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19-22 April 2016

Tom Fleming in Sofia, Bulgaria, as Expert for Culture in Cities and Regions Study Visit

Tom Fleming will continue his role as creative industries expert to the Culture for Cities and Regions programme by participating in a study visit to Sofia. 10 cities from across Europe will join Tom and the team from Eurocities and KEA to explore the role of culture in development across this fast-changing capital city. This will include visits to key clusters and cultural organisations and an active debate with participating cities on next and best practice on creative industries and cultural regeneration.

15th April 2016

Tom Fleming featured in UNESCO article on the 2005 Convention

Tom Fleming's recent work in Vietnam is featured in a new article by UNESCO. The article focuses on progress made in Vietnam since signing the 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of a Diversity of Cultural Expressions. This includes the development of an independent cultural sector and the growing influence of digital technology in enabling a dynamic creative industries sector to emerge.

In the article, Tom points to the ongoing challenges of censorship, ill-fitting reglation and the slow progress in ratifying the National Cultural Industries Strategy (written by TFCC). But he also points to a process of awakening, where cultural reform is underway and indepentent cultural practice finding its voice.

12th April 2016

Caribbean Creative Industries Management Unit Options Workshop, Kingston, Jamaica

Tom Fleming is back in Kingston, Jamaica, as part of our work to develop a Business Plan for the proposed new Caribbean Creative Industries Management Unit (CCIMU). Tom is undertaking a series of consultations, including a major workshop with key stakeholders from across the CARICOM region. The workshop includes an introduction from the new Minister of Culture of Jamaica and will be led by Tom in his role as lead consultant to the Business Plan.

The overall purpose of the CCIMU is to address the needs of the regional creative industries, while fostering creativity, developing businesses, creating opportunities and improving trade, and ensuring that the rights and obligations of stakeholders are respected and legally protected.

The Business Plan is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and commissioned by the Caribbean Export Development Agency (CEDA).

29th March 2016

TFCC Commissioned to Undertake Evaluation of the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts Accelerator, England

TFCC has been commissioned by Arts Council England and Nesta to evaluate their new Digital Accelerator programme. This programme builds on the Digital R&D Fund (which TFCC also evaluated) to help organisations to develop business plans, financial modelling, pitching skills, marketing plans and partnerships. Crucially, it will facilitate organisations to access follow-on funding in the form of investment and grants, as well as professional in-kind support.

28th - 31st March 2016

Tom Fleming in Hanoi for UNESCO and Sida Technical Assisance to the Government of Vietnam

This visit to Hanoi is to participate in a symposium to review progress in the development of the quadrennial report relating to the 2005 UN Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Diversity fo Cultural Expressions. Tom will also provide one-to-one technical asisance to key strategic contributors to this report. This is as part of Tom's long-term development role as adviser to Unesco and partners in Vietnam, which has involved 9 strategic interventions over 4 years to develop cultural cpacity and expertise in this fast-changing country.

The programme is funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA), and builds on TFCC previous work with the Convention a critical underpinning of cultural policy development in Vietnam.