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20 March 13

Tom Fleming Keynotes at Skolkovo Institute, Moscow

Tom Fleming will be providing a keynote presentation and running a workshop at the prestigious Skolkovo Institute as part of our wider work in Russia on cultural policy, creative city-making and well being. Tom will be joined by colleagues from Arkhangelsk in northern Russia to explore the role of culture in improving the overall quality of life in Russian cities.

18 March 13

New CENTRES State of Innovation in Creative Entrepreneurship Education Published

This Paper is the second of three 'State of Innovation' Papers written by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy for the British Council-led CENTRES (Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools) project 2012-14.

We are learning partners to the CENTRES project, a European forum for issues relating to entrepreneurship with a focus on the creative industries. Our third and final Paper will be published in the Spring of 2014 - which will bring together learning and good practice from the CENTRES project.

14 March 13

Unlocking the Creative Potential of Smaller Cities - CURE Conference, Colchester, UK

Andrew Erskine will be delivering a keynote speech to the second International CURE Conference. This builds on our longer-term role as consultants to Colchester's Creative Economy Strategy and our wider work across Europe. Andrew's talk will address the fact that while creative economy agendas may be increasingly defined by the world's largest metropolises, it is actually in neighbourhoods and smaller places where we often see culture and creativity making the biggest difference - especially if driven by careful visioning and planning.

The EU Funded Interreg Northwest IVB CURE Programme - Creative Urban Renewal in Europe - aims to develop creative and cultural hubs that will provide creative workspace and showcasing opportunities and enliven the space for the whole community. Testing this concept are partners from across North-West Europe. Organisations from Belgium, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Ireland and the UK have developed the Creative Zone Innovator which will enable the monitoring of creative development and ensure that key regeneration, creative and cultural objectives are met.

14-16 March 13

Tom Fleming Keynote Speaker at the Cittaslow International Congress, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

This exciting event will explore how to co-create new agendas in smaller city-making. It will focus on issues such as 'growth', 'creativity', 'inclusion' and 'innovation' and seek to develop a fresh agenda for Viana do Castelo and other smaller cities in terms of longer-term development.

A key theme here is 'slowness' - with participants set to explore how slow growth might be more sustainable and offer a higher quality of outcomes than attempts to accelerate local economies beyond their capacity. A further theme is 'convergence', where the economy, culture and community of a city are seen as utterly connected and inter-dependent.

Tom will deliver a keynote speech on March 15th - where he will give a critical interpretation and 'smaller cities' perspective of the 'Creative Cities' agenda.

This builds on our now long-term involvement in Portugal - where through Guimaraes 2012 Tom launched the Smaller Cities platform - which explores creative city-making beyond the metropolis.

12 March 13

Tracey Gregory speaking at Film London's Film Exhibitor's Breakfast

Our in-house expert in evaluation, Tracey Gregory, will be presenting the latest findings from our evaluation of the Barbican's Framed: Cinema for a New Generation; and Film London's Cultivate.

We are evaluating these two programmes as part of a wider portfolio of film and cultural education and audience development evaluations. Both programmes seek to develop new, deeper and more diverse relationships with children and young people as part of a wider strategic approach to audience development for film in London.

The event will attract approximately 60 participants - from across London's film exhibition sector.