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04 Aug 10

Understanding and Shaping Culture & Creativity in Croydon Workshops

Over the last couple of weeks we have been running workshops in Croydon as part of our research into understanding and shaping the cultural and creative sector in the Borough. The first part of our work has been about 'mapping' the numerous organisations, individuals and businesses that make up the cultural and creative profile across Croydon.

The recent workshops took a closer look at the issues facing Croydon's cultural and creative sector and examined what the priorities for the future should be. The workshops were attended by an array of creative practitioners, cultural organisations and creative businesses based in Croydon.

The workshops were brought to life by our visual scribe who produced graphic summaries of all the discussions - click on the links below to view the illustrations.

Workshop 1
Creative Skills and Education Workshop: Croydon at the Forefront
How can Croydon make the most of its creative and cultural strengths for the educational and learning benefit of children and young people?
download illustration

Workshop 2
Growing Croydon's Night-time Economy
How can culture help develop Croydon's Night-time economy? What role can culture have in making Croydon a better place to live, work in and visit in the evening?
download illustration

Workshop 3
Creative Businesses Workshop: Croydon's Creative Economy
What would make Croydon a better place for creative businesses? What would help Croydon's creative business grow?
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13 Jul 10

Andrew Erskine speaking at London Cultural Policy Reference Group

TFCC Senior Associate Andrew Erskine was asked recently to present to The London Cultural Policy Reference Group meeting on 'Culture in the Outer Boroughs'. This advisory group has been established to provide the GLA and other strategic agencies with guidance on research and policy for London's cultural sector. Chaired by Professor Sara Selwood, it provides a forum whereby leading cultural policy figures can discuss and analyse issues and research findings, in order to ensure that policy and interventions in London government are as well informed as possible.

Andrew spoke on TFCC's work 'Understanding and Shaping Culture and Creativity in Croydon'. As part of this mapping and strategy work he described how a new approach to culture in the outer-boroughs or suburbs was required, in order to address the relative lack of engagement and density of activity found in many boroughs. This approach which is currently being developed - understands and positions culture as central to the core planning and strategy process in relation to the defining social and economic features of the outer-boroughs - such as challenges with the night-time economy, the lack of established creative organisations, the relationship between centre and district and the importance of underground culture.

This work forms part of TFCC's development of fresh approaches to culture which explore the opportunity for creativity and culture in districts and locations outside of the metropolitan centres of cities and towns in the UK and internationally.

29 Jun 10

Tom Fleming Provides Think Piece for Estonian Government

Tom Fleming has been commissioned by the Estonian Government to write a commentary on opportunities and challenges for developing a joined-up approach to creative economy policy across the three Baltic States of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. This is part of a wider document that explores how the three countries can build on set of cultural, economic and geographic ties to develop a stronger and more competitive sector. This will be published over the summer. Watch this space.

16 Jun 10

Tom Fleming speaking at Annual Irish Theatre Forum - Resilience and Renewal

Tom Fleming will be speaking at this year's Irish Theatre Forum's annual conference at the award winning Wexford Opera House - Resilience and Renewal - on Friday 18th June.

Tom's presentation will aim to introduce the strategic context for the creative industries and explore the shifting policy dynamic between art, culture and the economy by providing an overview of the core terms and themes developed over the last 12 years of creative industries policy, internationally.

To find out more about the conference visit:

10 June 10

Global City Symphony - Big Bang Lab's new CSR programme

Global City Symphony is Big Bang Lab's Cultural Social Responsibility programme looking to contribute to social inclusion and urban regeneration looking at the past, present and future of the city. Deprived communities will express their views on the future of the city whilst becoming the changemakers as the future creative-social entrepreneurs. Global City Symphony uses archive films, digital video, new music and heritage engagement in the context of the city adding value, to its living ecosystem, using culture as a tool for personal and socio-economic development. City Symphony Academy is the legacy of Global City Symphony, a music, media and entrepreneurship training programme.

TFCC has supported and continues to support Big Bang Lab over the years for the excellent and innovative work they do with children and young people.

Watch Big Bang Lab's recent interview here: