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19-21 October 14

Tom Fleming to Moderate the 6th Asia Europe Meeting on Creative Industries - Eindhoven and Rotterdam, Netherlands

Tom Fleming has the absolute privilege of moderating this major event for the European and Asian creative industries. It will involve senior delegates from multiple governments across the two regions - including Ministers of Culture from several countries. The event will be officially opened by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Jet Bussemaker. Tom Fleming will moderate this opening plenary session, which will include a large audience of prominent creative industries policy-makers and organisations from across Europe and Asia. Tom will also chair and each of the senior official meetings - where ministries will come together to explore best practice, next practice and opportunities for Asia-European collaboration.

The event has three key themes: Creative Skills, Creative Entrepreneurs and Creative Cities. A programme of workshops will explore these themes, with different countries sponsoring and leading on discussions. Workshop recommendations will then be relayed to the final plenary session, which Tom will also moderate.

This is a major platform for the creative economies of Europe and Asia and an exciting opportunity for Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy to play a leadership and facilitating role at such a high table.

5 October 14

An Evaluation Study of the Impact of Dance Interventions on Young Learner's Resilience, London UK.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to evaluate a pilot project which explores the impact of dance in formal educational settings. The project has been set up in response to recent reviews of the evidence base for arts based interventions. These call for further empirical studies with robust evaluation methods. The project will provide an evaluation framework for high quality, artist led dance interventions in primary schools using Project Oracle's academically rigorous Standards Framework.
The project will also create evidence data as part of the process and pilot an approach that could be replicated by further studies.

15-17 October

Tom Fleming Keynotes at the 1st Moscow Forum: Culture into the Future

This major new event, organised by the Moscow Department of Culture, will be staged in the city's Central Exhibition Hall 'Manege'. The Forum is one of the main events of the Russian Year of Culture 2014. It will bring together more than 4000 attendees from 15 countries - including leading Russian and international experts in the field of culture, science and education, city mayors and policy-makers.

Tom will speak on a range of topics, focusing on innovation and reform in the cultural sector; on new business models; and on the links between the historically subsidy-dependent 'arts and cultural' sector and the wider cultural economy. Tom will also draw on over 12 years experience working in Russia - on the role of culture in social and economic development and the opportunities for cities and regions across the Federation.

17 Sept 14

Major EU-funded Initiative to Support Creative SMEs and micro businesses in Lebanon

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been appointed by the European Union to lead its forthcoming delegation in Lebanon to identify and formulate a plan for private sector development in the Creative Industries. Building on the EU's EUR 14 million investment in private sector development in the country in 2009, this Annual Action Programme (AAP) investment will help in the rebuilding of an economy which has suffered deterioration over the last couple of years. In particular the EU is focusing on SME and micro enterprises and how support can be targeted directly to entrepreneurs. Andrew Erskine will lead on our work in the field. He will undertake diagnostic processes to identify which support measures would have the greatest impact, what the key infrastructure needs are for the sector, what the priority clusters should be, and the connections between the creative, cultural and Higher education sectors. Our report including and action plan will detail what type of investment the EU should make in the country to best support the creative industries as a flourishing and sustainable sector.

This builds on our previous work in Lebanon - where we have developed a Creative Cluster Action Plan(2009) and assisted with sector mapping activities (2010).

8 September 14

Tom Fleming addressing the Avtograd Expo, Togliatti, Russia.

Avtograd Expo is a large-scale event on the future of Togliatti - a major city on the Volga river in central Russia. Tom has had a long-standing relationship in Togliatti since his work over a decade ago to advise the city on its approach to the cultural economy. At Avtograd, Tom will focus on sustainable cultural development and the role of museums and other types of cultural infrastructure. Togliatti is in the development phase for a major Museums Quarter. Tom will draw on good practice internationally and advise on how Togliatti can integrate cultural development into its longer term city development.