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8 September 14

Tom Fleming addressing the Avtograd Expo, Togliatti, Russia.

Avtograd Expo is a large-scale event on the future of Togliatti - a major city on the Volga river in central Russia. Tom has had a long-standing relationship in Togliatti since his work over a decade ago to advise the city on its approach to the cultural economy. At Avtograd, Tom will focus on sustainable cultural development and the role of museums and other types of cultural infrastructure. Togliatti is in the development phase for a major Museums Quarter. Tom will draw on good practice internationally and advise on how Togliatti can integrate cultural development into its longer term city development.

3 Sept 14

Film Strategy and Programming Framework for the City of Hull

We have been appointed to undertake the work towards a film strategy and a programming framework for Hull. This is an exciting project as it comes at a crucial moment for the city, having been selected as UK City of Culture (UKCoC) 2017. This project adds to TFCC's extensive experience in designing and delivering programmes for European Capitals of Culture. Hull's film strategy will be a great opportunity to strengthen the quality, reach and distinctiveness of the overall cultural programme for 2017.

August 14

Creative Hubs in Europe: Report by Tom Fleming published

The summary report for the 2014 'Creative Hubs Forum' has been published. Written by Tom Fleming in collaboration with Vanya Rodrigues, this presents the agendas explored at the Creative Hubs Forum, which was held in February 2014 at the Olivia Factory in Sao Joao da Madeira, Portugal. The report outlines a set of strategic priorities for Creative Hubs across Europe. Organised by ADDICT, British Council Portugal and Olivia Factory, the Creative Hubs Forum explored how to most effectively develop, connect and grow creative hubs. Tom Fleming facilitated much of the event and provided a keynote speech to a larger forum of policy-makers. The Forum involved 150 participants from 7 countries, many of whom are leading creative hubs. Tom is continuing to advise partners toward a 2015 Creative Hubs Forum in Lisbon.

August 14

Creative Industry Finance: Evaluation Report by Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy

Our Evaluation Report on the Creative Industry Finance (CIF) Pilot Programme has been published. This summarises the key outcomes of this dedicated loan and business support programme for the creative industries in London and Yorkshire. Building on the broadly positive outcomes of the programme, CIF launches all across England on 23 September 2014. It will offer up to twelve hours of free targeted business support for creative enterprises, as well as the opportunity to access loans from a range of lending partners, starting from GBP 2,500.
To see the full report, visit:

13 August 14

Evaluation of Culture Change

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) has been commissioned to undertake the evaluation for the Culture Change Programme - a free business support programme that provides advice and guidance about environmental and financial sustainability for small and medium scale enterprises operating within the creative industries in the East of England.
This is an exciting project for TFCC and complements our portfolio of work as evaluators and critical fiends to creative economy programmes worldwide.