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23rd April 2018

Tom Fleming a founding member of the new Cultural Policy Designers Network

The Cultural Policy Designers Network (CPDN) brings together independent cultural policy experts, known in the field for their policy work across Europe and beyond. The eight founders of the CPDN have joined forces to provide alternative and independent partnerships that draw on international expertise for advice, strategic planning and project implementation in the arts, culture and the creative economy.

As the first European network for professional cultural policy experts operating from within the non-governmental sector, CPDN will serve as a platform for its members to develop partnerships with national, regional, European and international institutions.

The network wants to operate as a truly European force providing expertise in the cultural
fields to serve the European project in its social, economic and diplomatic dimension. The
CPDN intends to be a knowledge-based independent partner, free from any political affiliations or lobby groups.

CPDN has also launched a membership call for interested individuals who wish to join the
network. In the coming months CPDN will also start connecting with other networks and
organisations interested in exploring new and alternative solutions to challenges in cultural development through a collaborative pan-European approach.

19th April 2018

Global City Networks: Research Programme for the British Council Global Cities Strategy

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy have been commissioned by the British Council to research and analyse the main UK-wide and global city networks, to identify their unique offer and focus, and to identify where there is potential overlap with relevant strategic priorities, and where there are opportunities for partnership and collaborative working.

The British Council is currently developing its first Global Cities Strategy, so there is need to establish a structured and evidence-based approach to its partnership work with networks of cities. There are multiple networks of cities, including UK-wide networks, regional networks (e.g. Europe and Asia), and global networks (such as those mobilised by UNESCO and UCLG).

Our role is to map and analysis the multiple networks and identify points of convergence and strategic opportunity for the British Council as it develops its Global Cities Strategy.

13th April 2018

Evaluation of Connections Through Culture, China and UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy have been appointed by the British Council China to develop a ten-year evaluation of the Connections Through Culture programme. This is a vital programme for nurturing UK and China cultural relations through a focus on professional development exchange, mutual learning and capacity building.

Connections Through Culture has brokered and invested in multiple relations between arts and cultural organisations in China and the UK, fostering shared understanding, developing management and technical skills and driving new types of innovative cultural practice.

For this evaluation, our China and UK team will combine to undertake a programme of interviews, surveys and workshops which will explore the strategic role and value of the programme and reflect on lessons learned for future China / UK collaboration.

20th March 2018

South Downs National Park Authority - Cultural Heritage Mapping, Data and Research Gathering and Analysis, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy are pleased to begin work with the South Downs National Park Authority, helping them identify and understand cultural and creative industries in relation to the UK's most recently established national park. The pioneering work, the first we are aware of for a UK National Park Authority, will include mapping and surveying artists, designers and crafts people whose work is influenced by the unique landscape and environment of the park as well as capturing the wider cultural and creative industries which lie just outside its boundaries in places such as Winchester, Eastbourne and Brighton.

In particular we will be seeking to understand the the role of culture where it combines with education and the environment.

19th March 2018

Global Reflections on the Cultural and Creative Economy, Aracaju, Brazil

Tom Fleming is in Brazil for a range of engagements, kicking-off with a keynote presentation on approaches to the cultural and creative economy from different parts of the world. Hosted by Senac Sergipe, this is an opportunity to connect global trends to local agendas. It is over a decade since Tom first came to Sergipe state and he will reflect on how policy agendas have changed, not least the importance of connecting social, sustainability and creative agendas over the long-term.

While in Sergipe, Tom will also be working with IPTI to build on a longstanding relationship which places social technology and community engagement to the heart of the creative economy agenda. This is through The Human Project: