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8th November 2018

RECnPlay Restival, Recife, Brazil

TFCC consultant Pedro Affonso Eco Franco will present at this exciting event which focuses on the creative transformation of Recife. The event brings together urbanists, technologists and creatives to explore notions of resilience and growth in Recife and other major Brazilian cities.

6th November 2018

Re-thinking Global Cultural Policy, Sao Paulo, Brazil

TFCC consultant Pedro Affonso Evo Franco is set to participate in a major UNESCO symposium. The event explores the challenges and opportunities of implementing the 2005 UN Convention on the Protection and Promotion of a Diversity of Cultural Expressions - from the perspectives of national and local development.

Pedro will reflect on our work in Brazil in evaluating creative industries development programmes. This includes entrepreneurship and skills programmes in three states as part of Newton-funded activities for the British Council. Other speakers included Sergio Sa Leitao of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture, and Daniele Cliche of UNESCO.

17th October 2018

Tom Fleming to keynote at the 2018 festival of the Indonesian Creative Cities Network, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Indonesian Creative Cities Network brings together municipalities and creative intermediaries from across Indonesia to share ideas, explore good practice and raise the profile and agenda for the creative and cultural sector. This 4th ICCN Festival is to be held in Yogyakarta, a city with an incredible blend of cultural assets and dynamic, youthful creative economy.

Tom will speak about the approach to creative industries development internationally - from policy to grassroots initiatives. He will reflect on how second and third tier cities have become vital hubs for creative practice and how they are increasingly networking with one another to build capacity and confidence.

Tom is also in Indonesia over this period to undertake research as part of our work with the British Council - where we are exploring the impact of their creative economy work in Indonesia. Vietnam, Colombia and Nigeria.

5th October 2018

A Cultural Strategy and Delivery Plan for the London Borough of Waltham Forest, UK

At TFCC we are thrilled to be commissioned to develop a Cultural Strategy and Delivery Plan for Waltham Forest. This is alongside Hatch Regeneris and We Made That.

2018 has been a great year for culture in Waltham Forest, with the triumph of winning the inaugural London Borough of Culture title for 2019. This opens up a major opportunity for the further development of the borough as a fantastic place to live, work, visit and engage in culture.

This commission is fundamental to making a success of the London Borough of Culture programme. It will give the programme strategic direction and ensure it is linked to a wider vision and approach to culture for the next five years. This includes a focus on building capacity, engaging audiences, nurturing hubs and clusters, and positioning Waltham Forest as a leading place for culture - in planning, cohesion and economic development.

11th September 2018

A Place-based Arts and Cultural Strategy for Exeter, UK

TFCC has been commissioned to develop the first place-based Arts and Cultural Strategy for Exeter. This is for the newly formed Exeter Culture - a pioneering partnership of organisations from across the arts, cultural, commercial and education sectors of the city.

Under its new Director, Chair and Steering Group, Exeter Culture works to champion a breadth of cultural opportunities by celebrating the unique qualities of Exeter and fostering opportunities for creativity.

To develop this Strategy, TFCC will engage partners to identify how to most effectively improve the resilience and develop the ambition of the Exeter arts and cultural sector. The aim overall, led by Exeter Culture and its stakeholders, is to set out a unique strategy that sets out a vivid vision to attract and retain creative talent, leading to a rich and growing creative ecosystem that embeds arts and culture in all aspects of life and is resolutely international and diverse in outlook.

This strategy provides TFCC with an opportunity to build on our previous work in Exeter, where we advised the University of Exeter on how it can more effectively generate a collaborative and transformational role for the regional creative economy.