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16th May 2019

The Soft Power of the UK Core Cities - A Study

TFCC has been commissioned by the Core Cities Group and British Council to undertake an assets mapping of the soft power for the core cities of the UK. These are the largest cities outside London, which are working in an increasingly collaborative way to build the profile of and case for UK cities in policy and investment. These cities are Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Nottingham, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff, Newcastle and Glasgow. For this study, Belfast is also to be featured.

By utilising the soft power of the Core Cities, the UK Government can help drive trade and investment that benefits the whole country at a time when the national brand is damaged by Brexit.

This requires strategic use of the soft power assets for the Core Cities and giving voice to those best placed to champion and develop them. This study will bring the Core Cities soft power assets into sharper focus and guide a co-ordinated and strategic approach to making the best of them.

6th-7th May 2019

Connecting Culture Forum, Tbilisi, Georgia

Tom Fleming is in Georgia to present and run a workshop at the Connecting Culture Forum. The forum will bring together diverse European voices to assess the role of culture in fostering a fresh voice for Georgia in Europe. The aim is to showcase more Georgia in Europe, and more Europe in Georgia.

Georgian and international speakers will provide diverse perspectives on shared cultural values, culture and creativity as soft power to enhance positive change, the impact and influence of culture and media and the role of the creative economy in fostering dialogue and prosperity.

For Day 1, Tom will present on culture and democracy in cities. For Day 2, he will run a workshop on the role of creative cities and regions for cultural demoncracy and soft power.

13th April 2019

Developing the Cultural and Creative Industries in Vietnam. A symposium with members of the Vietnam National Assembly, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tom Fleming will provide a keynote address at this major national symposium. This provides an opportunity for Tom to present the findings and recommendations of the first National Strategy for the Cultural and Creative Industries in Vietnam, which he led on for UNESCO, the British Council and Vietnamese Institute of Culture and Arts Studies from 2012 to 2017.

The objectives are: to firstly raise awareness about the cultural and creative industries and the role of hubs for members of the National Assembly. Secondly, to initiate a platform for long-term information exchange and policy dialogue between cultural and creative hubs leaders and key decision and policy makers in Vietnam.

This symposium will have the participation from the Vietnam National Assembly, representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the European Union Delegation to Vietnam, the British Council, Vietnam National Institute for Culture and Arts Studies, and other international and national institutions and organisations in the field of arts and culture in Vietnam.

Tom will talk of the importance of cultural and creative hubs as safe spaces for creative expression and as vital enablers for creative talent development, collaboration and growth.

This links to a major partnership project: Cultural and Creative Hubs Vietnam. This is co-funded by the European Union and the British Council, and implemented by the British Council in partnership with Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies.

27th March 2019

Masterclass on the Creative Economy, Lisbon International Music Network Festival, Portugal

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy senior consultant Andrew Erskine will run a masterclass at the Lisbon International Music Network festival. The festival focuses on spreading current music to new markets worldwide, alongside artistic and cultural programmes. It involves discussions, masterclasses, meetings and concerts. Andrew will focus on how cities can shape the environment for a thriving creative economy.

Last year, MIL partnered with five other music conventions to launch JUMP, the European Music Market Accelerator. Co-funded by the European Commission, this provides a framework for music professionals to develop innovative business models. It aims to help the music sector adapt to recent transformations of the market while encouraging it to work on a transnational level. For nine months, 10 to 20 participants from all over Europe will have the opportunity to develop their ideas and to benefit in parallel from extensive training and tutorship.

28th - 30th March 2019

5 Years of Impact, Impact Hub Athens, Greece.

Tom Fleming will present and participate in 5 Years of Impact. This is a major event to celebrate and critically reflect on the first 5 years of activity for Impact Hub Athens. The event will bring together experts, stakeholders, practitioners, curious & interested, to explore, debate and design around core issues of the social and creative economy. Covering topics such as the circular economy, urbanism, tech for good and activism, the event provides an opportunity to scope for the next 5 years of activity for Impact Hub Athens. Tom will talk of the role of culture and creativity in changing cities.

Impact Hub Athens is part of an International Network of social and creative professionals dedicated to prototyping the future of business. From social inclusion and social integration to environment and fair trade, the Impact Hub Athens is engaging expertise from its worldwide presence and creating a net of intercultural, high impact communities that act locally and internationally.