & Events Programme

Client: Kent County Council

A programme leading on the concept development, coordination, production and commentary for Kent County Council, contributing to its refreshed Cultural Strategy. TFCC worked with the County Council and partners to stage a set of events and manage a digital platform which help to increase the profile of the cultural and creative sector, plus to enable greater interaction, exchange and collaboration.

Evaluating Cultivate - Inspiring Future Audiences; and Framed - Cinema for a New Generation

Client: Film London, Skillset

Evaluation of two programmes funded by the BFI and National Lottery, focusing on film education and audience development for young people. Includes working closely with The Barbican exploring their work in children's cinema.

Developing Knowledge Alliances Across Europe's Creative Economy

Client: British Council

Advising the British Council as part of its initiative to extend and deepen its work with universities and to open up the sector as a more effective driver of growth across the Creative Economy. Advising on how knowledge alliances can be effectively achieved, including a focus on potential investment opportunities and partnerships.

Guidance and mentoring to the new Sheffield Culture Consortium

Client: Sheffield Culture Consortium

Facilitating effective collaboration, introducing opportunities for new projects, and briefing partners on good practice across the cultural and creative sectors. The Sheffield Culture Consortium leads on sector development in England's 4th largest city, with the city's major institutions collaborating to share knowledge, coordinate programming and leverage investment.

Evaluating digital developments for the arts and culture sector in Scotland

Client: NESTA, Creative Scotland, AHRC

Learning and evaluation of digital developments in Scotland's arts and culture sector as part of a Digital R&D Fund run by NESTA to test new innovation models for the cultural sector in Scotland. The fund's key elements were to support collaborative partnerships between arts and cultural organisations and technology providers; and to provide a body of rich research evidence, data and case studies that inspires and supports the capacity of the wider arts and cultural sector to innovate.

UNESCO expert for cultural industries development in Vietnam

Client: UNESCO

Two outward missions on behalf of UNESCO. This involved working closely with policy-makers in Vietnam to establish a clear and coordinated approach to the cultural industries in this rapidly growing country. This is as part of UNESCO's wider programme: 'Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries'. Tom is providing technical assistance to the Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts, plus partners across the public and private sector.

A Creative Economy Strategy for Košice, Slovakia

Client: Košice Regional Development Agency

Offering leadership and advice to the City and Region of Košice for a long-term Creative Economy Strategy and developing a coherent and sustainable approach that enabled the economy of Košice to diversify and re-balance. Košice is a 'steel city' in Eastern Slovakia which is undergoing a rapid process of renewal - accelerated by European Capital of Culture status for 2013.

Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012: Programme Director of the CIDADE Programme

Client: Guimaraes 2012

2012 presented the culmination of Tom Fleming’s work with Guimaraes over the last 2 years, that comprehended a programme of events, creative commissions and pop-up interventions that collectively ask us to "re-imagine the possibility of the city". With an emphasis on the role of culture and creativity for smaller cities, the CIDADE (City) programme re-positioned Guimaraes as a leading smaller city on these agendas. Tom was leading a team of talented producers throughout 2012. Have a look at Guimaraes at:

Creative and Cross-Sector Networks in Camden: Options Study

Client: London Borough of Camden

Exploring the current role of network and collaborative activities in the Borough and recommending ways the Borough can more effectively develop an enabling environment for sector development and growth. The project focused on the ways the Creative Industries deliver value to other parts of the economy.

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership: Creative Industries Sector Research

Client: Creative Dorset

Research into the Creative Industries across Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole, to better understand how the sector engaged with general and specific business networks. The research establishes the type of support required for the sub regional Creative Industries and how best the LEP can respond to these needs. It reviewed the types of support provided, their effectiveness and how businesses wish to engage with the LEP. By improving Creative Industries sector links with the LEP the research brought out the value of the Creative Industries to other parts of the economy.

Social Capital in the Arts and Cultural Sector in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Client: Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Research and consultation measuring the social capital of arts and cultural organisations in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, focusing on three forms of social capital: Institutional/Organisational, Partnership and Strategic and Community. The research addressed challenges for society in opening up access to social capital in order to close the gap in mobility, achievement and civic participation.