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1 February 16

Launch of Criw Celf Evaluation Guide and Toolkit

We are proud to announce that the Evaluation Guide and Toolkit, designed by TFCC's team for the Arts Council of Wales, has been officially launched across all the Criw Celf partners in Wales. The document sets out a structured approach to monitoring and evaluating the Criw Celf programme across Wales. The design of the evaluation guide and toolkit builds on the results of several consultations, visits, and workshops with the Criw Celf partners and young people who participated in the programme.
Criw Celf provides children and young people with an opportunity to develop their artistic skills working outside of a school setting alongside professional artists in a variety of different gallery and site-specific settings. In the same way that an orchestra or choir provides an opportunity for young musicians to join together to perform, Criw Celf offers an opportunity for aspiring young visual artists to spend time with their peers and professional artists to develop their talent.

If you would like to receive more information, please follow this link:

You can download the Guide & Toollkit on the following link:

January 25th 16

Tom Fleming on Estonian Radio

Tom Fleming will be special guest on the Turundusraadio Marketing Week show. He will discuss the health of the creative industries sector in northern Europe and the particular skill-sets needed for creative entrepreneurs to flourish.

The show starts at 3pm GMT.

27 January 16

European Parliament Intergroup on Cultural and Creative Industries, Brussels, Belgium

Our Senior Consultant Andrew Erskine will present at this high level session for MEPs on "The spillover effects of cultural and creative industries in Europe: drivers for innovation". This builds on the work we carried out last year for the research project on the preliminary evidence of spillover effects in Europe. The aim of this research was to develop a better understanding the methodologies to measure spillover effects of public investment (public money awarded directly or indirectly by government funded industry bodies) in the arts, culture and the creative industries.

The session at the European Parliament will be led by Co-Chairs of the Intergroup, Pervenche Beres MEP and Christian Ehler MEP. It will examine how Cultural and Creative industries generate positive spillovers on other aspects of the European economy such as tourism, design related activities, social innovation, enviromental aspects and more. Questions to be addressed include:

- What are spillover effects and how are they produced?
- What are best-practices for larger economic and social effects?
- What can the European Parliament do to increase the benefits for spillover effects for well-being, in accordance with the policy aims of the European Commission?

Other speakers will include Bernd Fesel, Senior Advisor ecce, Germany; and Dawn Ashman, Director Creative Industries, Arts Council England.

4 January 16

On-site sector consultations and Investment Opportunities workshop, Jamaica

As part of TFCC's appointed work to develop a Business Plan for Jamaica's Creative and Cultural Industries (CCIs), we will be conducting on-site sector consultation with leading organisations, businesses, experts and creative practitioners. As part of this, TFCC will host a finance-specific event; targeted at investors and financial brokers to help explore and develop the current status quo of finance and support mechanisms for the creative and cultural businesses across Jamaica.
The Development of a Business Plan for Jamaica's Creative Industries is financed by the World Bank and is part the Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth Programme. TFCC's role as the appointed consultants aims to guide on the development of a strategic roadmap document that will support the growth and sustainability of the Creative and Cultural Industries locally and in the international markets.

4 January 16

Lead Advisory Role to Three Sisters 2020, European Capital of Culture candidate, Ireland

Following the successful shortlisting of the Three Sisters (Waterford, Wexford and Kilkenny) as a candidate to be European Capital of Culture 2020, Tom Fleming will continue his Lead Advisory Role. This is to support the final stage of the ECOC 2020 bid. In the next 6 months, Tom's role will be focused on building a strong final bid that reflects and connects the region's distinctive strengths, mobilises new partnerships and engages as many parties as possible to help position culture into the heart of the wider economic and social development agendas of the region.