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07 Nov 13

Tom Fleming Keynotes at Creative Poles Final Conference, Cottbus, Germany

The Conference - 'Potential and Challenges of Cultural and Creative Industries in medium-sized Cities' - is the final event of 'Urban Creative Poles'.

This is an EU-funded programme which 'which promotes creativity to advance innovation-oriented development, to spur transnational clusters of creative industries, to create jobs and to stipulate additional income as means to strengthen the local economies'.

There are 5 cities in the network: Cottbus, Tartu, Zelona Gora, Linkoeping and Klaipėda. Tom will discuss the distinctive challenges and opportunities for medium and smaller cities as part of our emergent programme: Smaller Creative Cities.

21-23 Oct 13

Tom Fleming at UNESCO Cultural Experts Event, Shanghai, China

As part of Tom's work as a UNESCO-sponsored expert to their cultural industries programme, Tom is participating in a high profile event at Jiao Tong University in Shanghai. The event is coordinated in partnership with Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and UNESCO.

This event brings together scholars, consultants and policy advisors involved in cultural economy globally. Participating experts work in different areas, at different scales and in many different roles. Our main aim at the event is to examine our assumptions around the role of culture, concepts relating to culture, creativity and the economy, and wider concepts such as 'creative industries' and 'creative economy'. Overall, we will be critiquing, problematising and hopefully identifying a coherent language and approach so that we might develop more appropriate tools and approaches.

10 Oct 13

Scoping and Programme Development of the Creative Economy and Audio Visual Programme for the British Council in Kenya and East Africa

We are excited to announce this new research programme - which we have been commissioned to lead by the British Council in Kenya.

This is an important and timely programme which will enable the British Council to develop an innovative, ambitious and coherent high-impact programme for the sector, audiences and partners for the next three years and beyond.

There is so much to be gained in East Africa, which has seen a real upsurge in creative economy activity over recent years - powered by digital technology and a new generation of start-ups.

Our role will be to identify a set of priority areas for the British Council by engaging key sector stakeholders across the region - including study visits to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia.

This builds on our wider work in emergent creative economies - such as in Nigeria, where we are leading on a sector development programme and delivering technical assistance to the sector; or further afield in SE Asia and South America where we are growing our practice as leading experts to rapidly changing creative economies.

10 Oct 13

Digital Collaboration Day, Edinburgh, UK

Tom Fleming will participate in the Digital Collaboration Day at Summerhall in Edinburgh. This event brings together organisations which have received investment through NESTA and Creative Scotland's Digital R&D Programme.

TFCC are learning and evaluation partners to the Programme. Tom will present an update of our research - including initial results of a survey into digital capacity across the Scottish creative economy.

3-4 Oct 13

Tom Fleming Keynotes at: Place! Major Creative Cities Summit - Kosice, Slovakia

Place! is the key creative city-making event for Kosice, European Capital of Culture 2013. It is a platform for internationally respected experts to explore the next generation challenges and opportunities for creative city-making.

It also provides a platform to reflect on the progress made by Kosice in its development from a steel city to more diverse and balanced economy. This has included a set of capital investments in creative clusters, reform to the cultural and education sector, and a programme of branding activities.

Tom Fleming has been involved as an adviser to Kosice - supporting the city's Creative Economy Masterplan. Tom is facilitator to the whole Place! programme and he will deliver a keynote presentation and run a workshop.