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06 Jan 14

UNESCO-supported Technical Assistance to Strengthen the Governance of Culture in Developing Countries: 3 Publications

Tom Fleming's role as UNESCO expert to support cultural development and the growth of the creative economy in developing countries is featured in 3 new publications.

The publication "Strengthening the governance of culture to unlock development opportunities" of the Expert Facility Project UNESCO-EU is now available. This publication highlights the results achieved and the challenges faced during the 13 technical assistance missions in 2012. It can be downloaded below alongside two other reports.

The report of the UNESCO experts' workshop held in Paris on 23 and 24 May 2013, "Have we succeeded in creating opportunities for a better governance of culture for development?" can also be accessed below. This workshop provided opportunities for experts to share their experiences, and to identify challenges and opportunities for the future of the project.

Finally, the external evaluation report of the UNESCO/EU Expert Facility Project is also available. It was communicated as an information document to the 7th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

Tom will continue his work with UNESCO in 2014 - including follow up work in Vietnam.

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20 Dec 13

Cultural Strategy Executive Paper for East Sussex County Council, UK

TFCC has been commissioned to develop an Executive Paper which connects three pieces of work commissioned by East Sussex County Council in 2013. These are a Brand Review for Charleston House (written by TFCC), an Economic Impact Study of Glyndebourne, and a Social Capital Study of De La Warr Pavilion.

We initiated the above projects as advisers to East Sussex County Council, so this Executive Paper provides a fitting conclusion to 12 months of real innovation and commitment to the role of culture in East Sussex. The Paper will provide an overarching commentary on the three projects, plus introduce a set of learning points and opportunity areas for partners to reflect on.

3-4 Dec 13

Launch of the first National Strategy for the Cultural Industries, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tom Fleming is back in Hanoi to deliver a keynote speech and participate in a major event to launch the first National Strategy for the Cultural Industries in Vietnam. The international symposium for the Asia Europe Foundation marks an important moment in cultural policy for Vietnam - as it moves toward a more market-driven and open economy.

Tom Fleming has been lead consultant to UNESCO and British Council programmes in Vietnam for 2 years and has co-authored the National Strategy for the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism and the Vietnamese Institute of Culture and Arts Studies.

In 2014, Tom Fleming will continue to work with partners in Vietnam - supporting the delivery of a set of policy development activities and connecting Vietnam to regional opportunities in East Asia.

Nov 28-29 13

Cinema as a Tool for Education, Cairo, Egypt

Andrew Erskine, our lead consultant, is in Cairo to deliver a programme of workshops at the event 'Cinema as a Tool for Education'. This event is organised by Misr International Films, The Arab League, MEDIMAGES, Anna Lidnh Foundation and The British Council.

Andrew will share our theoretical and practical knowledge on film education and simulate alternative teaching methods through the use of Cinema. By discussing international approached to film education, Andrew will explore notions of best and next practice with Egyptian colleagues.

This is also a moment for us to reflect on our work in this field. Over the last few years, we have been at the forefront of research and evaluation in film education - such as via our evaluations for FILMCLUB, First Light and Film London, plus in our development work for the new FILMNATION organisation in the UK.

Nov 13

A Creative and Social Enterprise Innovation Centre for Goldsmiths, London UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) has been commissioned to undertake a scoping study to explore options at Goldsmiths for a new approach to enterprise, innovation and knowledge exchange.

Goldsmiths is one of the UK's leading creative universities, with an incredible track record in developing creative talent and generating ideas and business models which change the nature of the creative economy.

But the nature of universities is changing, with an increasing need to be more open, agile, collaborative and engaged. The opportunity is there for Goldsmiths is to play an even stronger role for London's creative economy and to be a real hub of creativity and innovation that attracts high value talent and investment.

At TFCC we are excited to be playing a role in the future success of Goldsmiths, building from our existing portfolio of work with leading edge education and business institutions.