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10 December 08

A Business Plan for Creative Islington

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been appointed by Creative Islington for the research and development of its business plan for the next 3 years, assisting its ambitions to be a dynamic and co-ordinated agency providing high quality services to the arts and creative sector in Islington.

Creative Islington is a network organisation/development agency for Islington's not-for-profit arts, creative and cultural industries. It is in a unique position to bridge the gap between community-based organisations and the wider creative and cultural industries, and to contribute strongly to education and economic activity in the borough, while re-establishing itself as a creative hub for Islington.

Through a partnership that includes Sadler's Wells, London Borough of Islington, and a mix of voluntary organisations, learning and skills institutions, and creatvie businesses, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will support Creative Islington to develop an effective role for the future.

05 December 08

Corby Priority Place: Living Places Partnership Research

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been appointed by Corby Borough Council to carry out the Corby Priority Place, Living Places Partnership Research. The research will aim to provide a better understanding of cultural consumption and participation in Corby, which in turn will help policy makers to make informed decisions about programming and delivery. Working with Susex Arts Marketing (sam), Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will explore opportunities for establishing appropriate cultural infrastructure in a town that has, historically, had an under-developed cultural offer and lower than average audience levels.

01 December 08

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy connects with INOVA +

We are pleased to build upon our relationship with INOVA +. Since undertaking a Creative Industries Strategy for Oporto and northern Portugal, we have been developing our relationships with creative economy and innovation companies in that region. INOVA + is a leading company in the promotion and management of international innovation projects. It is connected to the largest private network of innovation services in Europe, with associates in Rome (Innova Spa - Italy), Luxembourg (Innova Europe Sarl - Luxembourg), Prague (Inova Pro, S.r.o. - Czech Republic), Boston (Innova Consulting Group - Massachusetts, USA) and Warsaw (TechIn Sp. Zoo - Poland).

Through collaboration with INOVA +, both companies will be able to better explore the relationship between creativity and innovation and develop a sharper focus on key developments across Europe.

24 November 08

Big Bang Lab Goes Live

Tom Fleming is announced as an associate consultant to Big Bang Lab on their newly launched website:

Big Bang Lab is a leading cultural-social enterprise that creates and delivers dynamic learning programmes and high quality productions. It combines original music with archive and silent films, both contemporary and historical.

Through live performances, plus the re-use of digital media and other forms of distribution, Big Bang Lab communicates and connects people worldwide across language barriers and cultural traditions. It is one of the only creative agencies that combines digital and archive media with new music in original formats from learning to production. From concept to delivery, it engages participants and audiences alike with cultural heritage, social, environmental and contemporary issues.

21 November 08

Tom Fleming speaking at Creative Cities Prague 2008

Tom Fleming will be speaking in Prague next month at the Creative Cities 2008 conference, aimed to share experience, knowledge and ultimately build a better understanding of the impact of creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation on cities. Tom will examine models of creative cluster development and the role of cultural infrastructure in driving innovation and growth in the creative cities' economy.

Creative Cities Prague 2008 is part of the British Council project Creative Cities that aims to foster a greater understanding about the contribution creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation can make to improving quality of life in cities through a regional network of creative urban influencers who are making the case for innovation and who are actively contributing to greater economic, social and cultural prosperity in cities around Europe.