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11 May 2016

Tom Fleming in Barbados and Bahamas for Caribbean Creative Industries Management Unit (CCIMU) Consultations

As our work for the Caribbean Export Development Agency reaches its final phase, Tom Fleming will be undertaking a round of consultations in Barbados and Bahamas, including a policy workshop in Nassau. This will trigger the development of a preferred options paper for the CCIMU which will be tested in early June 2016 via a workshop in Trinidad.

26th April 2016

TFCC Commissioned to Undertake Watershed Development Review, Bristol, UK

Watershed in Bristol has gained a reputation in the UK and internationally as a leading cultural centre, creative hub and innovator.

This piece of research will explore how Watershed is viewed and understood, and develop an appreciation of how it is positioned in the wider strategic and investment landscape for culture and the creative economy in the UK. It will then signal how Watershed could play a role which leverages its current strengths and enables it to link its own growth to the growth of the wider UK creative economy.

This is to ensure Watershed is not just a reference point for creativity and innovation; but a key enabler for a set of partners and funders who have as yet stopped short of fully embracing the Watershed value proposition.

26-27 April 2016

Tom Fleming delivering 2 presentations at the 2016 British Council Creative Industries Conference and Expo, Abuja, Nigeria

Tom Fleming is back in Nigeria with team member Tomi Oladepo to participate in this major event in the Nigerian capital. Tom will be presenting the findings of our recent research on the creative and cultural skills needs of Nigeria. He will also provide an overview of the creative industries investment landscape for the UK, drawing on our research in this field for clients such as Nesta, arts Council England and Creative Industries Finance.

TFCC is currently developing a strategic role in creative and cultural policy and investment in Nigeria, with our new team member Tomi Oladepo helping us to combine our expertise with local capacity.

22 April 2016

TFCC Commissioned by Arts Council England to undertake Three Year Evaluation of the Luton Investment Programme

The Luton Investment Programme (LIP) is a strategic investment in Luton to develop a sustainable, high quality cultural offer in the town. The LIP will work to engage audiences from across this culturally diverse and distinctive town in southern England. This will include a new cultural celebration, a public realm arts plan, a professional development programme and the development of a 10-year vision and strategic arts and cultural plan for the town.

TFCC will work closely with the LIP strategic partners (Arts Council England, Luton Borough Council, Luton Culture and University of Bedfordshire) providing ongoing learning throughout the three year programme.

19-22 April 2016

Tom Fleming in Sofia, Bulgaria, as Expert for Culture in Cities and Regions Study Visit

Tom Fleming will continue his role as creative industries expert to the Culture for Cities and Regions programme by participating in a study visit to Sofia. 10 cities from across Europe will join Tom and the team from Eurocities and KEA to explore the role of culture in development across this fast-changing capital city. This will include visits to key clusters and cultural organisations and an active debate with participating cities on next and best practice on creative industries and cultural regeneration.