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10 Nov 14

Lebanon's Creative Future

Andrew Erskine has returned to Beirut for TFCC for the second part of his work, identifying ways that the EU can support the continued growth and ongoing sustainability of the Creative Industries in Lebanon. The EU is investigating how to build on its previous support for the private sector in a country currently much affected by the ongoing situation in Syria and the challenge of installing a new President. A strong private sector will help the country to overcome many of its challenges including opening up new opportunities for young people and women as well as building on the historic strength it has in advertising, publishing and television production. The work is connecting with the current UNIDO project supporting Cultural and Creative Industries in the Southern Mediterranean in countries including Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. On Wednesday 11th November Andrew will be participating in the launch of UNIDO's work in Lebanon in the presence of the Italian and EU Ambassadors to Lebanon as well as the Minister for Industry.

28 Oct 14

Creative Industries 'Under 40 Dialogues' Green Paper for Nigeria.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to provide a strategic overview and lead on Green Paper development for the 'Under 40 Dialogues' project - led by the British Council, Nigeria.

With the support of Gen Voices, the British Council is crowd-sourcing priorities from under-40s (the 'Government in waiting') for developing the Nigerian Creative Industries.On-line dialogue and a workshop programme will generate content which we will then shape into an Under 40s Green Paper for the Creative Industries in Nigeria. Overall the project seeks to demonstrate young people's capacity to participate in and lead sector development.

This continues our work in Nigeria and across Africa in policy development for the creative economy.

27 Oct 14

Film and photographs published by the Dutch Government: Tom Fleming featured in Asia Europe Culture Ministers Meeting (ASEM) on Creative Industries.

Following Tom's moderation of this major meeting of European and Asian Ministers of Culture, you can view images and short films of the event. This includes Tom's introduction of King Willem Alexander - the King of Holland. The ASEM meeting was a major success, with clear agreement reached on a set of cultural policy priorities linked to the creative industries. The event closed with the Government of the Netherlands welcoming the Republic of Korea as the hosts of ASEM 2016.

Please view the following links to find out more:

20 Oct 14

Creative Scotland: Creative Industries Strategy 2015-17

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to undertake a Creative Industries Strategy for Creative Scotland - the national development body for the arts, screen sectors and creative economy in Scotland. Our role will be to shape a set of strategic priorities for the sector through consultation with the Scottish Creative Industries Partnership (SCIP) and a wider set of stakeholders.

This comes at an exciting time for Scotland - with public engagement in culture revitalised through the national referendum process and the country's global profile higher than ever. But there are also significant challenges - such as how to connect the different assets of the country to form a strong overall offer; how to generate opportunities for a more diverse talent base; and how to build international markets for Scottish goods and services.

This Strategy will provide a clear set of opportunities for Creative Scotland to play a leading role as part of a shared strategic approach with SCIP.

19-21 October 14

Tom Fleming to Moderate the 6th Asia Europe Meeting on Creative Industries - Eindhoven and Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tom Fleming has the absolute privilege of moderating this major event for the European and Asian creative industries. It will involve senior delegates from multiple governments across the two regions - including Ministers of Culture from several countries. The event will be officially opened by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker. Tom Fleming will moderate this opening plenary session, which will include a large audience of prominent creative industries policy-makers and organisations from across Europe and Asia. Tom will also chair and each of the senior official meetings - where ministries will come together to explore best practice, next practice and opportunities for Asia-European collaboration.

The event has three key themes: Creative Skills, Creative Entrepreneurs and Creative Cities. A programme of workshops will explore these themes, with different countries sponsoring and leading on discussions. Workshop recommendations will then be relayed to the final plenary session, which Tom will also moderate.

This is a major platform for the creative economies of Europe and Asia and an exciting opportunity for Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to play a leadership and facilitating role at such a high table.