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Nov 27 14

Sing to Live, Live to Sing - Mapping Exercise. Kensington and Chelsea, London, UK.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea to map provision and potential need for singing activities and to explore the role they can play in delivering outcomes such as improved health and well-being. Sing to Live, Live to Sing is a singing for health programme in Kensington and Chelsea, initiated by the Arts Service in partnership with Tri-Borough Public Health. This project builds from our previous work with the Borough in exploring the social capital generated by active participation in arts and culture.

18 Nov 14

Tom Fleming part of British Council Creative Hubs Steering Group.

The Steering Group is a pool of experts advising on 'hubs' in the creative economy. It consists of leading members from across the creative community, and focuses its work on providing support and creating sustainable futures for creative hubs across the EU and beyond.

This work builds on Tom Fleming's report for the 'Creative Hubs Forum' in Portugal earlier this year. The important work on creative hubs continues, and Tom Fleming is looking forward to chair the next symposium in Portugal in January 2015.

A summary of the 'Creative Hubs Forum' report, published in collaboration with Vanya Rodrigues, can be found here:

For more information about the Steering Group and Creative Hubs programme, visit:

13-15 Nov 14

Tom Fleming presenting at the 4th African Creative Economy Conference - ACEC2014 - Rabat, Morocco.

This major event aims to stimulate debate and produce cutting edge perspectives on the African Creative and Cultural Economy. It is an annual project of the Arterial Network, a Pan-African civil society network of artists, cultural activists, enterprises, NGOs and others active in the creative sector.

Building on his ongoing consultancy work across the African creative and cultural economy (with work in 9 African countries to date), and his role with UNESCO as expert adviser on international cultural policy, Tom will explore agendas for the development of a sustainable, inclusive and collaborative creative sector for Africa. He will also draw on experience in emergent economies across the world - including his role as lead consultant to the first National Cultural industries Strategy in Vietnam.

10 Nov 2014

A new addition to our team: Ingrid Aukrust Rones

We are delighted to welcome Ingrid Aukrust Rones to the TFCC team. Ingrid is our new Research and Project Associate and will be assisting with our daily marketing, research and management operations.

Ingrid graduated in 2014 from Goldsmiths, University of London, with an MA in Arts Administration and Cultural Policy and gained professional experience in Oslo, Lausanne, New York City and London. Her interests lie in cultural diplomacy and the impact of import and export of culture on domestic and international policy-making. Her international background and experience in the Business of Arts and Culture makes her a great addition to our team.

10 Nov 14

Lebanon's Creative Future

Andrew Erskine has returned to Beirut for TFCC for the second part of his work, identifying ways that the EU can support the continued growth and ongoing sustainability of the Creative Industries in Lebanon. The EU is investigating how to build on its previous support for the private sector in a country currently much affected by the ongoing situation in Syria and the challenge of installing a new President. A strong private sector will help the country to overcome many of its challenges including opening up new opportunities for young people and women as well as building on the historic strength it has in advertising, publishing and television production. The work is connecting with the current UNIDO project supporting Cultural and Creative Industries in the Southern Mediterranean in countries including Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia. On Wednesday 11th November Andrew will be participating in the launch of UNIDO's work in Lebanon in the presence of the Italian and EU Ambassadors to Lebanon as well as the Minister for Industry.