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03 Nov 09

EU Innovation Panel launches new report on Social Innovation

A new and significant report has been published by the EU Innovation Business Panel. It calls for a move from a knowledge society to one founded on innovation and creativity:

"The priority has been investing in knowledge rather than utilising it rapidly and powerfully for societal benefit"

The macro ambition of the report and the collaboration that underpinned it is to introduce a new star to the European flag - 'The Seastar' - which demonstrates a decentralised, self renewing, and connected innovation policy building on the unique diversity of an enlarged Union.

The Panel recommends five critical approaches to innovation across Europe, each of which places social innovation as a core principle:

1. Broaden the concept of innovation - majoring on social innovation
2. Speed and synchronisation are key - the EU needs to set clear innovation targets and launches ambitious European initiatives with synchronised actions around major challenges
3. Invest in future infrastructure and unlock its potential - for example, the EU should commit to universal access to ultrafast broadband and smart grids
4. Introduce innovative financing models - such as a pan-European Innovation Fund
5. Develop new places for new types of collaborations - to create and network innovation labs; invest in cultural and creative institutions, organisations and networks; reinforce the role of brokers and intermediaries; develop a major prize for innovative localities; and stimulate universities and public research centres to be more open and international.

Tom Fleming, who has an advisory role to the EU Innovation Panel, fully supports the ambition and approach:

"The report by the Business Panel on future EU innovation policy outlines in clear and certain terms the social innovation imperative. In Europe, we have a longstanding culture of innovation and a commitment to creativity as a core tool for prosperity and social cohesion. The opportunity now is to build on these assets and develop new tools, collaborations and approaches, so we become global leaders in social innovation and thus pioneers in addressing the issues of our time and the issues of tomorrow. The report's emphasis on enabling and cherishing creativity as an imperative for innovation, and its assertion of the need to collaborate to create, mark a new stage in EU innovation thinking. The opportunity now is to translate this to EU innovation policy".

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03 Nov 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Commissioned to Evaluate FILM CLUB

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to undertake a two year evaluation of FILM CLUB - a national programme of school film clubs where pupils and teachers have the chance to explore the world of film through free weekly screenings, online reviewing, industry events and hands on support, funded by the Department for Children, Schools and Families.

FILM CLUB aims to inspire, explore countless different cultures and new ways of telling stories, sharpen critical skills and open up new avenues for learning.

As part of this evaluation, we will explore how FILM CLUB increases and broadens pupils' access to film culture as part of a landscape of creative learning; and we will measure the contribution of FILM CLUB to educational, social and personal development.

We will also identify the ways FILM CLUB impacts on the viewing and wider cultural habits and patterns of young people - toward growing new audiences for film and developing career paths in the creative industries.

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03 Nov 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Keynotes at Creative Cities - Budapest

Andrew Erskine will be speaking on the November 4th at the British Council Creative Cities conference in Budapest. Andrew's presentation will highlight the role of creativity within cities at a time of economic downturn.

The 'Creative Cities' project aims to foster a greater understanding about the contribution creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship can have to make peoples' lives in cities better.

Led by the British Council, this programme it will be running throughout 2008-2011 in the Nordics, Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.

27 Oct 09

Tom Fleming leads debate on creative space and infrastructure

Tom Fleming will be speaking at Ash Sakula Architect's Autumn debate on the 11th November, along with the architects and writers Paul Shepheard and Jeremy Till, and the author and broadcaster John Kampfner.
This event is staged as a conversation space for exploring 'the big issues'. It is part of a series of three evening debates that focus on the control of territory; the possibilities of creative curating; and the opening up the 2D and 3D space.

23 Oct 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy supports Sheffield Showroom

Tom Fleming is to chair a partnership session that scopes the strategic future of Sheffield Showroom - one of the UK's leading cross-art-from venues. Showroom has ambitious plans to take the lead in repositioning Sheffield as a major city for creative production and programming. This includes a proposed new 'Festival Centre', a major facility to showcase and develop creative content.