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15 June 09

Tom Fleming Presents 'Embracing the Desire Lines' at 'The Art of With' Seminar - Cornerhouse, Manchester

The 'Art of With' seminar will take place in Manchester's international centre for contemporary visual arts and film, Cornerhouse, on the 24th June. This think tank event will explore the value of open working, collaboration and the strength of combined intelligence.

Tom Fleming, alongside Charles Leadbeater, will be presenting his vision on how we should be taking alternative routes to reconceptualise the role of cultural infrastructure in a digital, open source world. He will present a paper written especially for the event: 'Embracing the Desire Lines'.

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12 June 09

Tom Fleming in the Faroe Islands: Cultural and Creative Opportunities

Tom Fleming is set to lead a two day workshop in the Faroe Islands on June 16th and 17th 2009. Working alongside stakeholders from across these beautiful islands, he will explore the dynamics of the local cultural and creative ecology. The aim is to develop a policy proposal and establish a framework leading up to a Creative Economy Green Paper for Faroe Islands. The workshop will be attended by a wide range of stakeholders including musicians, actors, designers, artists, government administration officials, city administration and investors.

Participants will be invited to discuss key cross-cutting themes across the Faroese cultural and creative ecology:

- The role of the Faroese creative economy in a wider North Atlantic and Nordic context - strengths, opportunities, policy leadership
- The role of cultural infrastructure in developing activity
- The role of 'traditional culture' in developing economic value through creativity
- The value-adding role of the sector for other parts of the economy and society.

As part of his visit, Tom Fleming will also be addressing a wider audience at the Media House in Torshavn, where he will be joined by several Faroese ministers and the Prime Minister, Kaj Leo Johannesen.

12 June 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to Undertake and Evaluation of Arts Council England's Grants for the Arts

We are looking forward to developing an assessment of the role and impact of Grants for the Arts, one of the major sources of arts investment in England. We will be exploring the impact of the programme to date and scoping the strategic opportunity landscape for the programme to play a more innovative and enabling role across a set of wider strategic agendas.

09 June 09

Warsaw, European Capital of Culture 2016

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is leading the strategic development of the partnership and bid-development process for Warsaw to become European Capital of Culture 2016. This is an opportunity for one of Europe's major capital cities to become one of Europe's leading cultural cities. Our work involves scoping potential, connecting agendas, and technical advice on bid development concerns.

29 May 09

Future EU innovation policy

Tom Fleming will be speaking in Brussels today about Creativity and the Creative Sector at the 4th business panel meeting on future EU innovation policy, organised by the European Commission. This meeting aims to stimulate debates, new ideas and solutions to Europe's grand challenges in the socio-political-economic context and how to impact upon EU policy.