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25 Nov 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy em Portugues

A Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy tem trabalhado regularmente com Portugal, em projectos como o "Estudo Macroeconomico para o Desenvolvimento de um Cluster de Industrias Criativas na Regiao do Norte" que define a Agenda Regional das Industrias Criativas, e recentemente na avaliacao das candidaturas ao Sistema de Apoio ao Cluster de Industrias Criativas.

A economia criativa e um dos assuntos principais da agenda Europeia e o esforco de Portugal nos ultimos anos tem resultado na concretizacao de estrategias para a construcao uma economia criativa vibrante.

Agora pode consultar o perfil de empresa e a biografia de Tom Fleming em portugues:

24 Nov 09

Tom Fleming at the Portuguese Clube de Inovacao Meeting

Tom Fleming is key note speaker at the first Meeting of Clube de Inovacao 3i, in northern Portugal. Tom will chair a session on creativity and its role in innovation for business.

Tom will introduce the concept of creativity as a key tool for competitiveness - in business and for sectors, cities, regions, even nations. He will explore the relationship between creativity and innovation, describe processes of convergence, and introduce the value-adding role of creativity to business growth.

Drawing on examples, he will explore how crossing boundaries is a core business and civic discipline if we are to maximise growth potential, generate new ideas and collaborate for creativity.

Finally, Tom will raise a set of questions on how creativity is embedded into business and society in Portugal and challenge participants to explore new ways of working.

To know more about the conference:

24 Nov 09

Sheffield UK City of Culture, 2013: website launch

Sheffield is moving forward in it's bid to become UK City of Culture in 2013. November 23rd saw the launch along of the bud website, plus other social media tools - facebook and twitter.
Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is leading Sheffield's bid to become UK City of Culture 2013. This opportunity will assure a major focus for national attention along with a year long programme of cultural events and community engagement, maximising the value of its cultural assets.
Have a look at the website, post your comments, become a Sheffield fan and twitter your ideas - we want you to take part in a new vision for Sheffield and its people!

Keep up to date with the bidding process and tell us your story here:

21 Nov 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy at Beyond the Crisis: Design for a Sustainable Future, Brussels, 23rd November 2009

Andrew Erskine, Senior Associate at Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will be a keynote speaker at Beyond the Crisis: Design for a Sustainable Future conference 2009, organised by the European Commission.

The aims of this major event of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation are to develop an understanding of design thinking as a multi-dimensional and multi-disciplinary process that bridges creativity and innovation, culture and the economy; and to identify how Europe's competitiveness can be strengthened by developing both design skills and awareness the importance of design thinking for successful innovation.

Andrew's participation will focus on unlocking collective creative capital under the theme "Design thinking for better living environments - more accessible, attractive and functional". Other main topics of discussion will be thinking of design at the interface between culture and the economy, how it can improve organisations, processes and services, design and culture as critical competitiveness factors, and integrating design and creative thinking in the knowledge sector.

17 Nov 09

Tom Fleming at National Creative Industries Conference in London

Tom Fleming will be chairing the Creative Places workstream sessions at the National Creative Industries Conference, the UK's largest gathering of the Creative Sector, on the 24th and 25th November in London.

In these interactive workshops, Tom will challenge delegates to explore the unique role of place and infrastructure in driving forward growth and competitiveness in the creative economy.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will be also present at the Consultants' Surgery one-to-one sessions - offering delegates professional expertise, advice and information in the creative industries sector and cultural planning.

Bringing together over 300 delegates from across government, industry and the public and third sectors, the NCI09 agenda will focus on actions and policies required to support the creative economy to grow and develop sustainability in 2010 and beyond.

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