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22 Aug 11

Guimaraes 2012 receives national press coverage

Portuguese national press has been following progress in Guimaraes as it prepares for the launch of its European Capital of Culture 2012 programme. TFCC has been supporting Guimaraes by Designing, programming and commissioning the 'Cidade' element of the 2012 programme.

Press highlights include:

SOL national newspaper interviewed Tom Fleming who discussed the role of 'pop-up projects' in regenerating areas of Guimaraes through running a series of events in the city.

The man who changes cities: Fleming, the creative revolutionary
'In 2012 we want to be the most important creative small European city. At the moment, the Portuguese national cultural agenda is almost non existent. The termination of the Ministry of Culture is not helping revive the economy.' (Tom Fleming)

Lusa Agency interviewed Tom for its publication Correio do Minho. Tom explained that his fascination about Guimaraes comes from the perfect mix of history and industrial modern landmarks, and that the European Capital of Culture title must be seen as an opportunity for the city to reinvent itself.

Visao national magazine quotes Tom:

'We intend to work with locals who will help us realise the individuality of the region. Every project combines the talent from Guimaraes with an international perspective. Guimaraes will become the ideal platform where different creative visions can collide.'

Tom was also interviewed on national TV by channel SIC as part of their weekly arts and culture update. The video can be viewed here:

14 Aug 11

Tom Fleming featured on British Council Creative Economy website

Tom Fleming is featured on the new British Council Creative Economy website as one of the UK's leading policy makers. The British Council's Creative and Cultural Economy programme connects people who work in and inform the creative and cultural industries around the world with those in the UK.

11 Aug 11

'Supporting Growth in the Arts Economy' receives national and international press coverage

In the weeks following ACE's publication of the TFCC report 'Supporting Growth in the Arts Economy', the report has been featured in a range of national and international press, including an interview with Tom Fleming for leading performing arts magazine The Stage:

Culture sector should use Spotify for inspiration, says report
Speaking to The Stage, Fleming added: 'What we are not very good at in the arts is building on good practice and then translating it into different elements and different parts of the arts sector, so where we see stuff like Spotify, and we see a business model that works in that context for that sector of the arts, why aren't we applying that and exploring what that might mean in the performing arts?"

Other highlights include:

IFACCA (International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Agencies)
Arts Development UK Participatory Arts
Chris Unitt: Art, digital, culture and social media
Culture World

29 Jul 11

TFCC commissioned to explore the value and potential of the CAV Network

TFCC has been commissioned by the CAV (Creative Arts Venues) Network to produce a paper that explains the case for investment in the network. The paper will express the multiple types of value that this high-speed digital network brings culturally, economically and socially to the CAVs, their cities and regions, and the wider cultural sector.

This paper follows on from TFCC's previous work: The Case for 'Mixed Art-form and Media Venues in the Digital Age' - an in-depth study to develop a better understanding of the role of 'bricks and mortar' infrastructure at a time of increasing digitisation. The study explores the role of these venues, as 'cultural intermediaries' and places of knowledge exchange and transfer within their cities and regions, how that role is evolving through digitalisation, and what the potential future role of the venues could be.

download full report

The CAV network is currently made up of five venues:

Cornerhouse (Manchester)
FACT (Liverpool)
Tyneside Cinema (Newcastle)
Showroom (Sheffield)
Broadway (Nottingham)

25 Jul 11

Arts Council England publication of 'Supporting Growth in the Arts Economy' by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy

Tom Fleming and Andrew Erskine have produced a major piece of strategic research for Arts Council England made up of three areas: 'The arts economy', 'Place infrastructure and digital' and 'Towards an arts and creative economy'. Three papers are published together to illustrate synergies and strengthen links between the arts and the creative economy. This includes a focus on the role of the Arts Council in supporting innovation and growth across the creative economy through the delivery of its Strategy: Achieving Great Art for Everyone. It also includes a focus on the role of arts organisations, local authorities and a wider range of partners and investors in blending arts and business development.

The papers are introduced by Alan Davey, Chief Executive, Arts Council England; and Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative industries.

Download the full report here:

download full report