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23rd November 2019

Evaluation of Creative Central Asia Programme

TFCC has been commissioned by the British Council to evaluate Creative Central Asia. This programme was conceived in 2017 to stimulate a new type of leadership conversation between the UK and Central Asia focused on the cultural and creative economy. This international conference and networking series was designed to build an influential and engaged leadership network to mobilise new partnerships and collaborative action with the UK.

Since its inception in Astana in November 2017, Creative Central Asia has annually brought together 120 leaders from across Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and the UK representing different parts of government, the private sector and civil society. A further 150,000 people have followed the conference sessions each year through live streaming and other digital technologies.

Our evaluation will explore progress in partnership and policy development over the last three years and set out some opportunities for the future. It includes participartion by our new consultant Nana Lee at the Creative Central Asia Symposium in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, in November 2019.

21st - 22nd November 2019

Crafting the Creative City: Folk traditions, innovation and transformation. Baguio, The Philippines.

Tom Fleming will provide a keynote address to a major symposium on crafts and folk art in Baguio, the first UNESCO Creative City in The Philippines. He will focus on the ways craft is reshaping cities by innovating in the use of materials, technology and approaches to planning and the environment.

Tom will also discuss the recent baseline mapping of the creative industries in Baguio - undertaken with The British Council, Asian Management Institute and Creatiive Economy Council of The Philippines. TFCC were advisers to this process, including a mapping study in Makati, the city to the heart of Metro Manila.

7th November 2019

Evaluation of Future Art & Culture at South by South West, Austin, USA

TFCC has been commissioned by British Underground to undertake an evaluation of the Future Art & Culture Programme. In 2017, Arts Council England commissioned the British Underground team to design and deliver a major programme of activity at South By South West in Austin, Texas.

SXSW is best known for its conference and festivals that celebrate the convergence of the interactive, film and music industries. The event, an essential destination for global professionals, features sessions, showcases, screenings, exhibitions, and a variety of networking opportunities.

In order to position the UK as a global leader in the space where art meets tech, Future Art & Culture includes panel discussions on digital innovation in the arts, live performances, and large-scale VR installations.

As well as curating the programme for Arts Council England, British Underground manages participant logistics, business and artist development, SXSW and partner relationships, US PR and marketing, brand development and related production processes.

Our role will be to evaluate the programme over the next three years, working closely with British Underground at SXSW and in the UK to review progress and explore the impact of the programme for artists, strategic partners, and the profile of UK arts and culture.

6th November 2019

Sustainable, Creative Growth for Bulacan Province, Philippines

TFCC has been commissioned by Rosetta Holdings Corporation in the Philippines to develop a creative growth strategy for the Province of Bulacan. Our work will focus on the city of San Jose Del Monte to the edge of Metro Manila. This will be the location for a major new audiovisual and digital cluster for the Philippines.

The cluster will work as an anchor and catalyst to the transformation of San Jose Del Monte to a city that champions creativity as vital to its inclusive and sustainable growth. With the active development of a creative and cultural strategy for the city, we will work to:

- Develop strategic leadership and commitment to culture and the creative economy

- Shape a shared cultural vision for the city

- Set out an action plan to facilitate a programme of sector development activities

- Develop an overarching creative masterplan for the city.

- Establish a clear proposition for San Jose Del Monte to be a UNESCO Creative City. This will include guidance on the key requirements of any bidding process and support with bid-writing.

This project is part of a growing portfolio of work we are developing in the Philippines and East Asia, including several mapping studies, policy consultancy and speaking activities.

29th October 2019

Cultural Strategy in a Box. Anew Study for the Local Government Agency, UK

TFCC has been commissioned with We Made That to develop a Toolkit and set of examplars for place-based cultural strategies. This Cultural Strategy in a Box will provide an overview of good practice and offer advice on effective approaches to consultation, partnership and delivery. It will draw on our work in delivering cultural strategies across the UK and internationally. To date we have delivered cultural strategies in places such as Bristol, Sheffield, Lincolnshire, Swansea, Lancashire, Wiltshire, Bournemouth, Dorset, Kent, West Sussex, Brighton, Eastbourne, Preston, Essex, Norwich, Margate, Tunbridge Wells, West Midlands, Blackpool, Buckinghamshire, Watford, several London Boroughs and many other places.