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4 June 15

Start out in the Arts - Talk In Cambridge, UK

TFCC Senior Associate, Andrew Erskine, will be the guest speaker on June 4th in Cambridge at an exciting new event - Start out in the Arts - for creative people who want to bring their ideas to life. Andrew will be attempting to explain what the creative economy is and how the creative industries work in the UK. Held on Thursdays at the Espresso Library from 6-8 pm and open to everyone, the series of fortnightly events aim to help creative people in Cambridgeshire take their ideas off the ground, gain confidence in setting up and running their own business, raising awareness of the importance of creative economy, and contributing to the development of creative industries in the area. Other topics to be covered in the events include arts marketing and audience development, social enterprise and business support

The events are for Artists and performers, arts major fresh graduates, interested in setting up their creative enterprise, searching for ways to showcase their works to wider audiences, willing to run their own projects, and in need of help in arts marketing, fundraising, events management, finance and legal issues relating to their business.!about2/c4nz

26 May 15

Bloomberg TV Mongolia featuring Tom Fleming

Tom Fleming has been interviewed by Bloomberg TV as a result of his major role as a keynote speaker and workshop mediator for the 'Creative Industries Forum' in Ulaanbaatar. The interview related to the themes explored at the Forum - positioning the creative industries as a major contributor to the Mongolian economy and wider identity.
Tom's interview - translated into Mongolian - can be seen here:

13 May 15

Tom Fleming re-selected for the new UNESCO Expert Facility (2015-2017)

Tom Fleming has been re-selected for the renewed UNESCO Expert Facility 2015-2017. This Expert Facility, composed of international high level experts in the field of public policies for culture and for the creative industries, was established in 2011, in the context of a European Union funded project aimed at 'Strengthening the System of Governance for Culture in Developing Countries'.

The new list of the 2015-2017 Facility comprises 43 international experts in the fields of cultural policy, governance as well as cultural and creative industries. In the next two years, Tom will be delivering country-level strategic support with the joint objective to support capacity development initiatives for the implementation of the '2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions'.

18-21 May 15

Tom Fleming Keynotes at the National Creative Industries Forum, Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tom Fleming will be in Mongolia to present a Keynote Speech and lead a programme of workshops at the 'Creative Industries Forum', held at the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture. Speakers and participants range from the Mongolian Ministry of Culture to leading public and private organisations and businesses from across the creative sector of the country. Based on TFCC's knowledge and practical experience as strategic advisor on global trends in Creative Industries and Cultural Policy, Tom will be presenting and exploring a set of opportunities for the growth and sustainability of the sector in Mongolia. This is part of a long-term relationship with the Mongolian State University and Mongolian Government - building on our workshop programme of 2011 and a subsequent advisory role.

8 May 15

Tom Fleming speaks at the 'Global Cultural Economy Roundtable', University of Warwick, UK.

Tom Fleming contributed to the 'Global Cultural Economy Roundtable' at the University of Warwick's Institute of Advanced Studies. This brought together a group of international experts and academics on the Cultural Economy. Tom delivered an intervention on 'cultural policy and development from the position of the expert'. This is part of Tom's wider role as adviser to the Warwick Global Research Priority in International Development - GRP-ID.