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14 Sep 10

Tom Fleming to advise the Irish Government on Creative Economy Policy

On September 21st, Tom Fleming is set to visit Ireland to undertake a set of consultations with the Irish Government. This is through an invitation of the National Campaign for the Arts, Ireland.

Tom will draw on international good practice to explore with Irish partners the most appropriate role for the Creative Economy as the country emerges from a particularly sharp downturn. This includes identifying the relationship between the traditionally subsidised 'arts' and the more commercially driven creative industries. It will also concern how to maximise the value of creative activities, goods and services for the competitiveness of the wider economy.

13 Sep 10

Tom Fleming speaking at International Tourism Conference, Tallinn, Estonia

Tom Fleming will be speaking at the 5th International Tourism Conference in Tallinn, Estonia on 24th September 2010. The conference, taking place at the Song Festival Grounds will look at the tourism industry as the "Engine of the Economy". Tom will discuss the impact of Creative Industries on tourism in his talk: Passive Vs Active? Indulging in 'Creative Industries Tourism'

The draft conference programme is available here:

download programme

08 Sep 10

TFCC to develop Visioning and Management Framework for Creative Colchester

TFCC has been commissioned to develop a vision for Creative Colchester and a Management Framework for the Creative Business Centre - a pivotal element in the Cultural Quarter which will also deliver on the vision for Creative Colchester. The vision will develop an identity for Colchester as a creative town by bringing together a number of creative initiatives and networks.

Colchester has already seen great benefits including levering £50 million into the Cultural Quarter. Firstsite - a £25million new visual arts facility of excellence will open its new building in 2011. The building will have spaces for art, conferencing, education, cafe/restaurant, retail and artists workspaces.

The study's two strands will explore how the opening of firstsite's new building and development of the Cultural Quarter will position artistic talent and develop creativity as a lever for jobs creation, economic growth and sustainable communities in Colchester.

20 Aug 10

TFCC to undertake creative industries demand/needs study and cultural plan to support the renaissance of Watford Town Centre.

TFCC has been appointed to undertake a demand/needs study of Watfords creative industries. The study will involve an analysis of the size and scope of the cultural and creative business sector in Watford and an assessment of potential consumption expenditure and current levels of cultural participation rates at local and regional level, as well as a five year cultural development action plan for the town.

11 Aug 10

Sheffield Praised for Hard Work and Creativity in Culture Bid

Sheffield's UK City of Culture 2013 bid has been highly praised by Ed Vaisy, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries; the Independent Decision Panel; and Regeneris (the UK City of Culture consultants) for the impressive hard work, creativity and commitment that has been invested and the great plans and ideas that were reflected within the bid. The Minister said that Sheffield had demonstrated a "unique cultural journey that reflected their history, issues and opportunities."

This positive feedback comes after Londonderry pipped Sheffield to the post of UK City of Culture 2013 last month.

Mr. Vaisy said: "Your bid was commended for the strong and innovative use of digital technology; the strength of community engagement and the way in which ideas for 2013 had been generated from the grass roots; and the way in which being UK City of Culture would enable the city to build on the transformation which has already taken place and in particular to enhance the city's creative economy.

"I hope that Sheffield will be able to benefit from having entered the UK City of Culture competition, and from having reached the shortlist - no mean achievement in itself. In particular, I hope that you will be able to build on the considerable work you have done, the partnerships you have formed, and the plans and proposals you have drawn up."

TFCC was the lead consultancy in support of Sheffield's bid to be UK City of Culture in 2013, which saw Sheffield shortlisted in the final four, out of the initial fourteen cities that applied.