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10 June 10

Global City Symphony - Big Bang Lab's new CSR programme

Global City Symphony is Big Bang Lab's Cultural Social Responsibility programme looking to contribute to social inclusion and urban regeneration looking at the past, present and future of the city. Deprived communities will express their views on the future of the city whilst becoming the changemakers as the future creative-social entrepreneurs. Global City Symphony uses archive films, digital video, new music and heritage engagement in the context of the city adding value, to its living ecosystem, using culture as a tool for personal and socio-economic development. City Symphony Academy is the legacy of Global City Symphony, a music, media and entrepreneurship training programme.

TFCC has supported and continues to support Big Bang Lab over the years for the excellent and innovative work they do with children and young people.

Watch Big Bang Lab's recent interview here:

02 Jun 10

Tom Fleming Creative Consltancy to review strategic role of Artsmark

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to identify the most effective strategic role of Artsmark - the England-wide programme that provides a benchmark for arts provision in schools. Key here is aligning Artsmark to ensure it effectively delivers strategic outcomes for Arts Council England and government.

02 Jun 10

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to review the delivery mechanisms for Arts Award

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to review the regional delivery model for Arts Award - the national programme in England aimed to support young people who want to deepen their engagement with the arts, build creative and leadership skills, and, by doing so, achieve a national qualification.

01 Jun 10

Creative Industries Fair, Moscow, 10th June

The Creative Industries Agency (Moscow, Russia) is pleased to present a pioneering event in Russia: the Creative Industries Fair for the Moscow Region.

The fair will exhibit the possibilities of the Moscow Region creative industries sector and will initiate a discussion on creative industries in the professional community and mass media. This is a first attempt to bring together individual initiatives and understand the economic significance of their activities while draw attention to the potential of this economic sector and its importance to the region.

The Creative Industries Agency (Russia) is a partner organisation of TFCC. We are very enthusiastic about the prospects of the fair and the opportunities it will deliver.

"I am delighted that the Moscow Region is hosting this important event for the creative industries. Our work across the world indicates that the creative industries sector is a vital sector in accelerating the recovery of the economy and in providing sustainable growth and competitiveness for the future. This type of event will play a key role in promoting the creative assets of the Moscow region, building capacity and confidence and generating new knowledge on how to grow the sector.

"I wish you all the best and I am confident of your success as a creative region."

Tom Fleming, Director, TFCC

For more information on the fair and the Creative Industries Agency (Russia) go to:

24 May 10

Lebanese Creative Industries - An International Perspective

On June 4th 2010, the Lebanon Creative Cluster will be presenting a talk by Paola Antonelli, Senior curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, entitled "The Lebanese Creative Industries - An International Perspective".

Since its launch back in January 2009, Lebanon's Creative Cluster has been busy developing its programme of activities through a structured strategy to execute on the Action Plan recommended by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy in 2009.

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