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08 September 09

Tom Fleming in Siberia and Moscow

Tom Fleming will be setting challenges at the 'CREATIVE ECONOMY and TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT' conferences taking place in Moscow and Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, from 19th to 22nd September 2009.

Tom Fleming's presentations will focus on the experience of different cities globally as they have tried to reposition themselves through a focus on the creative economy. Tom will highlight innovative practice through case studies and will introduce a set of principles and challenges for effective cultural planning and creative economy development.

The events are organised by the Russian Creative Industries Agency, Center of Contemporary Art Winzavod, The Moscow School of the Social and Economic Sciences, and Siberian Federal University, with support of Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation (The Charitable Foundation for Culture Initiatives).

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10 August 09

Watch 'The Art of With' seminar - an action research project

'The Art of With' seminar which took place on the 24th June earlier this year, aimed to explore how a contemporary arts organisation should work with audiences, artists and curators at a time when technological development and web 2.0 means we live in a culture of openess, participation and collaboration.

You can watch the videos and read the essays of the first seminar, where Tom Fleming presented 'Embracing the Desire Lines', a paper written especially for the event.

You can download the paper here:

Watch the videos and stay up to date with the latest news and dicussions following the seminar here:

06 August 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy in Lithuania

The latest issue of British Chamber of Commerce BCC paper, (No 30, July 2009) covers the Creative Cities project in which Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy took part.

The article "MAKE YOUR CITY A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE" by Vilma Backiute (Partnerships & Projects Manager, for the British Council), introduces the Creative Cities project. It describes how the project promotes a platform of experience and knowledge sharing to re-shape cities through creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation, connecting people, artists, architects and designers to city and government policy-makers.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has participated in a number of European cities as part of this Programme, and is set to build on this to play a strategic role in the project going forward.

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29 July 2009

Pixel Palaces in a Digital Kingdom? - Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Featured in Arts Professional Magazine

John Newbigin, Strategic Advisor for the UK Film Council, has written an article for the Arts Professional Magazine (Issue 199, 27 July 2009) featuring the importance of Cross Artform Venues (CAVs) as cultural intermediaries for the creative economy. This references our work in the 2007 report - 'Crossing Boundaries - the role of cross-art-form and media venues in the age of 'clicks not bricks'.

The article focuses on how these venues have evolved to position collaboration, openness, experimentation and innovation as a core business. They are becoming inter-disciplinary arts places with mixed activities, enabling their publics to take part in their development and acting as key hubs and brokers of creativity and innovation in their city regions.

John Newbigin asks if these venues are "...the first manifestations of something entirely new, in which the worlds of arts, culture, education and economic activity genuinely come together in new formations?" We think the answer has to be "yes".

In response to our Crossing Boundaries report, we are currently developing a business plan for a UK-wide network of Cross-Art-Form Venues establishing it as a leader of creativity and innovation for the UK creative economy.

21 July 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Commissioned to Develop a Cultural and Creative Vision, Strategy and Action Plan for Harlow, Essex

Harlow, one of the first post-war 'new towns' in England, is undergoing significant change. The town where fibre optics were invented and with the largest public art collection in the country, is set to almost double in size by 2031. As part of this growth, the town centre is being redeveloped, the cultural infrastructure is being improved, and options for the growth of a higher education offer are being explored.

As the town continues to grow, its great facilities and proximity to London, Cambridge and Stansted International Airport, will make it an attraction for businesses, shoppers and commuters alike. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is developing a vision, strategy and action plan to position culture and creativity at the forefront of the regeneration and transformation of the town.

Making the most of its cultural infrastructure, unique public realm and public art, buoyant creative industries sector, and excellent creative learning and skills offer, will help Harlow's goal to be recognised as a '21st Century Town for cultural and creative opportunity and development'.

This project includes identifying Harlow's unique cultural and creative asset base, identifying its 'cultural USP', and establishing a set of practical and actionable 'smart moves' for the town and its partners to achieve maximum value from the role of culture and creativity.