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09 Sep 11

The Creative Economy in Russia - a new collaboration between the UK and Russia led by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) has been appointed by the British Council as advisers to and facilitators of a new programme of conferences and workshops which will build expertise, confidence and capacity for the Russian Creative Economy. The events will also develop stronger and more sustainable collaboration between the Russian and UK creative economies. TFCC brings close to 10 years of experience working across Russia to give a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities for the Creative Economy in Russia and on how best to collaborate with the UK.

The first event will take place in Moscow, September 30th 2011. Andrew Erskine will lead the debate and facilitate presentations from UK and Russian experts - recruited by TFCC.

A further 2 events will take place in late 2011 and early 2012 - both led by Tom Fleming. They will also open up a wider programme of joint projects and sector development opportunities with TFCC at the helm.

02 Sep 11

Tom Fleming keynote speaker at 'Where Next for Big City Culture?' Birmingham, 15th September 2011

Tom Fleming has been invited to be the keynote speaker at Birmingham Cultural Partnerships' event that will discuss the future of Birmingham's Cultural Strategy 'Big City Culture'. The event, 'Where Next for Big City Culture?' will take place on 15th September 2011. Tom's speech will stimulate debate and critical thinking, help partners to consider how best to collaborate and deliver positive change through culture, and deliver a perspective on the challenges and opportunities for cultural strategy and development in big cities as the economy shuffles out of recession.

Birmingham's Cultural Strategy can be found here:

01 Sep 11

TFCC commissioned to evaluate First Light

First Light has commissioned TFCC to carry out an evaluation of the organisation's first 10 years of operation. The evaluation will provide evidence of the beneficial outcomes of First Light's work with young people nationwide and consider future strategic directions which will strengthen its position within the informal media training sector.

First Light helps young people from all backgrounds to develop their skills, talent, creativity, confidence and entrepreneurial capabilities by providing opportunities to work together on high quality, youth led digital media projects with industry professionals.

30 Aug 11

Eastbourne Cultural Framework published for public consultation

TFCC has developed a Cultural Framework for Eastbourne. The framework identifies key themes, a large number of specific actions and medium and long term goals for Eastbourne. The research period involved in depth consultation with over 200 people through a number of events, workshops and interviews.

The draft framework and feedback form can be found here:

22 Aug 11

Guimaraes 2012 receives national press coverage

Portuguese national press has been following progress in Guimaraes as it prepares for the launch of its European Capital of Culture 2012 programme. TFCC has been supporting Guimaraes by Designing, programming and commissioning the 'Cidade' element of the 2012 programme.

Press highlights include:

SOL national newspaper interviewed Tom Fleming who discussed the role of 'pop-up projects' in regenerating areas of Guimaraes through running a series of events in the city.

The man who changes cities: Fleming, the creative revolutionary
'In 2012 we want to be the most important creative small European city. At the moment, the Portuguese national cultural agenda is almost non existent. The termination of the Ministry of Culture is not helping revive the economy.' (Tom Fleming)

Lusa Agency interviewed Tom for its publication Correio do Minho. Tom explained that his fascination about Guimaraes comes from the perfect mix of history and industrial modern landmarks, and that the European Capital of Culture title must be seen as an opportunity for the city to reinvent itself.

Visao national magazine quotes Tom:

'We intend to work with locals who will help us realise the individuality of the region. Every project combines the talent from Guimaraes with an international perspective. Guimaraes will become the ideal platform where different creative visions can collide.'

Tom was also interviewed on national TV by channel SIC as part of their weekly arts and culture update. The video can be viewed here: