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20 Sept 12

Andrew Erskine in Krakow as Expert for the Centres Programme

The Creativity, Entrepreneurship and Education Conference is a major event for the British Council's Centres Programme. Centres - Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools - is a multi-country project funded by the European Commission, British Council and eight organisations across Europe.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy are working as specialist advisers to the Programme - a role which includes active participation in a series of events across Europe, critical review of activities, and the production of a set of innovation papers which connect the Programme to best practice and policy developments in creative learning.

20 Sept 12

Tom Fleming in Brussels for Launch of Future City Jobs Report

Future City Jobs is a year-long pilot project of the European PROGRESS programme. It is designed to pioneer new approaches to Creative Industries job creation for young people. Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has worked as 'transnational experts' to the project, supporting The British Council and the 6 partner cities: Glasgow (United Kingdom), Prague (Czech Republic), San Sebastian (Spain), Sodertalje/Stockholm (Sweden), Tallinn (Estonia) and Wroclaw(Poland).

The final report - written by Dr Tom Fleming and Andrew Erskine - provides an overview of lessons learned and presents the case for a coherent programme of youth job creation in the Creative Industries. This should involve the expansion of dedicated creative skills and entrepreneurial activities for young people and develop further opportunities for exchange between different cities across Europe.

On September 20th, Tom Fleming will be in Brussels to present the report to the European Commission - alongside partners from The British Council and the city of Wroclaw.

18 Sept 12

Guimaraes 2012 - Fashion Hub Design Talent Showcase at London Fashion Week

Guimaraes, European Capital of Culture, has handpicked five, independent, Portuguese designers to launch their collections to the British press and buyers. These designers, who until now have been unavailable in the UK, range from established names that show at Lisbon Fashion Week through to fledgling names in the industry. Selected for their strong and contemporary aesthetics that also culminate in their pride of heritage, the designers are from the northern Portuguese region, dedicated to the use of the highest quality products and craftsmanship. The resulting collective of work is being presented exclusively to guests with all the designers in attendance to discuss their work, inspiration and unique design processes.

Tom Fleming is Director of the Creative City Programme at Guimaraes 2012. FHUB is a project of the Creative City Programme - led by Tom Fleming and programmed by the Mushrooms Group.

10 Sept 12

Tom Fleming's 'Nurturing Creative Entrepreneurship' Keynote Speech - Available on Video

In July 2012, Tom Fleming was special guest in a major seminar at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, to explore new models for academia and the arts and cultural sector in developing an enabling environment for creative entrepreneurs. The speech focused on the role of digital technology in disrupting historically embedded approaches to institutional management and major on approaches to opening up relationships between producers and consumers, academics and businesses. The video is available at:

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06 Sept 12

The Garage: a New Chapter - Norwich, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been appointed to undertake an organisational review and business plan for The Garage Trust Ltd. - a specialist performing arts facility that supports young talent in the heart of Norwich, UK.

This is an exciting challenge: at a time of significant change for arts organisations across the UK and elsewhere, it is increasingly important to develop sustainable business models based on deeper and more collaborative relationships with audiences and users.

TFCC will be working closely with The Garage and its partners to ensure a new chapter of sustainability, development and growth is made possible.