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22-23 September 15

Creative Spillovers - Final Report Launch, Essen, Germany

Our senior consultant Andrew Erskine will be presenting the final report of our research into spillover effects in the arts, culture and creative industries in Europe. The workshop will be attended by leading academic, research and industry figures from across Europe and comes a day before the annual Forum D'Avignon.

The study and an accompanying website, to be launched at the event, sets out a preliminary evidence review of the spillover effects of public investment (public money awarded directly or indirectly by government) in the arts, culture and creative industries in Europe. It was commissioned by an international consortium consisting of the Arts Council England (ACE), Arts Council of Ireland, European Centre for Creative Economy (ecce), European Cultural Foundation and Creative England. These five funding partners were joined in the research project by the European Creative Business Network (ECBN) and 13 expert research partners drawn from across Europe to establish a critical community of interest.

It stems from the collective appetite of research funders and partners, plus a growing agenda across the European Union, on the need to build a clear and accessible evidence base to improve our understanding of the multiple types of spillover generated through public investment in arts, culture, and creative industries. The main focus of study is an evidence library of spillover effects collectively created by partners. The evidence has been collated and analysed to better understand approaches to measurement of spillover effects.

Links to the report and the website will be posted here as soon as they are live.

18 September 15

Pillars of the Economy - UK China Exchange, Tate Britain, London, UK

Our Senior Consultant Andrew Erskine will be moderating an important invitation only event on UK / China Cultural Cooperation, part of the year long British Council UK / China Year of Cultural Exchange. The seminar, called 'Pillars of the economy', will feature 8 cultural leaders from the UK and China including the director of the Southbank Jude Kelly and the head of the National Theatre of China Zhou Yuyuan. It will also involve an audience of 60 leading figures from the arts, culture and creative industries.

Among other areas, the event will explore how, as we look to make the arts more sustainable, cultural organisations are continuing to develop increasingly sophisticated approaches to the commercial environment. The forum will ask what we can learn from our different approaches and encourage further opportunities for long-term UK-China collaboration. TFCC has been asked to moderate due to our growing portfolio of work in China and South East Asia, coupled with our ongoing activities in the UK.

Pillars of the Economy is part of a series of events involving leading UK and Chinese Cultural institutions and creative individuals, including Thomas Heatherwick, Martin Parr and The National Theatre.

9 September 15

Tom Fleming expert for the The Voice Of Culture: 'Developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential of cultural and creative sectors'.

The Voice of Culture is a process of exchanges between civil society stakeholders in the cultural field and the European Commission. It aims at making sure that the voices of cultural professionals are heard at the European level. It is implemented and supported by a consortium consisting of the Goethe-Institut, the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA) and Flagey.

Tom Fleming is the appointed expert for the theme 'Developing entrepreneurial and innovation potential of cultural and creative sectors'. This has a focus on access to finance, cultural and creative cross-overs, innovation, economic sustainability and social inclusion

8-10 September 15

TFCC to Keynote at International Museum Forum, Kazan, Russia

Andrew Erskine, Senior Consultant at TFCC, will be one of the Keynote speakers at the International Museum Forum in Kazan. The International Conference, organised by the International Council of Museums (Russia) and the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Republic of Tartastan (among others), is on the theme of the Mission of the Museum on a Multicultural World:
"Currently, humanity lives in a complicated world with increasing globalization, political and ethnic conflicts. Modern museums act as institutions which have a significant effect on the formation of a society and its ideology, family and moral values, dialogue of cultural traditions. Museums have to solve the problems of interaction of the people and the authorities, national and cultural organizations."
Andrew will be talking on the UK Museum experience of using technology and infrastructure to reach new audiences in new ways.

21-24 September 15

TFCC to host Creative Industries Study Tour to London for Delegation from Turkey

On behalf of the British Council, TFCC will lead a Creative Economy Study Tour for a delegation of senior representatives from UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation ) and Turkey's Ministry of Development. With a main focus on UK's Creative Industries Business Support and Growth Programmes, this tour will include a set of strategic meetings with leading cultural and creative sector organisations in London; exploring international best practice, building new connections and discussing different ways of policy-making in the creative and cultural sector that could be of relevance in Turkey.