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29 May 14

Tom Fleming Addressing the Dutch Network of Creative Centres and European Creative Business Network - London, UK

The Dutch Network of Creative Centres combines Holland's leading creative and cultural hubs plus intermediaries and sector leads. It is also plugged into the European Creative Business Network - which connects hubs and creatives across Europe. Representatives of both networks were in London to explore the city's creative hubs and wider policy and sector development context.

Tom was asked to address the group and commentate on sector trends, challenges and opportunities in London and across the many cities TFCC works in across the world. In a lively discussion, Tom reflected on the current health of the creative start-up scene and pointed to some collaboration opportunities for Europe's leading hubs.

29 May 14

Advisory Board for University of Warwick Global Research Priorities Programme for International Development

Tom Fleming has been invited to join the Advisory Board for the University of Warwick's Global Research Priorities Programme for International Development. This is a real privilege for Tom - enabling him to assist in co-designing a major research programme for cultural policy and the creative economy in a leading university.

Agenda areas include the role of culture in development, culture and creativity in city-making and diaspora communities in the global creative economy.

21 May 14

Tom Fleming speaking at Digital R&D for the Arts, Scotland

The Digital R&D for the Arts Symposium - to be held in Edinburgh - is a major event to explore the development needs of and opportunities for the sector in Scotland. It is a critical time for review and future-thinking - as the Nesta and Creative Scotland Digital R&D for the Arts Programme draws to a close.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy were evaluation and learning partners to the Programme. Tom will reflect on the development needs of the sector and ask if digital is the core issue or a proxy for other agendas in the arts such as innovation, sustainability and growth.

16 May 14

Tom Fleming keynote speaker at the conference 'New Sources of Business Competitiveness and Territorial Development', Tomar, Portugal

NERSANT, the Business Association of the Region of Santarem, is holding a major symposium to explore strategic priorities for economic development, innovation and culture. This is to generate partnership-driven priorities in advance of the next round of European structural funds. The event will be held in Tomar, a lovely historical city.

Tom will talk about the ecologies of business development in the creative and wider knowledge sectors. This is as part of our growing portfolio of activities in Portugal and southern Europe, where we are involved in a number of creative economy and cultural planning activities.

May 15 14

Tom Fleming keynote speaker at CENTRES final conference on Creative Entrepreneurialism in Schools, Brussels, Belgium

This half day conference marks the end of CENTRES - an international network programme bringing together partners in eight European countries to explore approaches to Creative Entrepreneurship in Schools. This important event will share the findings of the international pilots and launch a series of policy recommendations for entrepreneurship education in the future.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is innovation partner to CENTRES - offering advice, critical thinking and reflections on best practice. Tom Fleming will explore the relevance of creative entrepreneurship in schools, describe the merits of the CENTRES programme, and introduce ideas for 'what next'.