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20 Jan 10

A Guide for Creative Practitioners, Entrepreneurs and Managers

'Making Sense of Business' is an excellent and new business and enterprise skills book aimed to help enterprising individuals and business managers to acquire new skills and build on existing ones, such as negotiating, presenting, managing time and networking.

The guide covers 14 key enterprise skills for creative industries entrepreneurs and managers, from a wide spectrum of subjects such as focus, risk, team management, networking, selling techniques, time management, presentation, negotiation, legal matters, creativity and innovation. It is a practical tool filled with creative exercises and case studies which will encourages fresh ways of thinking, teach new skills and help its readers achieve successful outcomes.

The author, Alison Branagan, is a business consultant with a particular interest in creative fields, in which she is an experienced business adviser and lecturer.

ISBN: 9780749454869
Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd, 2008

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20 Jan 10

Tom Fleming Consultancy to develop a business model for the National Design Challenge for Schools

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned by the UK Design Council and Creativity and the Culture and Education (CCE) to develop a business model for a National Design Challenge.

Here, schools and teachers will work with design practitioners to embed the design thinking across the curriculum and support young people to generate ideas and co-create design solutions for important issues - such as in health, crime and the environment.

16 Jan 10

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy en castellano

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy es una consultoria especializada en planeamiento cultural y desarrollo de la economia creativa.

Con proyectos en estrategia y politicas para la regeneracion cultural y analisis y evaluaciones de programas de desarrollo de las industrias creativas, consideramos la cultura y la creatividad como motor de desarrollo economico y social.

Ahora puede consultar la presentacion de la empresa en castellano:

15 Jan 10

Watch the Creativity World Forum in Stuttgart contents online

You can now watch Tom Fleming's presentation at the Creativity World Forum which took place in December 2009 in Stuttgart, Germany.

The opening programme and the keynote presentation of the two conference days were streamed live on the internet and have now been made available to download. The website also includes images from the conference and a promotional trailer.

All the content is available at:

15 Dec 09

Tom Fleming leading the creative economy in Siberia and Moscow

Tom Fleming is conducting a lecture about creative economy and territorial development at Winzavod Center of Contemporary Art in Moscow and at Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk.

Tom Fleming's presentations will focus on repositioning cities through innovative practices with a focus on cultural planning and creative economy development.

The events are organised by the Russian Creative Industries Agency, Center of Contemporary Art Winzavod, The Moscow School of the Social and Economic Sciences, and Siberian Federal University, with support of Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation (The Charitable Foundation for Culture Initiatives).

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