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03 July 13

Tom Fleming Advising the University of Sheffield on its Civic University Programme, Sheffield, UK

Tom is working as a learning partner and 'critical friend' to the Pro Vice-Chancellor Rebecca Hughes and her team to position the Civic University Programme as a major innovation for the University and City.

The Civic University is one which maximises its knowledge to deliver public value, drives connections across society to accelerate innovation, and opens its assets as a resource for all.

Tom, a Graduate and Postgraduate from Sheffield University, is supporting University to design new models of civic engagement, knowledge exchange and open innovation - recognising this is critical for the University to adapt to and deliver change in the future.

03 July 13

TFCC Commissioned to Undertake an Economic Impact Study for Culture and a Visioning Study for Cultural Tourism in Hertfordshire, UK

This piece of work, jointly funded by Arts Council England and the Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, will play a major part in supporting a sustainable and growing future for culture at the heart of economic and social life in the county.

It will do this by demonstrating the current value of culture, and the future potential it has as a driver of economic activity, innovation, skills, jobs and more. It will also develop a refreshed approach to place making and tourism for Hertfordshire with culture and creativity at its heart.

June 2013

Tom Fleming on Ukrainian TV

As part of TFCC's consultation programme for the 'Kirovograd Creative City Manifesto', Tom Fleming was on three different TV programmes. This included a panel discussion show, breakfast TV and the evening news. Two of the programmes can be viewed below:тема-дня&Itemid=98

20 June 13

Tom Fleming video link at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, Russia.

Tom Fleming is presenting his vision for how investment and support for the creative industries sector can be dovetailed with approaches to heritage protection and cultural tourism. A dynamic local creative industries sector can acts as a responsible custodian for the heritage landscape of the city and ensure a city's heritage is also a living and contemporary asset.

The St. Petersburg Economic Forum is one of the major economic conferences in Russia and is being positioned as a platform to explore how St. Petersburg can grow a more balanced, competitive economy.

18 June 13

Tom Fleming presents at the 'Creative Business Centres Working Group meeting, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Tom will provide an overview of the current EU funding picture for creative business centres and explore wider sector trends.

The workshop is the third of four in a UK-Netherlands research project which aims to transfer knowledge and experience in relation to the activities of creative enterprise centres and incubators. It will be held at the Creative Factory in Rotterdam - a leading creative hub for the Netherlands.