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20 Jun 12

Tom Fleming in Lagos, Nigeria - toward a Creative Economy Programme for Nigeria

From June 25-29, Tom Fleming will be staging a series of strategic consultation meetings with key partners from government, industry and education. This is with the support of the British Council - which is working closely with partners to guide a sector mapping process and advise on a proposed Creative Industries fund. Tom's visit will culminate in a policy development workshop. Following this visit, Tom will write a short policy guidance paper, which will inform the focus of the Creative Industries Expo in December - at which Tom will deliver a speech.

18 Jun 12

The Cultural and Creative Economy of Kent: Animation & Events Programme

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to lead on the concept development, coordination, production and commentary for Kent County Council as it begins to deliver on its Cultural Strategy. TFCC will work closely with the County Council and partners to stage a set of events and manage a digital platform which help to increase the profile of the cultural and creative sector, plus to enable greater interaction, exchange and collaboration.

13 Jun 12

Andrew Erskine - Keynote Speaker at the Creative Economy Rio+20 Conference, June 20-21, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Andrew Erskine will be the final Keynote speaker at the EU-Brazil Sector Dialogues Conference in Rio. This event runs alongside the Rio +20 UN Sustainbable Development Conference - where over 50,000 delegates from across the globe - including 127 world leaders - will be present. The conference is focused on growing policy and practical links across the creative economy. It will concentrate on creative territories and clusters, education and training for creative skills, technologies and new models of business, and research and mapping. Andrew is leading on the research and mapping agenda.

The event builds on the EU/Brazil Joint Programme on Culture:

Rio +20 UN Sustainbable Development Conference:

13 Jun 12

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Commissioned by Film London and Skillset to Evaluate Cultivate - Inspiring Future Audiences; and Framed - Cinema for a New Generation.

Together, this represents an evaluation of Children's Cinema in London. These two programmes, focusing on film education and audience development for young people, are playing an important role in this field. For Framed, we will also work closely with The Barbican to explore their work in children's cinema. Projects are funded by the BFI and National Lottery.

12 Jun 12

Tom Fleming Keynote Speaker at Creative Portugal Conference, Oporto, June 22nd 2012

Tom Fleming is set to introduce his vision for the creative and cultural economy in Portugal. This will include a focus on the CITY (Cidade) Programme of Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012. Tom Fleming is Programme Director of CITY, where he is curating activities that call on everyone to "(re) Imagine the Possibility of the city."

On June 23rd to 24th, Tom Fleming and his team will host a delegation of European Capital of Culture cities who are visiting Guimaraes to explore how to integrate Strategic approaches to the creative economy in their Capital of Culture programmes.