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9th June 2016

Caribbean Creative Industries Management Unit, Prioritisation Workshop, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Tom Fleming is in Port of Spain as part of our work to develop a Business Plan for the proposed new Caribbean Creative Industries Management Unit (CCIMU). Tom is facilitating a major workshop with key stakeholders from across the CARICOM region. This is to prioritise the core vision, mission, governance mode, work streams and actions for the CCIMU. Once agreed, TFCC will complete their Business Plan for CCIMU.

The overall purpose of the CCIMU is to address the needs of the regional creative industries, while fostering creativity, developing businesses, creating opportunities and improving trade, and ensuring that the rights and obligations of stakeholders are respected and legally protected.

The Business Plan is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and commissioned by the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA).

7th June 2017

A Cultural Vision, Strategy & Framework for Swansea, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to develop a Cultural Vision, Strategy and Framework for Swansea. This will explore how Swansea can demonstrably become a CREATIVE CITY. This is where culture and creativity are positioned as holistic solutions long-term sustainability and success. We will:
- Build a framework for culture in Swansea, with a thematic overview of how culture can deliver on core strategic goals for the city
- Benchmark Swansea to demonstrate best practice internationally and adapt approaches which can make a difference to Swansea.
- Identify and develop thinking on the cultural dimension for key regeneration projects in Swansea City Centre.
- Develop a set of strategic priorities for culture-led development in the city: toward a creative city plan.

23 May 2016

Tom Fleming the new Chair of Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK

We are very excited to announce that Tom Fleming has been appointed as the new Char of Site Gallery, Sheffield. Site supports artists specialising in moving image, new media and performance. Pioneering emerging art practices and ideas, Site work in partnership with local, regional and international collaborators to nurture artistic talent and support the development of contemporary art. Their mission is to connect people to artists and to art, inspiring new thinking and debate through our public programmes and participatory activity.

Tom studied at the University of Sheffield and has since actively sought ways to support the arts and cultural renaissance of this distinctive and brilliant city. Site is already delivering great work and it has so much potential to play a leadership and innovative role for the Sheffield City Region, where culture and the creative industries have been so influential in re-booting the city's identity and economy. With a capital development to come, Site can grow to be a major hub and catalyst for creative practice, criticality and artistic excellence for the UK.

20 May 2016

Culture in Development: Art, Research and Emergency, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tom Fleming will participate in this invitation-only workshop co-produced by Arts Cabinet and Dutch Culture. aim of this workshop is to bring together arts, culture and education institutions and experts from the UK and The Netherlands to share knowledge and explore the scope for collaboration on culture in development. The workshop will draw on observations and ideas which emerged during the preparatory phase of the project MENA:Norden, a programme of artistic exchange between Europe and the Middle-East, devised by Arts Cabinet.

The project has brought together a unique and innovative partnership between arts organisations, higher education, national institutes of culture, culture in development agencies and governments from the UK, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium.

The project is still under development. Its aim is to build a positive, forward-looking artistic exchange programme between countries in the EU, North Africa and the Middle East. Tom Fleming is a Board Member of Arts Cabinet.

12 May 2016

TFCC undertakes evaluation exercise for the Merseyside Music Development Fund.

As part of our growing portfolio of work in the music sector, we have been commissioned to undertake a short evaluation exercise for this targeted investment and support programme for contemporary music acts in Merseyside. This will comprise a number of interviews with artists and managers and the development of a short summary report aimed to support partners in refining their approach to music investment in Merseyside and elsewhere.