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10 Oct 11

TFCC programming major international conference on Creative Entrepreneurship in Tallinn, Estonia, 19-21 October 2011

Tom Fleming is producing and moderating this major international conference which will call for a paradigm shift in the way the Creative Economy is understood and supported. The conference - Creative Entrepreneurship for a Competitive Economy - will give a critical perspective on the old 'boom time' policies, identify what works and what doesn't, and develop a practical new agenda for supporting creative entrepreneurship.

With a dynamic mix of speakers from all over the world, the conference will explore how to develop creative entrepreneurship to improve innovation and competitiveness. This will focus on entrepreneurship across the arts, in organisations and institutions, and across clusters and networks of creative businesses.

The conference will have five main work streams:
1. Creative Talent
2. The Creative Economy - Driving Innovation and competitiveness across the economy
3. Creative Infrastructure for a New Age
4. Creative Cities and Regions
5. Creative Leadership

For more information, to register and to get the latest updates visit:

07 Oct 11

Tom Fleming speaking at CINOVATE programme in Cardiff

Tom Fleming will be a key speaker at the CINOVATE training programme taking place in Cardiff between November 2011 and March 2012. CINOVATE is a training programme designed to help managers working in the exhibition sector to meet current and future challenges and seize new opportunities available to the independent film exhibition sector. The programme will encourage them to look at their businesses in a new way by developing sustainable strategies which can be put in to practice. The three weekend workshops - attached to 3 UK festivals with international guests - will mean participants will benefit from regional, national and international networking.

The CINOVATE scheme is funded by the Skillset Film Skills Fund as part of 'A Bigger Future 2', the UK Film skills strategy.

04 Oct 11

Andrew Erskine facilitates first Russian-British Creative Economy Forum in Moscow

The first Russian-British Creative Economy Forum, facilitated by TFCC and organised by the British Council Russia in partnership with the Creative Industries Agency Russia and the British Embassy in Moscow, took place 30th September - 1st October 2011 at the British Embassy in Moscow. The forum is part of an initiative aimed to strengthen the links between the UK and Russian creative and cultural economy through the exchange of knowledge and expertise in creative economy theory and practice between UK and Russian experts at the policy making level.

More specifically, the forum raised awareness of the importance of the creative economy for the development of the local economy; stimulated a conversation around the creative economy related issues between UK and Russian policy-makers; and discussed recommendations on particular challenges in creative economy development in selected Russian cities and regions.

Andrew Erskine facilitated the forum. Outcomes, videos, discussions and photos from the event can be found here: (mostly Russian)
Voice of Russia (VOR) - national government's international radio broadcasting service: radio coverage of event. (Andrew's presentation starts at 12:30)

Twitter: #bccreative

A further 2 events will take place in late 2011 and early 2012 - both of which will be led by Tom Fleming. They will also open up a wider programme of joint projects and sector development opportunities with TFCC at the helm.

29 Sep 11

The Creative Economy in Nigeria - a development project facilitated by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) has been appointed by the British Council as advisers to and facilitators of a delegation of Nigerian investors, bankers and civil servants set to visit the UK on a study and partnership visit. TFCC will design and stage a programme of workshops and meetings between UK creative economy experts and the Nigerian delegation - with a focus on investment and business support for the creative industries. The visit will develop stronger and more sustainable collaboration between the Nigerian and UK creative economies. It builds on TFCC's work on creative industries investment - such as for NESTA, Arts Council England and the Nordic Council of Ministers. It also builds on our work for UNESCO - advising on creative economy policy in 'developing countries'.

The programme commences on October 24th 2011.

23 Sep 11

University of the Arts' Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon partnership now recruiting, following TFCC's Enterprise Strategy development

Following TFCC's work to develop an Enterprise Strategy for the Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon (CCW) partnership tasked with maximising enterprise and new business initiatives, CCW is now recruiting.

The three positions are:

Business Relationship Manager - Creativity, Innovation and Social Enterprise

Business Relationship Manager - Sustainability & International

Head of Enterprise

Deadline: 5th October 2011