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08 Mar 10

First phase of Dialogue Cafe underway and new website launched

Dialogue Cafe combines the social potential of cafes with the power of TelePresence, exponentially expanding our collective ability to problem-solve and innovate as a global community. It supports activities across four main themes - civic participation, cross-cultural dialogue, social innovation and arts and culture - connecting people from all walks of life to learn, share and collaborate. Tom Fleming, along with other international colleagues, is on the Dialogue Cafe Board of Directors.

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05 Mar 10

Creative Islington launches new website

In 2009, Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy developed Creative Islington's business plan for the next 3 years. In late 2009, Creative Islington appointed its director and began work on its ambitions to be a dynamic and co-ordinated agency providing high quality services to the arts and creative sector in Islington. Part of this process involved developing a brand new website. The website, as well as the announcement of Creative Islington's future plans and networking opportunities will be launched at a special event on Monday 15th March.

For further information email or visit:

26 Feb 10

Sheffield shortlisted for UK City of Culture 2013 following Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy's support

Earlier this week, the DCMS announced Sheffield as one of the four cities shortlisted to enter the final phase of the programme to determine which city will first to host UK City of Culture 2013 - a major step for Sheffield which has the potential to significantly raise its profile nationally and internationally.

The initial bid was the result of a comprehensive consultation with Sheffield's creative and cultural sector to identify the best that Sheffield has to offer. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will continue to be lead consultants to Sheffield until the final submission in May 2010.

The Minister of Culture, Margaret Hodge praised Sheffield's bid in a recent press article: "More than the others that have got through to the shortlist, the Sheffield bid is very much put together by local people. Their slogan is 'Let's Create Something Amazing'."

Find out what makes Sheffield so amazing - visit the Sheffield City of Culture blog:

26 Feb 10

'Manufacturing Culture' at Dundee Contemporary Arts - content now online

In March 2009, as part of Dundee Contemporary Arts' 10th birthday celebrations they hosted a special one-day think tank event in partnership with Scottish Arts Council - Manufacturing Culture. The event aimed to provide some challenges to existing orthodoxies about the nature and activity of cultural centres in the UK.

Tom Fleming was one of two key speakers at the event. Transcripts from the day are now available on-line:

19 Feb 10

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy and m u s h r o o m s to develop Camden's creative and cultural sector's signing and branding

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, with partner company m u s h r o o m s, will be developing a fresh and invigorated programme of signing and branding projects for Camden's cultural and creative asset base - its talent and infrastructure - to ensure they are placed at the heart of the Borough's overall offer. This will lead the way to position Camden as an eminently creative, invigorating and exciting place to do business, reside and visit.