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28th - 30th March 2019

5 Years of Impact, Impact Hub Athens, Greece.

Tom Fleming will present and participate in 5 Years of Impact. This is a major event to celebrate and critically reflect on the first 5 years of activity for Impact Hub Athens. The event will bring together experts, stakeholders, practitioners, curious & interested, to explore, debate and design around core issues of the social and creative economy. Covering topics such as the circular economy, urbanism, tech for good and activism, the event provides an opportunity to scope for the next 5 years of activity for Impact Hub Athens. Tom will talk of the role of culture and creativity in changing cities.

Impact Hub Athens is part of an International Network of social and creative professionals dedicated to prototyping the future of business. From social inclusion and social integration to environment and fair trade, the Impact Hub Athens is engaging expertise from its worldwide presence and creating a net of intercultural, high impact communities that act locally and internationally.

20th - 21st March 2019

EUNIC Egypt Creative Economy Programme, Cairo, Egypt.

Tom Fleming is back in Cairo to lead the final policy and partnership sessions of the EUNIC TOWARDS A CREATIVE ECONOMY FRAMEWORK. This is an 18-month long European Union funded project delivered by the British Council on behalf of EUNIC Egypt.

It has created a forum for exchanging information, sharing experiences and action planning between Egyptian and European Union creative economy stakeholders, and has supported Egyptian leaders in advocating for the creative economy. Tom Fleming has played an advisory role throughout and facilitated the first two roundtables in July 2018. These brought together Egyptian governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and their European counterparts to share experiences of building a creative economy.

These final seminars will again convene Government and Non-governmental partners to discuss a propgramme of priority projects which can form the basis of a new Creative Economy Framework for Egypt.

14th March 2019

Can European Capital of Culture Save the World?! Oulu, Finland

Tom Fleming is back in Oulu, in the north of Finland, to provide a keynote address to their first major European Capital of Culture summit. Oulu is a candidate city to be European Capital of Culture in 2026.

Tom will talk of purposeful partnerships, collaborative practice and the European Dimension, highlighting examples from across European Capitals of Culture. He will draw on his experiences supporting several European Capital of Culture bidding processes and delivering a major creative economy programme for Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012.

Tom will also reflect on the process underway in Oulu, as a compelling northern European city with a very distinctive role to play for all small and medium-sized cities seeking to develop an grow through their openness, inclusivity and quality of life. Tom has been advising Oulu over the last 2 years as a critical friend to their bid to be European Capital of Culture in 2026.

7th March 2019

Spaces for Creation, Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK

Tom Fleming will speak at Spaces for Creation as part of a series of conversations about urbanism and cultural space. Alongside Clare Cumberlidge, Tom will discuss how public space is being reclaimed for creation and production, followed by an open conversation. In a climate where our city centres are comprised of public-private land and retail development, the discussion will focus on the role of culture in shaping urban life.

1st-3rd March 2019

Mastering Evaluation in Culture - a Workshop Programme in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our Research and Evaluation Executive, Tracey Gregory, is leading a series of workshops in Kuala Lumpur introducing the principles and practicalities for effective arts and cultural impact evaluation. This is as part of the Academy for the Cultural Economy led by CENDANA, the Cultural Economy Development Agency. This builds on our work with CENDANA, developing an evaluation framework and tools to measure the impact of this relatively new organisation, launched in 2017 to deliver on the Creative Blueprint for Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

The Creative Blueprint, also led by TFCC in association with My Performing Arts Agency, was a landmark study of the creative economy of the largest city and conurbation in Malaysia involving detailed mapping to establish a creative industries baseline; extensive sector consultation to explore the opportunities and barriers to growth; and an advocacy programme to build policy commitment.