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29th June 2016

Statement: UK Referendum on Membership of the European Union

All of us at Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy (TFCC) are hugely disappointed with the result of the UK referendum in favour of the UK leaving the European Union (EU).

We fear that a Great Britain of tolerance, diversity, openness and generosity has been symbolically diminished to a 'little England' of cynicism and fear and that the UK's exit of the European Union (or 'Brexit') will be immensely harmful for our future as a nation and for Europe as a whole.

We also feel that the positive case for remaining in the EU was not effectively made. In part this was due to poor leadership across the political spectrum both during the campaign and for the last decade or more where the merits of the EU have been historically under-sold. It was also in part due to the flagrant messages of prejudice and lies pedalled by the right-wing press working closely with the 'Leave' campaign.

The greatest tragedy is that those cities and regions which depended so much on EU investment to create jobs, improve infrastructure and tackle inequality; are those which were least well-informed of the value of the EU and which will suffer the most over the coming years through the consequences of their vote to leave.

We are uncertain of what Brexit will mean for UK/EU collaboration across the cultural and creative industries. Our hope is that partners across Europe will now be more committed than ever to stand as one and build cultural relations. The UK referendum campaign and result have helped to legitimise racist discourse in the mainstream of public life, seriously undermined cohesion and mobilised a culture of mistrust. This means it is all our responsibility to fight prejudice and build bridges wherever possible.

At TFCC, we are proud of our work in fostering collaboration and building cultural capacity across Europe. We will continue to seek partnerships in cities and regions across the EU and we will work tirelessly to connect our friends across the EU to cities, regions and cultural organisations in the UK.

In the UK, the cultural sector and creative industries needs Europe like never before. We hope that Europe, wherever possible, will work with us to ensure that cultural relations are enhanced rather than eroded over the next vitally important period.

15th - 17th June 2016

Tom Fleming in Vilnius, Lithuania, as Expert for Culture in Cities and Regions Study Visit

Tom Fleming will continue his role as creative industries expert to the Culture for Cities and Regions programme by participating in a study visit to Vilnius. 10 cities from across Europe will join Tom to explore the role of culture in development across this historic but fast-changing capital city. This will include visits to key clusters and cultural organisations and an active debate with participating cities on next and best practice on creative industries and cultural regeneration. Additional focus areas for this visit include 'sleeping districts', cohesion and balancing heritage with contemporary creative production.

11th June 2016

Evaluation of Studio Wayne McGregor Healthier Hackney programme, London, UK

We are delighted to be working with the Studio Wayne McGregor Learning and Engagement Team on the evaluation of their Healthier Hackney Programme. This project will explore a key question: Can creative dance activity and the formation of a local dance group build community resilience to the health risks presented by social isolation in the under 50s?

The programme, supported by the Hackney Public Health Fund, is a collaboration with Hackney Marsh Partnership and other local organisations working on the Kingsmead, Morningside and Gascoyne housing estates. We will be evaluating the effectiveness of the partnership and engagement with residents in addition to outcomes for the participants and wider community.

This project builds on our previous work with Studio Wayne McGregor as evaluation partner for the Dance Impact Project and Summer School for young people.

9th June 2016

Caribbean Creative Industries Management Unit, Prioritisation Workshop, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Tom Fleming is in Port of Spain as part of our work to develop a Business Plan for the proposed new Caribbean Creative Industries Management Unit (CCIMU). Tom is facilitating a major workshop with key stakeholders from across the CARICOM region. This is to prioritise the core vision, mission, governance mode, work streams and actions for the CCIMU. Once agreed, TFCC will complete their Business Plan for CCIMU.

The overall purpose of the CCIMU is to address the needs of the regional creative industries, while fostering creativity, developing businesses, creating opportunities and improving trade, and ensuring that the rights and obligations of stakeholders are respected and legally protected.

The Business Plan is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and commissioned by the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA).

7th June 2017

A Cultural Vision, Strategy & Framework for Swansea, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to develop a Cultural Vision, Strategy and Framework for Swansea. This will explore how Swansea can demonstrably become a CREATIVE CITY. This is where culture and creativity are positioned as holistic solutions long-term sustainability and success. We will:
- Build a framework for culture in Swansea, with a thematic overview of how culture can deliver on core strategic goals for the city
- Benchmark Swansea to demonstrate best practice internationally and adapt approaches which can make a difference to Swansea.
- Identify and develop thinking on the cultural dimension for key regeneration projects in Swansea City Centre.
- Develop a set of strategic priorities for culture-led development in the city: toward a creative city plan.