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11 March 14

Hadrian's Wall - Collaboration Workshop, Northumberland, UK

Andrew Erskine will lead the Hadrian's Wall Site Directors meeting as part of a new era of collaboration for the organisation.

This will focus on how Hadrian's Wall and the museums along its way can realise their full potential as a key economic, cultural and social drivers for the North. With new sources of strategic funding and partnership coming on stream - e.g. from LEPs and Arts Council England/Visit England - it is particularly vital that we explore new and deeper ways of collaborating and co-creating. The purpose of this workshop is to explore what we should be focusing on and how best to bring this about.

06 March 14

City Conversation - the art of place-making, Manchester, UK

Andrew Erskine will address the CityCo 'City Conversation' event in Manchester - with a focus on innovation and the creative economy, the business of culture, and creative places and spaces.

This is one of a series of events led by CityCo - Manchester's city centre management company. Andrew will be speaking alongside Riccardo Marini, Director, Gehl Architects, Copenhagen; Peter Swift, Director, Planit Intelligent Environments; and David Partridge, Managing Partner, Argent.

Andrew will draw on examples of our role in creative place-making internationally.

12-14 Feb 14

Tom Fleming Facilitating and Providing Critical Review at 'Creative Hubs Forum, Oliva Creative Factory, Sao Joao da Madeira, Portugal

The Forum, which is a collaboration between the British Council, ADDICT and Oliva Creative Factory, brings together managers of creative hubs across Portugal and Spain, together with selected hubs from the UK and from across Europe.

The three day event will provide a space for hub managers to meet, exchange methodologies and working practices, and develop local, national and European networks. The forum will also include interactions with local creative businesses and organisations as well as policy makers. The forum will also offer a chance to hear about new developments in EU funding.

Tom Fleming will be facilitating and is tasked with providing a summary of the strategic implications of the discussions. This will then be developed into a strategy paper to shape agendas in creative hub development in Portugal, Spain and other parts of Europe.

This activity is connected to TFCC's ongoing role in Portugal and Spain, where we are participating in a number of strategic projects and networks for the creative economy.

10 Feb 14

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to Evaluate Transparent Boundaries

Transparent Boundaries is a trans-national, inter-disciplinary and cross-generational cultural project, questioning and exploring the boundaries between the older generation, the society and cultural setting in which they live.

Four organisations have come together with support from the EU Culture Programme. Leading the project from the UK is the University for the Creative Arts, with partners Aalborg University from Denmark, Associazione Marchigiana Attivita Teatraliand (AMAT) from Italy, Hellenic Regional Development Centre from Greece.

The project majors on making links across cultures and between generations to find ways to increase the visibility of the Elder as a vital force with a cultural contribution and impact to be included and referenced. This is a project of empowerment, which will take micro and macro approaches to create a place and space for dialogue and a new kind of visibility through relationships that function between and across cultures.

Our role is to provide a learning partner role and to provide a summary evaluation of the programme. It builds on our work evaluating cultural and creative programmes across Europe.

30-31 Jan 14

Tom Fleming presents at Publica 14, Madrid, Spain.

Tom's presentation focuses on 'how to motivate the creative economy: spaces, infrastructure and collaboration'.

Publica 14 is a major event for the Spanish creative economy and cultural sector. Staged at Circulo Bellas Arts, it focuses on new and emergent business models for the sector, on policy trends, and on research and development. Tom is also contributing to a workshop on cultural indicators, measurement and notions of value.

This is part of Tom's ongoing role as consultant to the British Council's Creative Economy Programme and it connects with our policy guidance role in Europe were we are working with a range of partners to improve the investment and support landscape for the creative economy.