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28th July 2020

Re-frame and Re-position - a Post-Covid Cultural Venue Study for Exeter, UK

TFCC has been commissioned by the Exeter Livable City Board in partnership with Exeter City Council and Exeter Culture with a core aim: achieving a strong, sustainable performing arts ecology for the city

Building on the Cultural Strategy for the city, which we developed in 2019, TFCC will work to set out some clear recommendations for the post-Covid development of the existing portfolio of venues and organisations of Exeter.

Like all cities globally, Covid has radically disrupted how cultural venues work and it will reshape their approach to partnership, engagement, presentation and investment for the future. This vital piece of work will scope how Exeter can innovate in a crisis to generate a workable and ambitious approach to venue management, partnership and investment.

20th July 2020

Buckinghamshire Culture Board Development Consultancy, UK

TFCC has been commissioned to advise on the governance and partnership options for Buckinghamshire Culture, the newly formed cultural development partnership for the county. This builds on our work as consultants for the new Buckinghamshire Culture Strategy in 2019. A new Board and programme has since been set up, with a set of priority projects. Our role is to advise the Board as it seeks to develop and grow the role of culture in Buckinghamshire, especially since the establishment of a new unitary authority.

1st July 2020

Bright 2020 Creative Business Conference

Tom Fleming is set to participate in Bright 2020, a virtual creative business conference organised by the European Creative Business Network. Tom will discuss how Europe can respond to the COVID-19 crisis and on how we nurture a Europe which supports new creative practice, champions local culture, while at the same time co-creating a holistic Europe of cultures. This includes a focus on diverse cultural expression, on impact-facing cultural policy, and on how to fight against the politics of nationalism, racisim and fear.

30th June 2020

The Museum as an Innovator: A Platform, Space and Catalyst for Social and Cultural Development, Webinar with the British Council Greece and CoMuseum

Tom Fleming will feature in a webinar which explores the role of museums in a post-Covid landscape. The session will be moderated by Sofia Chandaka, CoMuseum Co-Founder and Curator at The Benaki Museum. It is being broadcast by British Council Greece.

Tom will discuss the vital role museums are playing in building a new social contract with communities, as well as operating as hubs for social innovation. He will draw on examples from across the world and initiate a discussion on how museums of all sizes can drive innovation.

24th June 2020

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Contributes to UBS Webinar: Reframing art, culture and the creative economy in a post-Covid era.

Tom Fleming and Nana Lee participated in a webinar staged by UBS to explore how we might rebuild and re-frame the value proposition for arts and culture in a post-Covid Era. Joined by Dr William Lim, Founder and Managing Director of CL3, and facilitated by Nana Lee, the conversation covered multiple areas where partners in the public and private sector can collaborate toward establishing a 'new deal' for the arts where its economic value does not supersede its social and intrinsic value.