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11th January 2021

Cultural City Profile Research for East Asia

TFCC has been commissioned by The British Council to undertake a major research programme which involves developing a portfolio of cultural profiles of 60 cities across East Asia. We have assembled a consortium of TFCC associates to undertake detailed mapping of the cultural assets of cities in China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. This is with a particular emphasis on 2nd and 3rd tier cities - which have a still emergent international profile.

This project seeks to offer the UK Creative and cultural sector a digital bridge to other lesser known cities to help partners in the UK to appreciate the unique attributes and strengths of cities in East Asia. It is envisaged that the Cultural City Profile online directory will reflect the priority themes of the British Council global arts strategy which directly link to Sustainable Development Goals related to climate and sustainability, inclusion and gender equality.

The British Council would like to encourage
new collaborations aligned with its strategy themes that help to widen the network of international collaboration beyond the tier 1 and 2 cities. This research exercise will facilitate exchange between the UK and cities in East Asia, as well as build knowledge on the distinctive cultural assets and opportunities for the cities in question.

21st December 2020

Multiplier Labs - UK / West Africa Creative & Social Hub Exchange Programme

TFCC has been commissioned alongside the University of the Arts London to design and facilitate an exchange and training programme for creative and social impact hub managers from West Africa and the UK. Led by the British Council, Multiplier Labs aims to build collaborative capacity between the UK and West African creative economy, with a programme of knowledge and skills exchange activities.

We will lead on the design of a knowledge exchange programme where UK and West African hubs will be able to explore their respective models, to learn from one another, and to identify opportunities for future collaboration.

This builds on our work in undertaking research and consultancy across West Africa, as well as our active role in mapping and modelling creative and social impact hubs internationally.

18th December 2020

A Cultural Insights Study for Malaysia

TFCC has been commissioned by the British Council Malaysia to develop a new Cultural Insights study for the country. This will lead to the development of an insights report which features:

- Must have information on the Malaysian arts and cultural scene, including macro-strategic context and an introduction to each key art form and the wider arts and cultural ecosystem
- A spotlight on emerging trends, key sector leaders and intermediaries, clusters and hubs, and the main organisations and infrastructure
- Practical information on working in the country, plus advice on social and cultural norms.

This report will be used as an introductory tool to broker a new period of collaboration between the UK and Malaysian arts. It will be used by the British Council to broker fresh connections and assist UK partners to more effectively access and collaborate in Malaysia.

It is the latest in a long line of research and consultancy we have undertaken in Malaysia, including the Creative Economy Blueprint for Kuala Lumpur and an evaluation of the Cultural Industries Development Agency, Cendana.

For this study, we will be working with esteemed playwright and cultural expert Dr Ann Lee. As a final outcome of the study, we will develop a template for the development of cultural insights for other East Asian countries.

15th December 2020

Supporting Creative Industries Mapping in Georgia

TFCC has been commissioned by Creative Georgia and the British Council Georgia to play an advisory, training and capacity-building role as the country embarks on its first extensive creative economy mapping programme.

TFCC will work with the client group and selected consortia of local researchers to help formulate the approach to sector mapping, to introduce core concepts and building blocks in the creative economy, and deliver a programme of technical and strategic workshops. This will enable partners to actively capture a strong baseline for the sector which, vitally, can be updated over time to inform policy and investment.

TFCC has a long association with Georgia, with several speaking assignments and engagements. However, this is the first strategic research and development programme we have been involved in, so we are excited to have the opportunity to strengthen our relations and develop new ones in this fascinating and fast-changing nation.

15th December 2020

A 5 Year Arts Strategy for Jersey

TFCC is excited to be commissioned by the Government of Jersey to undertake a 5 Year Arts Strategy for the island. Jersey, a British Crown Dependency, has a rich and distinctive heritage, beautiful natural landscape, and increasingly dynamic and innovative arts sector. This includes leading arts organisations such as Art House Jersey, Jersey Opera House, Jersey Arts Centre, and a plethora of socially engaged and participatory providers.

The Government has made a commitment to investing 1% of GDP to the arts from 2022. This Strategy will provide the Government with an evidence-based framework and plan for arts and cultural investment, governance and partnership.

Through an extensive consultation process, TFCC will build a shared vision for arts and culture which is closely tied to wider strategic priorities in society, economy and environment.

With luck this will involve a programme of in situ consultations. Alternatively, we will roll out a programme of digital consultations.