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12 May 11

TFCC programming Creative Entrepreneurship Conference in Tallinn, Estonia

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been working with Enterprise Estonia on a major conference "Creative Entrepreneurship for a Competitive Economy", taking place in Tallinn, Estonia in October 2011. TFCC is producing and moderating the conference which will explore how to develop creative entrepreneurship to improve innovation and competitiveness through a dynamic mix of speakers from all over the world.

The programme, list of speakers and registration details can be found on the conference website:

09 May 11

Tom Fleming speaking at Europe of Nations: Myths of Origin - Modern and Postmodern Discourses, Aveiro, Portugal, 9-11 May

Tom Fleming will be a keynote speaker at the Europe of Nations conference 'Myths of Origin - Modern and Postmodern Approaches' taking place this week at the University of Aveiro, 9-11 May. The conference looks at the history of Europe, its origins and contemporary policies, as well as its myths.

Tom's keynote speech will look at: The Creativity Dilemma - what next for cities and regions?

03 May 11

Tom Fleming interviewed for Slovenian TV

During Tom Fleming's recent visit to Ljubljana to speak at the 'Creative Cities: Possibilities, Policies and Places' conference he was interviewed for one the main arts and cultural programmes in Slovenia. The full video can be viewed here (Tom's interview starts at 17 minutes):

The 'Creative Cities: Possibilities, Policies and Places' conference, which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia in April focused on the significance and the potentials of cultural and creative industries in the development of European cities and regions.

Tom Fleming was a keynote speaker at the conference and also ran a round table on creative clusters.

Conference website:

20 Apr 11

Tom Fleming speaking at 5th Local Economic Development Forum of Tbilisi, Georgia, 3-5 May 2011

Tom Fleming will be discussing the reasons and ways in which cities provide opportunities for creative people in the 5th Local Economic Development Forum of Tbilisi taking place between 3rd-5th May 2011. The Forum will aim to provide a platform for participants from the private and public sector as well as civil society to think about 'creative cities', discussing creative approaches. Creativity is necessary to address the challenges that pose as obstacles for the future economic, social and ecological development of cities and municipalities.

18 Apr 10

Tom Fleming facilitating Sheffield Showroom/Workstation 'Board Away Day'

Next week Tom Fleming will be facilitating the Sheffield Showroom/Workstation 'Board Away Day' as it seeks to refresh its role and build an innovative future as a leading centre for creative production and consumption at the heart of this culturally vibrant city. The away day will be attended by board members and the senior management team and will involve activities and tours designed to look at key areas of business for the Showroom/Workstation.