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27 April 15

TFCC Present Final Findings of Creative and Cultural Spillovers Research, Dortmund, Germany

Tom Fleming and Andrew Erskine will be in Dortmund to present the core findings of our research into the spillover effects of public investment in arts, culture and the creative industries. This involves a review of existing literature and analysis of how spillovers are measured, positioned and understood.

An impressive panel of international experts has played an active role in advising TFCC. Research parners are Arts Council England, Arts Council of Ireland, European Centre for the Creative Economy (ecce), Creative England and the European Cultural Foundation.

Tom and Andrew will present the research at ecce, to be followed by a workshop discussion on its implications for policy, partnership and research.

23 April 15

Creative Hubs in the Canary Islands? Workshop led by Tom Fleming, Arrecife, Lanzarote

The Canary Islands are perhaps best known for their tourism industry, their exports in fruit and fish, or for their stunning volcanic scenery. But in the cities a creative community is taking shape and energy and commitment is growing to establish the creative and cultural industries as a key part of the islands' economy.

This workshop, staged by the Government of the Canary Islands, with the support of the Municipality of Lanzarote, is the first public event to explore how best to connect the islands' creative businesses. Focusing on hubs, Tom Fleming teamed up with Antonio Ramos Murphy, Director of Culturalink, the Islands' leading culture consultancy.

22 April 15

Oxfordshire Creative, Cultural, Heritage and Tourism Strategy, UK.

Oxfordshire County Council has appointed Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to design and develop an Oxfordshire Creative, Cultural, Heritage and Tourism Strategy on behalf of Oxford Local Enterprise Partnership.
This exciting and important piece of work will guide sectors, public and private partners across Oxfordshire to connect through an evidence-based, intelligent and collaborative approach - ensuring growth and sector development in a practical and action-orientated way.

This work builds on our experience in shaping Creative Industries Growth Plans for LEPs in different parts of England.

15-16 April 15

Tom Fleming speaking at 3rd CARIFORM-EU Business Forum, Montego Bay, Jamaica

The CARIFORUM-EU Business Forum is an international trade and business development conference designed to connect Caribbean, African, European and Pacific businesses. The forum will focus on agro-processing (cocoa, herbs and spices), music and higher education sectors.

This high-profile event will bring together over 150 carefully selected stakeholders to develop and build international partnerships through participating in business to business meetings, networking and professional consultations.

The forum seeks to build on the success of the first two events and support the ongoing efforts of Caribbean businesses to build meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with European counterparts to increase trade and investment and build local capacity and know-how.

Tom Fleming will speak on opportunities for EU-Caribbean collaboration and trade in the creative industries. He will also chair a session on music policy and investment.

28 March 15

Andrew Erskine speaking at Tallinn Music Week, Estonia

Tallinn Music Week is an annual industry event and the biggest indoor event in the Baltic-Nordic Region. Andrew Erskine, Senior Associate at TFCC, will deliver a speech on the role that creativity can play in making cities more dynamic and successful. Hundreds of artists from all over the globe will be performing alongside a busy conference programme on industry issues and an eclectic food and entertainment programme during the week long festival.