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30-31 Jan 14

Tom Fleming presents at Publica 14, Madrid, Spain.

Tom's presentation focuses on 'how to motivate the creative economy: spaces, infrastructure and collaboration'.

Publica 14 is a major event for the Spanish creative economy and cultural sector. Staged at Circulo Bellas Arts, it focuses on new and emergent business models for the sector, on policy trends, and on research and development. Tom is also contributing to a workshop on cultural indicators, measurement and notions of value.

This is part of Tom's ongoing role as consultant to the British Council's Creative Economy Programme and it connects with our policy guidance role in Europe were we are working with a range of partners to improve the investment and support landscape for the creative economy.

29 Jan 14

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy Commissioned as Learning Partners to the Associate Bridge Programme of Roundhouse, Camden - London, UK.

We are pleased to be working with Roundhouse and its partners to explore the benefit of a more coordinated and collaborative approach to arts and creative education activities in north London. Roundhouse, as an Associate Bridge organisation for Arts Council London, has additional responsibility to be a hub and connector for such activities. It is leading on activities such as a shared offer for Arts Award; a shared commissioning programme to make it easier for schools to commission arts organisations; and a pilot radio station in Barnet.

Collectively these activities are designed to align resources, create platforms for knowledge exchange, and generate sustainable delivery partnerships.

Our role is to offer advice, critical reflection and an overall evaluation narrative for the programme.

27 Jan 14

Creative City Manifesto for Kosice Published

Tom Fleming's Creative City Manifesto for Kosice sets out the vision and framework for building a strong and sustainable creative economy. As the city moves beyond its 'year in the sun' as European Capital of Culture in 2013, it is more important than ever to build a grand partnership for the creative economy. This is because 2013 initiated a set of unprecedented creative industries and cultural sector activities and collaboration, including new infrastructure, networks, support programmes and commissions.

The city has gained real prominence as a forward thinking and aspirational place - where the location (to the East of Slovakia), size (less than half a million) and industrial profile (in transition from heavy industry to a mix of service, technology and creative), are being nurtured as real assets.

The Manifesto is a call to partnership and commitment - setting out some clear opportunities for Kosice to bounce from 2013 toward being a genuinely significant creative city for the next era.

It is informed by the discussions and recommendations of Place! - the major creative economy symposium of Kosice 2013; which Tom Fleming also co-designed and facilitated. Planning is underway for a Place! 2014 - where we can explore progress made on the Manifesto and accelerate the projects and partnerships already underway.

The Manifesto can be downloaded here:

13-17 Jan 14

Nigerian Creative Economy Study Tour to UK

We are excited to be hosting a UK creative economy study tour of senior policy-makers and investors from across Nigeria. In partnership with the British Council and Enterprise Creative, we have designed a programme of meetings and visits to leading cultural organisations and support programmes for the creative economy.

Filling a whole week, we are introducing our Nigerian colleagues to activities in London and Bristol. This includes visits to Ravensbourne, Bow Arts, The Backstage Centre and Roundhouse in London. In Bristol we are being hosted by the City Council and colleagues at Watershed and the Pervasive Media Studio.

This is the 2nd half of a sector development programme. In November 2013, Tom Fleming led a creative economy masterclass in Lagos with Enterprise Creative. The programme is the first such approach to develop partnership and broker knowledge exchange between the UK and Nigerian creative industries sectors.

06 Jan 14

UNESCO-supported Technical Assistance to Strengthen the Governance of Culture in Developing Countries: 3 Publications

Tom Fleming's role as UNESCO expert to support cultural development and the growth of the creative economy in developing countries is featured in 3 new publications.

The publication "Strengthening the governance of culture to unlock development opportunities" of the Expert Facility Project UNESCO-EU is now available. This publication highlights the results achieved and the challenges faced during the 13 technical assistance missions in 2012. It can be downloaded below alongside two other reports.

The report of the UNESCO experts' workshop held in Paris on 23 and 24 May 2013, "Have we succeeded in creating opportunities for a better governance of culture for development?" can also be accessed below. This workshop provided opportunities for experts to share their experiences, and to identify challenges and opportunities for the future of the project.

Finally, the external evaluation report of the UNESCO/EU Expert Facility Project is also available. It was communicated as an information document to the 7th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Tom will continue his work with UNESCO in 2014 - including follow up work in Vietnam.

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