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28th June 2018

Tom Fleming to facilitate EUNIC Egypt Creative Economy Programme, Cairo, Egypt.

Funded by the European Union, TOWARDS A CREATIVE ECONOMY FRAMEWORK is an 18-month long project (January 2018-June 2019) delivered by the British Council on behalf of EUNIC Egypt. EUNIC is a network of European national institutes of culture and national bodies engaged in cultural and related activities. Egypt has a long history as a leader in creative industries such as music, film and publishing, and is already building strategies for promoting and enhancing the wider cultural and creative industries such as handicrafts, heritage and software development.

This project will create a forum for exchanging information, sharing experiences and action planning between Egyptian and European Union creative economy stakeholders, and support Egyptian leaders in advocating for the creative economy. The first step of this journey is two roundtables: first for non-governmental, sector-focused creative economy stakeholders; second for government. The in-depth discussions, facilitated by Tom Fleming, will bring together Egyptian governmental and non-governmental stakeholders and their European counterparts to share experiences of building a creative economy.

16th June 2018

A Cultural Strategy for the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, UK.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to develop a cultural strategy for this distinctive part of the UK. Our job will be to locate cultural, investment and partnership opportunities which support local economic growth, inward investment and marketing, place making and the other priorities of the Lancashire Enterprise Partnership strategic economic plan. Part of our role is build an evidence base for culture and creativity in Lancashire, demonstrating the current contribution to economy and society as well as the potential for growth. We will also work to connect culture to wider strategic priorities including improving quality of life, quality of place, health and wellbeing.

16th June 2018

Tom Fleming speaking at the annual UNESCO Creative Cities Conference, Katowice, Poland

The Creative Cities and Industries Conference is a supplementary event for the 12th Annual Meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. Tom will participate in a panel entitled 'Measuring the Immeasurable'.

In light of the New Urban Agenda and Agenda 2030, cultural statistics and evidence of the role of culture in municipal, regional and national economies are increasingly necessary to shed light on the impact, spill-over effects and influence of the sectors on development and the need for policies and strategies rooted in evidence-based approaches.

UNESCO has been spearheading two important initiatives, namely the Framework for Cultural Statistics and the UNESCO Culture for Development Indicator Suite. The pioneering research initiatives aim to systematise appropriate methods for measuring economic growth and the social and community impact of culture, highlighting its major contribution to the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The session will bring together experts and researchers to present the most recent developments in these studies and to introduce good practice and case studies from around the globe.

11th June 2018

Technical and strategic advisers to The Creative Economy of The Philippines: Citywide Mapping and Opportunities for Growth.

Building on our 2017 role in supporting the set-up of The Philippines Creative Economy Programme, TFCC has been commissioned by The British Council and Creative Economy Council of The Philippines to support partners in two pilot mapping studies: for the cities of Makati and Baguio. Our role includes advice on the operational definition of creative industries; methodology coaching for partners; and guidance on policy opportunities and potential actions.

To deliver this we will work closely with the new Creative Economy Council for The Philippines and the lead mapping partners for each city.

11th June 2018

A Cultural Infrastructure Plan for Thamesmead, London, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy, with Regeneris and We Made That, has been commissioned by Peabody to develop a cultural infrastructure plan for the district of Thamesmead in south east London. Thamesmead was an ambitious high density housing project launched 50 years ago to tackle over-crowding in inner London and set out a bright and brave new future for community development and place-making in outer London. However, the district has in recent years struggled to deliver on its original ambition and is undergoing a process of revitalisation and re-imagination. This includes a strategic approach to culture.

The focus of this piece of work is on future cultural provision, future audiences and future facilities. TFCC will provide evidence-based creative guidance and a robust overview of partnership opportunities between Thamesmead and organisations that are bringing cultural infrastructure projects forward, such as Bow Arts.