Projects 2018 /

A Creative Economy Development Programme and Review for Brazil

Client: British Council

This major project involved an assessment of the profile and dynamics of the creative economy of Brazil; an international best practice guide on creative economy support programmes; an evaluation of three creative entrepreneurship projects in Brazil; and an evaluation framework and guide for the ongoing evaluation of these entrepreneurship projects. The work was supported through the British Council-led Newton Professional Development and Engagement Programme. This supports research and innovation partnerships between countries to facilitate economic development and sustainable growth. The TFCC team worked with the entrepreneurship project partners ADESAMPA and Servico Brasileiro de Apoio as Micro e Pequenas Empresas (SEBRAE) on consultations with creative entrepreneurs, development agencies and regional and local governments across five regions of the country: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janero, Alagoas, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais.

Five Year Evaluation of the Momentum Music Fund, UK

Client: Performing Rights Society Foundation

This final five-year evaluation provided a detailed overview of the whole Momentum Fund 2013-18. It also reflected on how the UK music industry is changing and the investment and support mechanisms which can support talent to thrive in the future. The Momentum Music Fund is an extensive scheme which provides small grants for early to mid-career musicians operating in the contemporary popular music sector. Over 1.9 million pounds has been invested, supporting over 200 artists and generating over 7 for every 1 invested. It has played a particularly important role in supporting artists from cities and regions outside London, on championing genre diversity and on increasing the reach and confidence of artists.Momentum is run by PRS Foundation using public funds from Arts Council England, support from PPL, and is in association with Spotify.

A Culture, Creative and Tourism Baseline and New Terms of Reference for the Culture Creative and Tourism Group, West Midlands Combined Authority, UK.

Client: West Midlands Combined Authority

The development of a detailed baseline of the culture, creative and tourism sectors for the West Midlands combined authority to establish the business case for targeted investment. In addition, a new terms of reference for the culture, creative and tourism group which brings together local authorities from across the region. The overall aim was to set out the case for culture and the partnership and investment mechanisms to deliver outcomes for place-making, economic development and wellbeing as a combined authority proposition.

Adviser to Oulu as Candidate City for European Capital of Culture 2026, Finland.

Client: City of Oulu

The city of Oulu is a city of over 200,000 people in the north west of Finland. Once known for wood tar and salmon, Oulu has evolved into a major high-tech centre, particularly in IT and wellness technology. The city is also a major cultural centre, with a growing festival sector and some excellent cultural organisations and infrastructure. The city has played a pioneering role in children's creative education - for which Finland is recognised as a world leader. The city has ambitious plans to develop, grow and innovate across its cultural sector and to play a leadership role in cultural planning at a national and European level. As part of this journey, Oulu is bidding to be European Capital of Culture in 2026. Tom Fleming is expert adviser role to the city's bid, drawing on his experience successfully bidding and delivering programmes for European Capitals of Culture in other parts of Europe.

Cultural and Creative Economy Policy Situation Analysis for Kuwait

Client: National Council for Culture, Art and Letters and British Council

A situation analysis on the design, partnership dynamic and strategic approach to culture and the creative economy in Kuwait. This is the first step in a cultural policy review process where TFCC provided expert advice on the key strengths and opportunities in Kuwait, challenges to overcome and best practice models to draw from.