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29 Apr 10

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to map Croydon's Creative and Cultural Industries

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will be conducting a study to understand and shape the cultural and creative sector in the London Borough of Croydon. The study will involve a comprehensive mapping and analysis of Croydon's creative and cultural facilities, while exploring current and potential cultural and creative hotspots, areas of emerging creative activity in the Borough.

22 Apr 10

Tom Fleming leads consultation for Kent's Creative Industries Sector Strategy

Further to the 'Kent Cultural Summit' which took place this month, Tom Fleming will be leading the next stage of the consultation for Kent's Creative Industries Sector Strategy. The next stage will begin with a focus group made up of Kent's creative agencies and organisations, aimed to identify the key sector assets in Kent and the sector gaps & weaknesses. The session will also explore policy options for effectively supporting the growth, development & sustainability of the sector and look at partnership & collaboration opportunities for sector development.

21 Apr 10

Tom Fleming at SKILLED ART Conference, Vila Flor Cultural Centre, Guimaraes, 23&24 April 2010

Tom Fleming will be part of the round table taking place at the SKILLED ART Conference this April in Guimaraes, Portugal. The conference will provide a platform for talks and open public discussions about Art, Consciousness and Transdisciplinary Practices. It will explore the "cross-roads" between Art and Consciousness by addressing art, architecture, design, science and technology.

This conference is part of the SKILLED ART Project, in association with Guimaraes 2012 - European Capital of Culture.

08 Apr 10

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to develop a Digital Platform for the Design Council's Design Challenge

Tom Fleming has been commissioned by the Design Council to provide strategic advice, market assessment and contextual analysis on the development of the digital platform for the National Design Challenge for Schools, which meets the needs of schools, young people and designers taking part in the Challenge. The platform will be at the cutting edge of technology in schools, adding real value to the Challenge and for the wider aims of the Design Council by showing the benefits of design approaches to systemic issues affecting society.

07 Apr 10

Tom Fleming speaking at Kent Cultural Summit 19 April 2010

Tom Fleming will be addressing the Kent Cultural Summit on the 19th April with the topic 'Welcoming and co-operative hosts to the creative workforce'. In light of the current financial climate, it is key for Kent County Council to help partners' fully understand the creative sector - its complexity and considerable potential, to recognise its distinct needs and contributions as part of the wider economy, and its inter-connectedness with a broad range of agendas. Tom will tackle these issues by showcasing a set of inspirational examples, from the County and beyond.