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28 Sept 12

Tom Fleming Keynote Speaker at the international conference 'Territory, Creativity & Urban Regeneration', Ilhavo, Portugal

Tom will deliver a presentation which critiques the ways concepts such as 'culture-led regeneration' and 'creative cities' have too often been vehicles for privileged wealth creation and have served to divide rather than connect communities. These terms have been used as brand narratives for real-estate-led urban developments, or have served to valorise certain types of 'creative work' over other social and economic activities.

Tom will reflect on good and bad practice over the last decade and offer a new approach which re-claims the 'creative city' for the whole community.

24-25 Sept 12

Tom Fleming in Nigeria as part of Creative Investment Programme

Tom Fleming is continuing to play an advisory and advocacy role to support the development of the Creative Economy in Nigeria. Working with The British Council, Tom is consulting partners across industry and government to identify sector priorities. This is particularly geared toward investment and distribution models for the Creative Industries. As part of this visit, Tom attended the first meeting of the Lagos State Angel Network.

Consultations are helping to inform the structure and focus of the December Creative Expo event in Lagos, plus to shape policy and investment over the longer term.

24 Sept 12

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Featured in The Guardian

The Guardian newspaper has featured Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) in its Best Practice Exchange - a series of on-line articles as part of its Small Business Network.

TFCC is featured as delivering best practice in exporting services. The article explores how "we have carefully developed a portfolio of clients in more than 30 countries, with particular success in the BRIC economies of Brazil and Russia, plus major emerging markets such as Vietnam and Nigeria".

It goes on to explore how some markets are keen to replicate, or at least learn from our models for cultural governance and investment. It shows how we have purposefully positioned ourselves as leading experts via a mix of social media platforms, conferences and events.

TFCC is thrilled to be featured by The Guardian.

20 Sept 12

Andrew Erskine in Krakow as Expert for the Centres Programme

The Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Education Conference is a major event for the British Council's Centres Programme. Centres - Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools - is a multi-country project funded by the European Commission, British Council and eight organisations across Europe.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy are working as specialist advisers to the Programme - a role which includes active participation in a series of events across Europe, critical review of activities, and the production of a set of innovation papers which connect the Programme to best practice and policy developments in creative learning.

20 Sept 12

Tom Fleming in Brussels for Launch of Future City Jobs Report

Future City Jobs is a year-long pilot project of the European PROGRESS programme. It is designed to pioneer new approaches to Creative Industries job creation for young people. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has worked as 'transnational experts' to the project, supporting The British Council and the 6 partner cities: Glasgow (United Kingdom), Prague (Czech Republic), San Sebastian (Spain), Sodertalje/Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia) and Wroclaw(Poland).

The final report - written by Dr Tom Fleming and Andrew Erskine - provides an overview of lessons learned and presents the case for a coherent programme of youth job creation in the Creative Industries. This should involve the expansion of dedicated creative skills and entrepreneurial activities for young people and develop further opportunities for exchange between different cities across Europe.

On September 20th, Tom Fleming will be in Brussels to present the report to the European Commission - alongside partners from The British Council and the city of Wroclaw.