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28 April 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to evaluate 'Visual Arts in Liverpool' (VAiL)

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will be carrying out an evaluation of the Visual Arts in Liverpool (VAiL) programme - a collaboration between the leading visual arts organisations in Liverpool including Liverpool Biennial, A Foundation, National Museums Liverpool, FACT, The Bluecoat, Metal, Open Eye Gallery and Tate Liverpool. VAiL was established with Arts Council funding in summer 2007, with the objective of raising awareness of visual arts in the city and promoting Liverpool as an arts destination outside London.

The evaluation will focus on VAiL's impact on Liverpool and the North West's wider visual arts and creative economy, as well as outlining options for VAiL's future development and potential collaborations.

24 April 09

Creative Industries - leading recovery in the Nordic-Baltic region?

Tom Fleming was one of the key speakers in the recent conference on creative industries in the Baltic region, organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Estonia and the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

The conference acted as a meeting place and matchmaking event for the newly established Baltic network for creative industries and the Nordic Council of Ministers' globalisation initiative KreaNord.

Read all about the conference on the Nordic Council's website:

21 April 09

Tom Fleming speaking at Design Overtime - EUREKA NIGHT at the DESIGN MUSEUM

As part of EUREKA NIGHT - the Design Museum's evening on emerging innovation in fashion design - Tom Fleming will be discussing intellectual property issues in fashion design. Other highlights of the evening include interactive workshops led by top designers, open forum discussions and a range of presentations. The evening will be completed by classical music at the ground floor bar.

For further information please visit:

20 April 09

Design Overtime - EUREKA NIGHT at the DESIGN MUSEUM

EUREKA NIGHT at the Design Museum is a chance to explore emerging innovation in fashion design. This special evening is curated by The Mushrooms Group in partnership with Let Them Eat Cake magazine and Hussein Chalayan and complements the Hussein Chalayan: From Fashion and Back exhibition running at the Design Museum until 17th May.

Highlights include a talk on intellectual property and how this is becoming increasingly relevant for today's designer, an open forum with the designers discussing their work and role in fashion and a special presentation by shoe designer Rosemary Wallin. Visitors can also participate in workshops led by accessories designer Fred Butler and be entertained by classical music and DJs throughout the night at the ground floor bar.

For further information on Eureka Night, please contact

6 - 10pm

17 April 09

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to develop Cornerhouse's role as creative hub

We are delighted to announce that Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to research and develop Cornerhouse's role as a creative hub. The purpose of this is to identify how Cornerhouse, Manchester's international centre for contemporary visual arts and film, can build on its strengths and competencies in digital technology, film and visual art, publications to develop new partnerships and connections with a cross-section of partners and programmes from across the strategic landscape. This piece of work will build on the current 'Strategic Opportunities and Priorities Action Plan' being undertaken by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy. It will also connect with the Cornerhouse's aim to move towards Open Source approaches to all aspects of its operations and activity.

This project will identify how Cornerhouse can engage with key creative economy projects and themes planned for the city over the next two years such as the Manchester Independent Economic Review and the plans for the development of the Manchester Corridor currently being developed by the City South Partnership and Manchester Knowledge Capital. Core themes and opportunities for Cornerhouse to consider in its role as a creative economy hub include:

- Investment in new digital infrastructure - in particular maximising Cornerhouse's role as a Northern Net Access Bureau as a way of assisting people to develop skills, experiment and collaborate;

- Developing a role as an attractor of talent - boosting Cornerhouse's role in ensuring Manchester suffers a'brain boost' rather than a 'brain drain';

- Working with core festivals and channels - such as noise and Reification - engaging young people in the creative industries;

- Partnering with HEI - as Manchester's four main academic institution seek to further their work in creative and enterprise development;

- Furthering its function as a hub and network for creative businesses and individuals as well as connecting with major infrastructure developments (including MediaCity and Sharp Factory).

The research will develop a clear vision and set of objectives for Cornerhouse as well as an outline programme of activity with potential funding sources, organisational requirements, mechanisms and structures.

This project is being jointly delivered with The White Room, Creative Economy Consultants.