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18 Apr 12

Evaluating digital developments for the arts and culture sector in Scotland

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been appointed as NESTA's learning and evaluation partner to look at digital developments in Scotland's arts and culture sector.

NESTA, in partnership with Creative Scotland and the AHRC, is testing new innovation models for the cultural sector in Scotland through a Digital R&D Fund. The Fund's overarching purpose is 'to enable the use of digital technologies in the arts and cultural sector to engage audiences in new ways and to create opportunities for new business models'. One of the fund's key elements is to support collaborative partnerships between arts and cultural organisations and technology providers; and to provide a body of rich research evidence, data and case studies that inspires and supports the capacity of the wider arts and cultural sector to innovate.

We will be working with NESTA to support the wider evaluation, impacts and data capture from this programme. This will include an international overview of best practice digital cultural initiatives and an evaluation of the Scottish digital development programmes themselves.

12 Apr 12

Tom Fleming appointed UNESCO expert for cultural industries development in Vietnam

This month, Tom will participate in the first of two outward missions on behalf of UNESCO. Tom has been appointed by UNESCO to work closely with policy-makers in Vietnam to establish a clear and coordinated approach to the cultural industries in this rapidly growing country. This is as part of UNESCO's wider programme: 'Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries'.

Tom will be providing technical assistance to the Vietnam Institute of Culture and Arts, plus partners across the public and private sector. The agenda for Tom's first visit includes a set of workshops with sector partners, interviews with businesses and organisations, and the co-creation of a strategic approach to investment, IP and market development in the cultural industries and wider creative economy.

09 Apr 12

Tom Fleming presenting his vision for culture in smaller cities to the Styrian Regional Government, Austria, April 11th 2012

As part of Tom's role as director of the Cidade programme at Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture 2012, Tom will meet and engage a delegation from the Styrian Regional Government. This will include a set of discussions on how smaller cities develop sustainable and innovative approaches to cultural policy, and how we need to develop new tools to effectively maximise the potential of our cities. The delegation includes Dr. Christian Buchmann, Minister for Economic Affairs, Europe and Culture.

30 Mar 12

Growing the Creative Economy in Hengelo, Netherlands

On April 4th, Tom Fleming will be in Hengelo, in the east of the Netherlands, collaborating with the city to identify opportunities for the local creative economy. Tom will present at a specially convened forum of city-makers, which includes the Alderman for Economy. This will be followed by a tour of the emergent creative scene in the city, such as the Creative Fabriek. Tom will work with partners to identify a set of strategic opportunities for the city and wider region - focusing on how the sector can play a value-adding role for the wider economy and help to give the city and region refreshed confidence and energy.

27 Mar 12

A Creative Economy Strategy for Kosice, Slovakia

Tom Fleming Creative Consltancy has been commissioned by the City and Region of Kosice, with the Kosice 2013 European Capital of Culture company, to offer leadership and advice for a long-term Creative Economy Strategy. This is to develop a coherent and sustainable approach that enables the economy of Kosice to diversify and re-balance. Kosice is a 'steel city' in Eastern Slovakia which is undergoing a rapid process of renewal - accelerated by European Capital of Culture status for 2013. The task now is to build a nurturing environment for creative business, cultural practice and convergent activities over the longer-term - to establish Kosice as a major hub for the creative economy of central Europe by 2020.