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22-27 Sept 13

Cultural Planning & Creative City-Making - Expert Mission to Ulyanovsk, Russia

Tom Fleming is leading an expert mission to the city of Ulyanovsk as part of our ongoing collaboration with this city and region on the Volga in central Russia. With the support of the British Council, Tom has designed a workshop programme for key cultural workers and city-makers. This includes contributions from specially selected UK experts.

Tom will also deliver a keynote speech to the Ulyanovsk Cultural Forum on September 27th: this is a major summit on cultural policy for Russia. The other keynote speaker is Androulla Vassiliou, the European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth.

The next stage of our work with Ukyanovsk will be to support the city in developing concrete actions such as a creative industries incubator and cultural entrepreneurship programme.

05 Sept 13

The Garage gets ringing endorsement for its new future

Our client, The Garage in Norwich, has successfully secured GBP 180,000 from Arts Council England to support the development and implementation of key elements of its new business plan.

This funding represents a real endorsement of the business plan which we developed alongside The Garage's senior management team earlier this year. This funding will enable the continued development of The Garage's core artistic programme, Curtain Up!, and its commitment to being a hub for high quality artistic production for and with young people.

13 Sept 13

Tom Fleming expert adviser to the Vietnam Cultural Industries Strategy

Tom Fleming is set to return to Vietnam to complete his work advising the Vietnam Government on its Cultural Industries Strategy. This is supported by UNESCO - as part of their EU-funded programme to support the 2005 UN Convention on a Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Tom will continue to support cultural and wider creative economy agendas in Vietnam throughout 2013 and into 2014 - with an additional role advising The British Council as Vietnam becomes a 'Creative Economy Focus Country' in 2014.

03 Sept 13

A Creative Economy Strategy Paper for The British Council in Asia

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is pleased to announce a new creative economy research programme in Asia. We will be developing a high level paper which explores the current strategic development agendas for the creative economy in Asia; introduces case studies of innovative practice; and highlights how regional collaboration can be mobilised with the support of the British Council.

The Paper will be written for the British Council, which aims to add value to creative economy agendas in Asia and to explore mutual benefit between the creative industries of the UK and Asia. It will provide intelligence and strategic direction at a time when policy development in the Asian creative economy is accelerating. It will also support the British Council to play a more effective enabling and partnership role in the region.

The Paper will be launched at the Asia Europe Foundation Experts' Meeting on Cultural Policy in Hanoi, Vietnam, in early December 2013.

15 July 13

Tom Fleming re-selected as Expert for British Council Creative Economy Programme

Tom is pleased to continue his relationship with the British Council Creative Economy Programme. This programme is working across the world to advise on creative economy strategy and policy, lift sector capacity and leadership, and encourage creative entrepreneurship.

Tom works as an official expert to the Creative Economy Programme - including a policy leadership role for Focus Countries such as Nigeria, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil and Spain / Portugal (which, as Focus Countries, will receive extra support and investment from the British Council).

Tom and the wider TFCC team are also delivering expert consultancy and support in partnership with The British Council in addition to the Creative Economy Programme. This includes collaborations between TFCC and the British Council in Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Lebanon, Lithuania and Denmark.