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20 Apr 11

Tom Fleming speaking at 5th Local Economic Development Forum of Tbilisi, Georgia, 3-5 May 2011

Tom Fleming will be discussing the reasons and ways in which cities provide opportunities for creative people in the 5th Local Economic Development Forum of Tbilisi taking place between 3rd-5th May 2011. The Forum will aim to provide a platform for participants from the private and public sector as well as civil society to think about 'creative cities', discussing creative approaches. Creativity is necessary to address the challenges that pose as obstacles for the future economic, social and ecological development of cities and municipalities.

18 Apr 10

Tom Fleming facilitating Sheffield Showroom/Workstation 'Board Away Day'

Next week Tom Fleming will be facilitating the Sheffield Showroom/Workstation 'Board Away Day' as it seeks to refresh its role and build an innovative future as a leading centre for creative production and consumption at the heart of this culturally vibrant city. The away day will be attended by board members and the senior management team and will involve activities and tours designed to look at key areas of business for the Showroom/Workstation.

11 Apr 11

TFCC to map participation in arts and cultural activities in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

TFCC has been commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to undertake a mapping exercise to better understand the range of active participation programmes in schools, libraries, the health services, adult social care and the voluntary sector. As a result of this research the Council will be in a position to prioritise arts and cultural activities and associated practices, developing actions from its 2009 Arts and Culture Policy.

10 Apr 11

Tom Fleming keynote speaker at 'Creative Cities: Possibilities, Policies and Places' - Ljubljana, Slovenia, 14th April 2011

Tom Fleming will be a keynote speaker at the 'Creative Cities: Possibilities, Policies and Places' conference taking place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on the 14th April, focusing on the significance and the potentials of cultural and creative industries in the development of European cities and regions.

The conference combines the ambitions of two European projects in which the City of Ljubljana and the entire Ljubljana urban region are actively cooperating: Creative Cities and Second Chance. Tom will also be running a round table on creative clusters as part of the conference.

"This presentation will call for a re-appraisal of the role and rhetoric of the 'creative cities/regions' agenda and call for a more nuanced, rigorous and grounded approach. This is not to diminish the significance of the creative economy. Rather, it is to re-cast it as something that plays a different role in each context - from driving the economy to playing a more subtle role in wider social agendas."
Tom Fleming, in preparation for the Creative Cities conference

06 Apr 11

Turner Contemporary opening following TFCC's role developing a Cultural Vision for Margate

Turner Contemporary, a brand-new public art gallery will be opening on the Margate seafront on the 16th April, in an opening ceremony led by Tracey Emin. This major gallery is part of a major regeneration scheme and will attract large scale international exhibitions and audiences, as well as provide a space for artists to work with local people.

In 2008 TFCC carried out a high profile cultural visioning exercise for the distinctive coastal town, a core part of Margate's culture-led regeneration.