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26 January 15

Global Public Goods and Challenges - Human Development - Culture in EU Development Cooperation

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned (alongside cultural policy expert Patricio Jeretic and AETS) to undertake an important research project which focuses on the role of culture in development and sets out priorities for European Union (EU) investment. Tom Fleming and the team will provide an analysis of culture in development, identifying different scenarios for a future EU programme on culture, in the framework of the EU's Global Public Goods and Challenges (GPPC). The assignment will consolidate available information on current support to the cultural sector by identifying best practice. This will be complemented by a detailed overview of the prospective approaches to culture by key stakeholders which in turn will lead to the formulation of a set of recommendations and options for implementation of the GPPC thematic programme on culture, in the sub-themes of the EU's Development Cooperation Instrument.

20 January 15

A study on the spillover effects of public investment in culture, the arts, and the cultural and creative industries.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to undertake this major study by a network of partners which includes Arts Council England, European Centre for Creative Economy, Arts Council of Ireland, Creative England and the European Creative Business Network. One of the key policy drivers for public investment in culture is the anticipation of a range of additional 'spillover effects' - e.g. for the economy, innovation and distinctiveness. At a European level there is a lack of evidence on the type, scale and outcomes of such 'spillovers'. A better understanding of causality will enable partners across the public sector to explain the case for support and ensure smarter investment.

The research is supported by a steering group of over 15 key academic institutions and NGOs - including Aalto University, Antwerp Management School, Arts Council Malta, Arts Council Norway, Inteli, Deusto University Bilbao, Universty of Warwick, European Cultural Foundation and British Council.

14 January 15

Creative and Digital Mapping, Evaluation and Strategic Study for the Enterprising Barnsley Phase 2 Programme, Barnsley UK.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned by Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council to review the Enterprising Barnsley programme of support for the creative and digital sector and understand its role and value in wider agendas of economic development. This includes analysis of the existing profile and dynamics of the sector and its scope for future development and growth. Central to our work will be a focus on how the sector can play a value-adding role across other priority agendas - e.g. for a revitalised town centre, for a more diverse economic base and for a strong and confident cultural sector. This project will also allow us to bring to Barnsley our knowledge of best practice in 'creative place-making' for smaller towns and cities internationally.

13-15 January 15

Tom Fleming at Creative Hubs 2015, Lisbon, Portugal

Creative Hubs is the major gathering in this field. Creative hubs from across Europe will come together to explore best and next practice in hub development; to nurture business to business relationships; and build strategic partnerships. Tom Fleming is on the Creative Hubs Steering Group, working with the British Council, ADDICT (the Portuguse creative industries agency) and the European Creative Business Network to raise the profile of and build connections between creative hubs. Tom will lead several of the sessions at the Creative Hubs Forum and connect his networks of creative hubs from across Europe.

12 January 15

Museum Concept Development and Design Requirements, Ocean Flower Island, Hainan, China.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to lead a major
museum development project in south east China. Ocean Flower Island is a
large-scale leisure and tourism destination off the coast of Hainan. Led by
the Evergrande Group, the new island (reclaimed from the ocean) is one of
China's biggest developments in the booming leisure and tourism market. Our
role is to lead on concept development, international positioning and
partnership, and design requirements for a substantial new museums complex.
When completed, up to 21 new museums will play a starring role alongside
hotels, restaurants and a botanical gardens.