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08 October 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy leading Creative Industries Development in the Northern Portugal Region

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is leading the assessment of proposals for Creative Industries development projects in the Northern Portugal Region. The Creative Industries Regional Agenda, defined in "Development of a Creative Industries Cluster in the Northern Region - Macroeconomic Survey", is moving forward with a 40 million Euro investment programme of Structural Funds for Competitiveness and Innovation.

Over 40 proposals have been submitted from different partners across the region. The main objectives are to support innovative creative
infrastructure, promote capacity, and introduce effective business development and showcasing. Ultimately, this investment programme is positioned to consolidate and internationalise the Northern Portugal creative cluster and brand.

Comissao de Coordenacao e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte

ADDICT - Agencia para o Desenvolvimento das Industrias Criativas

08 October 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy exploring opportunities for a joined-up arts & cultural offer for young people

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is carrying out an assessment of the arts and culture learning and skills landscape across England. The assessment will build from existing strengths and bridge gaps in knowledge of the regional and local picture.

The research will assess how the current position of arts and cultural education provision is operating in a joined up, integrated and partnership-driven way. It will include mapping the existing offer based on a set of indicators such as Arts Mark status, Arts Award, and Find Your Talent and identifying the dynamics and key trends. As well as establishing a coordinated and innovative offer this approach will lead us to identifying key challenges and opportunities in arts and cultural provision and will outline the types of strategic approaches that will work most effectively and where they should be put in practice.

Children and Young People developing programmes:

07 October 09

Public Space Conference, Tallinn, Estonia

Andrew Erskine will be speaking at the 'Public Space Conference: The role of local communities in creating open and sustainable urban space' in Tallinn, Estonia on the 8th October.

The conference, organised by Uue Maailma Selts together with the British Council and the Estonian Institute of Humanities, will emphasise the nature of cities as complex systems wherein every side must be taken into account to assure its sustainable functioning. In doing so, the conference will bring together different parties who are involved in designing public spaces such as architects, planners, representatives of the local municipality, politicians, nongovernmental organisations, urban researchers (sociologists, geographers, ecologists etc), developers and entrepreneurs for a joint discussion and to foster collaboration.

18 September 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to lead Sheffield's bid to become UK City of Culture 2013

The commission follows the company's appointment to conduct a new Cultural Strategy for the city and provides an opportunity to showcase Sheffield's long-held commitment to culture and creativity-led transformation and to provide genuine step change in the way culture drives agendas in economic development, learning and skills and of course community. Sheffield has for many years utilised culture as a resource for its many communities, adopting an open and engaged approach to maximise the value of its cultural assets. From a long-held focus on the creative industries, which has blossomed out of the dynamic independent cultural ecology and history as a city that makes things; to an embrace with the public realm as providing the enabling conditions for cultural expression and intercultural dialogue; the city has a fantastic story to tell and is well-positioned to benefit enormously from the additional focus and spectacle of UK City of Culture status.

The overall aim of the UK City of Culture programme is to encourage the use of culture as a catalyst of change. We are sure that Sheffield's rich and open mix of creative talent, diverse communities, ambitious cultural infrastructure, excellent festivals and events, fantastic public realm, and the vision and appetite of its people, would provide a brilliant offer to the UK and beyond as UK City of Culture.

18 September 09

A New Cultural Strategy for Sheffield by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy

A Cultural Strategy for Sheffield will be carried out by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, to position culture and creativity at the heart of strategic agendas across this major UK city.

This refreshed and reinvigorated Cultural Strategy will help to provide the energy, collaborations and agendas that maximize talent development, support the sustainability and reach of cultural infrastructure, open up community participation and collaboration, and ultimately reconnect and reposition culture by embedding it across the public life of the city.