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May 7th 2018

A Cultural Strategy for the City of Preston, UK.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been commissioned to undertake a Cultural Strategy for the City of Preston in the north west of England. The task is to develop an ambitious and quality vision for the city for the next 10 years and a clear strategy of how the city will deliver the vision, highlighting a set of key priorities over the short, medium and long term. The strategy will identify headline themes or priorities and key objectives to enable progress to be effectively monitored and for success to be recognised.

The vision and strategy will set out an understanding of Preston now, the things the city does well, its assets and strengths. It will also outline the challenges facing the city, the areas that can be developed and the things the city needs to get right.

May 5th 2018

Tom Fleming to facilitate the inaugural International Advisory Panel for CENDANA - the Cultural Industries Development Agency of Malaysia

Tom Fleming will be in Kuala Lumpur to facilitate a programme of knowledge exchange which provides a global outlook on best practice in arts and creative industries development. Participants include Singapore National Arts Council, Creative Scotland, Australian Council for the Arts, BeKraf Indonesia and the Thailand Creative Design Centre. Objectives include:

a. Assist CENDANA in developing an innovative, inclusive and sustainable programme which builds the capacity, confidence and connectivity of the arts, cultural and creative sectors of Malaysia via dialogue with partners internationally.
b. Ensure the implementation is progressing the objectives of the CENDANA mandate.
c. Suggest ways of strengthening CENDANA including considering potential new collaborations, partnerships, sources of funding and strategic directions.
d. Enhance the credibility of CENDANA by promoting its interests internationally, acting as an advocate for CENDANA and its aims.
e. Build an open community for shared strategic development, building capacity and driving innovation for policy and investment globally.

CENDANA was launched in 2017 alongside the Blueprint for the cultural economy of Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley; to which Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy were lead consultants.

A Refreshed Cultural & Creative Industries Study for Tunbridge Wells, UK.

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy have been commissioned to develop a refreshed cultural and creative industries study for Tunbridge Wells in Kent, UK. This exercise will build from and refresh our previous study from 2012, which had three recommendations

1. Workspace: with urgency develop a set of options for a dedicated creative workspace hub(s).
2. Branding: Develop a new brand identity and a set of signage and branding activities for the creative economy of Tunbridge Wells.
3. Collaboration/networks: set up a Creative Collaboration Steering Group to lead on creating a programme of events and network activities for the sector.

These recommendations directly resulted in the following:

- Successful funding bids for investment and support to develop The House creative workspace and business support programme, which opened in 2016.
- Secured investment and support to develop the Tunbridge Wells Cultural and Learning Hub.
- Development of the Tunbridge Wells Cultural Consortium
- Raising the profile of cultural activities and positioning culture and the creative sector as a whole as a driver for change within the Borough.

Following this success, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and Kent County Council have commissioned TFCC to update the sector baseline and refresh the strategic approach to the cultural and creative industries in this distinctive place. The aim of this work is to ensure continued support for the sector to enable business growth, and encourage the benefits that the sector contributes to the cultural and place-making ambitions for Tunbridge Wells.

1st May 2018

Creative Economy Networks: research, policy and exchange (UK-Brazil)

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will be well-represented at this conference hosted by the British Council and Queen Mary University, with both Tom Fleming and Pedro Affonso Ivo Franco presenting.

Creative Economy Networks: research, policy and exchange (UK-Brazil) brings together research, policy and industry perspectives to explore the role of exchange in creative economy businesses and its impact on the sector. Particular focus will be given to new research and policy drawn from recent UK-Brazil collaboration and exchanges led or facilitated by the British Council, Network and People Palace Projects.

Pedro will present our perspectives on supporting creative entrepreneurs in marginal locations - drawing on our recent and ongoing work in Brazil. Tom will chair a session which features creative business support and training providers from across Brazil.

23rd April 2018

Tom Fleming a founding member of the new Cultural Policy Designers Network

The Cultural Policy Designers Network (CPDN) brings together independent cultural policy experts, known in the field for their policy work across Europe and beyond. The eight founders of the CPDN have joined forces to provide alternative and independent partnerships that draw on international expertise for advice, strategic planning and project implementation in the arts, culture and the creative economy.

As the first European network for professional cultural policy experts operating from within the non-governmental sector, CPDN will serve as a platform for its members to develop partnerships with national, regional, European and international institutions.

The network wants to operate as a truly European force providing expertise in the cultural
fields to serve the European project in its social, economic and diplomatic dimension. The
CPDN intends to be a knowledge-based independent partner, free from any political affiliations or lobby groups.

CPDN has also launched a membership call for interested individuals who wish to join the
network. In the coming months CPDN will also start connecting with other networks and
organisations interested in exploring new and alternative solutions to challenges in cultural development through a collaborative pan-European approach.