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06 July 09

A Cultural Strategy for Young People in Northamptonshire by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy

We are seeing an overall shift in approaches to cultural provision and engagement with and for young people. TFCC will undertake a project to help Northamptonshire County to take the lead in cultural development and education, expressing the needs and aspirations of an increasingly youthful population, establishing how cultural provision can become better suited to their shifting needs.

Joining together strategic agendas from national level to local delivery, so that a coordinated cultural offer is established for young people across the county, our strategy will build in flexibility to enable innovation in service design and delivery, identifying partnership opportunities and engaging young people across the county, utilising social media techniques.

01 July 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to develop an innovative Creative Economy hub in Norwich

Focusing on the creative writing talents of Norwich - a city with an established reputation as the centre for new writing, IP-rich creative industries and excellent academic institutions - Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will evaluate and scope future opportunities for the development of a Creative Economy Hub in Norwich.

Commissioned by the Writers' Centre Norwich and partners, the project will consist of a detailed feasibility study and mapping exercise leading to a business model to successfully establish Norwich's innovative Creative Economy Hub.

30 June 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to develop new online SME support service - Mahout

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will structure and develop part of Business Assessment's online service - Mahout - an online publishing company providing analysis, recommendations, and a structured way of managing performance data to SMEs.
Business Assessment Ltd develops performance diagnostic tools and processes for SMEs and is now developing its online service.

Mahout will aim to:
- find small businesses with ambition
- provide guidance to managers so they can focus development on the right areas of their business
- track the impact of their decisions on the growth of the business

25 June 09

North Northamptonshire Cultural Investment Plan blog now online

After debating the North Northamptonshire Cultural Infrastructure and Learning and Skills challenges and opportunities in two workshop sessions with key stakeholders we have posted the conclusions in the projects blog, so you can stay up to date with all the latest Cultural Investment Plan's developments.

We are looking forward to your contribution!

17 June 09

Tom Fleming speaking at 'Poised on the Brink' in Hastings

Tom Fleming will be presenting (amongst other leading experts) the critical factors in place-making in 'Poised on the Brink' - an action planning event in Hastings on July 1st. The presentation will focus on how Bexhill and Hastings can build the relationship between tourism and culture, creativity and economic development to drive growth and enhance future prospects.

Quality placemaking, leadership, entrepreneurship and infrastructure will be the main issues addressed and will lead to opportunities to make Hastings and Bexhill a more successful place.

The event will be a series of workshops and feedback sessions with the input of leading experts. The outcome will identify a framework and key achievable actions for delivering the cultural vision as well as the specific roles of partners in driving them forward.