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Nov 13 - 25 13

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy in Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya

Andrew Erskine will be undertaking scoping research to help shape the Creative Economy and Audio Visual Programme of the British Council in East Africa

Andrew will be leading on a programme of stakeholder meetings and study visits to help the British Council and partners identify a set of priority areas, audiences and partners for the next three years and beyond.

This builds on our wider research and policy guidance across Africa where we are growing our practice across agendas in arts, cultural and creative industries and the wider creative economy.

12 Nov 13

Tom Fleming advising UK City of Culture Independent Advisory Panel, Derry, Northern Ireland

The UK City of Culture (UKCoC) 2017 bidding process has reached its final stage - with final bids submitted from the shortlisted cities of Leicester, Dundee, Hull and Swansea. The cities will be presenting their final bids to the Independent Advisory Panel in Derry - the current UKCoC.

Tom Fleming is working as expert cultural assessor of the bids - supporting Regeneris to provide overall briefings to the Panel. The city selected as UKCoC 2017 will be announced soon after the panel has met.

06 Nov 13

British Council Features our 'Creative Economy Manifesto for Ulyanovsk'

In September 2013, Tom Fleming led four UK creative economy experts to the city of Ulyanovsk, by the banks of the Volga in Russia. The aim was to participate in the Ulyanovsk Cultural Forum - one of the main cultural policy events in the Russian calendar - and to use this high profile event to collaborate with local policy-makers and stakeholders to explore how Ulyanovsk can develop a strong and distinctive creative economy.

Tom Fleming also delivered two keynote speeches at the Forum, where he outlined how the city can play a leadership role for other smaller cities across Russia. Russia has hundreds of smaller cities (and just two big cities in Moscow and St. Petersburg), so if the country is to grow its creative economy and support the government's diversification agenda, then it will be necessary to devise approaches which work well in them - where issues of capacity, connectivity and confidence hamper innovation and growth.

The Creative Economy Manifesto for Ulyanovsk - written by Tom Fleming - sets out a basic step-by-step approach for the city to develop its creative economy and it outlines some necessary conditions for smaller cities across Russia should they wish to collaborate with the British Council and benefit from UK expertise.

The Manifesto is published on the British Council's Creative Economy website alongside an article on Tom's visit to Ulyanovsk.

08 Nov 13

Study Visit and Keynote Address, Seoul, South Korea

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) is in Seoul to establish collaboration with colleagues in a range of strategic agencies as part of our growing consultancy role in East Asia.

Andrew Erskine, our senior consultant at TFCC, will be meeting colleagues in Government, higher education and the British Council Office. He will also be delivering a keynote address at: "The 2013 International Forum on Service Sector Advancement."

This is a major annual event led by the The Ministry of Strategy and Finance (MOSF) and Korea Development Institute (KDI). The theme for the 2013 event is: "Services as a New Engine of Growth: through Creativity and Innovation."

Andrew will also be delivering a speech at the Graduate School of the Academy of Korean Studies.

07 Nov 13

Tom Fleming Keynotes at Creative Poles Final Conference, Cottbus, Germany

The Conference - 'Potential and Challenges of Cultural and Creative Industries in medium-sized Cities' - is the final event of 'Urban Creative Poles'.

This is an EU-funded programme which 'which promotes creativity to advance innovation-oriented development, to spur transnational clusters of creative industries, to create jobs and to stipulate additional income as means to strengthen the local economies'.

There are 5 cities in the network: Cottbus, Tartu, Zelona Gora, Linkoeping and Klaipėda. Tom will discuss the distinctive challenges and opportunities for medium and smaller cities as part of our emergent programme: Smaller Creative Cities.