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20 Oct 10

Natverkstan visits Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy in London

Earlier this week, Lotta Lekvall and David Karlsson from Natverkstan - a Cultural and Civil Society Organisation based in Goteborg, Sweden - visited TFCC as part of a research assignment on cultural industries and the practice-based approaches, commissioned by Region Vastra Gotaland in Sweden.

Natverkstan provides services and projects within the cultural and civil society field, running numerous national and international projects.

An article discussing the future of the UK creative industries, based on the London interviews, can be found on Natverkstan's blog:

13 Oct 10

Theories & Practices, Creative Spaces: Interview with Tom Fleming and Toby Hyam

As part of last week's consultation activities held in Moscow and Perm, a session on creative space was held where creative entrepreneurs, economists and entrepreneurs shared their experiences on the development of creative clusters. Tom Fleming and Toby Hyam discussed the difference between creative and conventional economics.

Read the interview extracts here (available in Russian):

06 Oct 10

Tom Fleming's Russian Consultancy Tour content now online

This week Tom Fleming has been delivering a series of speaking and consultation activities, building on our cooperation with the Russian Creative Industries Agency and the British Council.

The content from these seminars and consultations is now online - watch the videos and read the text (in Russian) here:

29 Sep 10

Tom Fleming on Russian Consultancy Tour - Moscow & Perm, October 5th - 8th

Tom Fleming is set to undertake a series of speaking and consultation activities, building on our cooperation with the Russian Creative Industries Agency and the British Council.

- On October 5th, Tom will provide a keynote address at a British Council seminar in Moscow. This will focus on models of creative and cultural workspace, exploring emergent models and the role of different types of infrastructure for a flourishing creative ecology.

- On October 6th, Tom will travel to Perm to provide consultancy as part of the British Council's Future City Game initiative.

- On October 7th, Tom will provide a keynote speech on open cultural and creative infrastructure for a large audience of stakeholders in Perm.

This is the first activity in an exciting new programme of cooperation between Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy and the Russian Creative Industries Agency.

21 Sep 10

Article by Tom Fleming for "Creative Industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania 2010"

Tom Fleming has written a 'think piece' on how partners across the three Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia can operate as a major centre for the development of the creative economy.

The article, "Developing a Creative Economy in the Baltic Region: Challenges & Opportunities" features in the September 2010 publication of the Creative Industries in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, funded by the Estonian Ministry of Culture. It aims to open up a policy debate about the drivers of the Creative Industries in the Baltic Region, and to understand the opportunities and challenges facing the sector.

"The Baltic region, with its diverse and youthful countries, has already made significant progress in nurturing its creative industries and developing a broader creative economy. Indeed, with each of the region's capital cities hosting the European Capital of Culture title over a five year period, awareness of the region is at an all time high."

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