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10 Feb 12

Tom Fleming speaking at 2nd CINOVATE event for film exhibitors

Tom Fleming has been invited as a key speaker to take part in the 2nd CINOVATE event in Cardiff today. The two day event has been designed for film exhibition managers to assist them in developing sustainable strategies for their businesses. Tom will be delivering a key note speech and will be part of the panel 'Networks and Working the Net' on creating networks within the cultural sector (specifically the exhibition sector) alongside panellists from the ICO and Welsh Specialist Film Exhibition Group.

The CINOVATE training programme is coordinated by Skillset Media Academy Wales as part of the UK-wide Skillset Media and Screen Academy Network. The programme has been designed to help film exhibition managers meet current and future challenges and seize new opportunities available to the independent film exhibition sector.

26 Jan 12

TFCC researching social capital in the Arts and Cultural Sector in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has appointed TFCC to carry out research and consultation measuring the social capital of arts and cultural organisations in the Borough. The research will focus on three forms of social capital: Institutional/Organisational, Partnership and Strategic and Community and will addresses challenges for society in opening up access to social capital in order to close the gap in mobility, achievement and civic participation.

25 Jan 12

Creative Industries and the European Union: Andrew Erskine speaking at European Commission Conference in Reykjavik, Iceland, 26th January

Andrew Erskine has been invited to the European Commission's conference on Cultural and Creative Industries to discuss "Place and the creative industries: supporting the creative economy at a local, regional and national level. Experiences from Scotland and other leading small nations." The conference, organised by DG Enlargement (TAIEX), will take place in Reykjavik, Iceland on Friday 26th January 2012 and will look at the following themes:

- What are the vision and relevant policies of the European Union for creative industries?
- What is the experience of EU Member states, regions and the municipalities with regard to the EU's support for creative industries?
- What can we learn from Scotland, Finland and Estonia?
- To what extent does Iceland participate in EU programmes with relevance to the creative industries' sector through the EEA agreement? What would membership bring in addition for this sector? Is Iceland ready to use the instruments of the EU?

24 Jan 12

Tracey Gregory speaking at Audiences London Symposium 'Understanding Audiences for Outdoor Arts and Festivals' today

The 'Understanding Audiences for Outdoor Arts and Festivals Symposium' taking place today, organised by Audiences London in association with Arts Council England, the Mayor of London and the City of Westminster, will focus on practical approaches to analysing audiences and measuring events and festivals' impacts.

Tracey Gregory will introduce TFCC's work for the GLA - developing an evaluation framework that assesses the effectiveness of the London Outdoor Arts Festival 2012 (part of the Cultural Olympiad), its impact on the public and their engagement in the festival.

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Download the Audiences London toolkit on evaluating outdoor events:

20 Jan 12

Guimaraes 2012 Opening Ceremony on Saturday 21st January

Tom Fleming will be attending the opening ceremony for Guimaraes European Capital of Culture 2012 tomorrow. The opening performance - 'Os Nossos Afetos' (Our Affections) - will be a multidisciplinary performance in which music, dance, theatre, video and the visual arts come together to create an interactive and unified event.

During 2012, Guimaraes will host a major gathering of both creators and creations, working in the fields of music, cinema, photography, fine arts, architecture, literature, thought, theatre, dance and street art. TFCC has been working closely with Guimaraes 2012 to create the 'Cidade' (Cities) element of the programme which includes a network of smaller cities that have taken culture and creativity to the heart of their strategic agendas; a set of urban commissions; a fashion and textiles development project; several cross-sector network and commissioning activities; and a 'pop up' programme of activities that positively disrupt how we see and understand the city.