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13th March 2017

Tom Fleming Talk at Goldsmiths College, London, UK

Tom Fleming has been invited to deliver a talk to the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths College on cultural research, policy and the role of the consultant. Tom will discuss his portfolio of work and explore how the cultural policy landscape is changing - with the horrors of Brexit yet to unfold and civil society under threat in many parts of the world.

29th February 2017

Assessment of Arts and Creative Industries Potential in Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned by The British Council to explore the potential of the arts and creative industries in three West African countries: Ghana, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

Each country has a distinctive and growing arts scene and an expanding creative industries sector - catalysed by a youthful and increasingly digitally literate population. But each country also faces a particular set of challenges - with domestic markets small, copyright infringement the norm and a range of infrastructural and regulatory issues slowing growth.

This study involves an interview and workshop programme in each country, complemented by desk-based research and a survey. It will explore the profile and dynamics of the arts and creative industries in each country and point to strategic opportunities for the British Council as it expands its operations across West Africa.

28th February

Mapping of Key UK Creative Industries Businesses & Organisations for the Canadian High Commission

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to develop a directory of key UK creative industries businesses and organisations for the High Commission of Canada. This will provide a knowledge resource for the Trade Commissioners to identify UK creative contacts for Canadian businesses looking to pursue trade and collaboration opportunities in the UK. The first part of our research will focus on the music and audio-visual sectors.

27th February - 3rd March 2017

Creative Industries Expert Mission to Armenia

We are looking forward to building on our work in central and eastern Europe, with senior consultant Andrew Erskine heading up a Creative Industries expert mission to Armenia.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, alongside Sound Diplomacy and local experts from Deem Communications, will be leading a week long series of workshops and interviews with Creative Industries companies in Yerevan, Armenia. The mission is financed by the EU through their programme: Private Sector Development for the Southern Caucus: Support for SME Development in Armenia. It will support the growth of four key sectors: Design, Film, Software and Games, and Advertising.

Overall the objective is to contribute to the growth SMEs from 7 to 15% of the economy and to expand their share of GDP to 35%. More broadly is about diversifying the economy beyond its traditional agricultural and industrial strengths.

The project is being run by GIZ - a German international development agency. It is part of the EU focus on developing a stronger economy and society in central and eastern Europe. One of the many interesting areas that will be addressed during the week will be understanding how the Armenian diaspora, of which an estimated 400,000 live in the USA, can be better connected to the future prosperity of Armenia.

1st February 2017

Tom Fleming to Keynote at Margate Arts, Culture & Heritage Conference, UK

After years of challenge, Margate has become the envy of seaside towns across the UK, not only for its flagship cultural infrastructure but also for the vibrancy of its fast-growing creative industries.

This event celebrates the learning from almost 10 years of culture-led placemaking in Margate, with a focus on the legacy of the innovative Margate Arts Creativity Heritage partnership programme, and with a view to the future of economic and cultural development across Thanet (the local authority area).

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy developed the 10 Year Cultural Vision for Margate in 2008. Tom will reflect on achievements to date and explore some of the big picture opportunties for culture-led place-making in Margate and other smaller towns where culture is championed.