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18th February 2021

Milton Keynes Cultural Infrastructure Plan, UK

TFCC has been commissioned in a team led by We Made That to undertake a cultural infrastructure plan for Milton Keynes. This work, as part of an interdisciplinary team which also involves PRD and Counterculture, will provide an evidence-based approach to cultural infrastructure planning.

Milton Keynes is the largest 'new town' in the UK and the brightest economic success of this movement. The town has grown significantly over recent years, requiring a fresh look at the role culture can play for wellbeing and quality of life and economic development. This Plan will provide an evidence-based approach to cultural infrastructure development, set out an overarching vision for cultural infrastructure, and deliver a business plan.

It is the latest in a series of cultural planning projects which TFCC has played a major role - from the Thames Estuary Cultural Production Corridor to a Cultural Assets Strategy for Sheffield.

18th February 2021

The Creative Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in the Time of Crisis. Lecture for Kuwait Public Policy Centre.

Tom Fleming will provide a keynote address to the Kuwait Public Policy Centre. The lecture will introduce core concepts regarding the global creative economy, introduce emerging trends and consider how the creative industries and culture can play a vital role in economic and social recovery.

Tom will set out some major opportunities for Kuwait and the region to be a hub and catalyst for the creative economy. This includes approaches to talent development, clusters and hubs, innovation and soft power.

The lecture will draw on examples from across the world, where TFCC has been playing a leading role in evidence, strategy and policy development for the creative economy.

12th February 2021

Workshop on EU Cultural Relations After Brexit

Tom Fleming will facilitate a workshop on EU cultural relations after Brexit in partnership with the University of Manchester and Creative Manchester. This is a follow-up to the recent Arts After Brexit report by Dr Charlotte Faucher, to which Tom Fleming played an advisory role.

The workshop will bring together cultural organisations, intermediaries and partnership bodies from across Europe to reflect on future cultural relations and how the sector can work together to overcome the damage caused by Brexit. It will include provocations from Tom Fleming, Charlotte Faucher and leading European cultural relations expert Geoffrey Brown of EUCLID.

4th February 2021

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of the Cultural Sector in the West Midlands, UK

TFCC has been commissioned as part of a consortium including Hatch and We Made That to undertake a detailed cultural baseline report for the West Midlands Combined Authority.

The West Midlands is a region with a diverse and distinctive cultural and creative economy which spans innovative micro enterprises and freelancers to excellent cultural infrastructure; and which includes a rich mix of places, emergent clusters and strong networks which, together, have helped establish a coordinated strategic approach to
sector development.

Over years of committed partnership, a level of consensus has been achieved which recognises how all areas of the region benefit from the economic, social and cultural dividends that investment in culture, creative industries and tourism brings. ‘Big ticket’ interventions such as Coventry, UK City of Culture 2021 and Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022, will help the region to catapult its cultural and creative offer to a national and international audience, provide a runway for the region’s creative talent, and generate spillover effects for wider culture-led economic development.

This piece of research will provide the data and intelligence partners need to realise their cultural potential and respond as effectively as possible to the twin challenges of Brexit and Covid-19. It will also build on and connect with our ongoing work to develop a Creative Economy Strategy for Coventry.

25th January 2021

EU regional Cultural Research Programme: Connect Through Culture and Bridging the Gap Museums programme

TFCC has been commissioned by The British Council to undertake two related pieces of research which will inform approaches to sector development in this challenging post-Brexit reality.

The first - Connect Through Culture - will involve engagement with artists and intermediary organisations across Europe to explore the types of support needed for impactful artist mobility. This is in the context of the brutal end to freedom of movement for UK artists and thus a set of new challenges to establish collaborative artistic practice between the UK and other European countries.

The second - Bridging the Gap - will involve engagement with museums and cultural institutes to identify skills and capacity gaps which require strategic attention. This includes skills to develop a sustainable and inclusive museums sector.

The programme will include research and engagement in countries as diverse as Greece, Romania, Norway, Ireland, Portugal, Poland and The Netherlands. TFCC will work closely with the European team at the British Council, based in Brussels; and the Greece office of the British Council.