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18 March 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to facilitate Vilnius Reflection Conference

Andrew Erskine will be facilitating the conference 'The Impact of Culture: Vilnius Reflection' to be held in the Lithunian Capital from March 19-20th 2009. The conference is being organised by the British Council, Vilnius - European Capital of Culture 2009 and the International Cultural Programme Centre. The event forms part of the series of events within the British Council's Creative Cities Project as well as being a meeting space for the European Capitals of Culture (ECOC) Network.

The forum 'Reflections of Vilnius' is open to all interested in how to measure and evaluate the impact of culture on metropolitan, regional and national levels. With greatest focus on evaluation of capitals of culture it will address broader relevant issues such as the changing nature of cultural and business relationships, integrating culture into strategies of global cities and changes to the framework of culture institutions.

16 March 09

Tom Fleming speaking at 'Manufacturing Culture' - Dundee Contemporary Arts, 20th March

Dundee Contemporary Arts is celebrating its 10th birthday with a special one-day think tank event in partnership with Scottish Arts Council. The event will aim to provide some challenges to existing orthodoxies about the nature and activity of cultural centres in the UK.

Tom Fleming will be one of two key speakers at the event, which will be followed by a debate and discussion on the role of the contemporary cultural centre.

13 March 09

Tom Fleming speaking at Creative Industries conference in Tallinn

Tom Fleming will be speaking at the 'Creative Industries in the Nordic-Baltic Region' conference on 17-18 March, 2009 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The conference - organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers, Estonian Ministry of Culture and Kreanord - will seek to address the key challenges face by the Creative Industries in the Nordic-Baltic region. The conference will consist of a series of talks, discussions and workshops designed to encourage collaboration and generate new project initiatives. The conference will be attended by representatives from all across the Nordic-Baltic region, as well as international Creative Economy experts.

06 March 09

Watch 'Clicks or Mortar' live from the Tyneside Cinema, now!

Watch the 'Clicks Or Mortar?' Symposium live from the Pixel Palace website where Tom Fleming was chairing the morning session 'Being: The role of bricks in an age of clicks'.

The symposium is being held at the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle upon Tyne, where cultural creatives, thinkers and planners will debate the role and challenge the relevance of cultural bricks and mortar buildings in tomorrow's digitised and networked artistic practice.

04 March 09

'Clicks or Mortar - Designing a Future for Cultural Venues in the Digital Age' - Pixel Palace, Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle Gateshead.

Tom Fleming will be keynote speaker and chair at the Clicks or Mortar'
Symposium' on Friday March 6th. The event is for cultural creatives, thinkers and planners to debate the role and challenge the relevance of cultural bricks and mortar buildings in tomorrow's digitised and networked artistic practice.

"Digital technology is already turning some cultural cinemas into spaces that can host an ever widening range of cultural product, from live opera to the National Theatre and an ever expanding diet of participative activity from interactive artists and computer gamers. This digital wave is also crashing over theatres, arts centres, galleries and all other cultural venues, proposing new forms of performance and, most significantly, engaging audiences who may well be turning from passive consumers of culture into active participants in its creation and distribution".

On March 6th, influential voices in film, theatre, games, television, IT, web and the digital arts will gather in NewcastleGateshead to explore what this might mean for the future.