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5th June 2020

Tom Fleming to speak at the Glazychev Readings, Moscow, Russia

Tom Fleming will provide a presentation and participate in a Q&A at the 2020 Glazychev Readings. These are named after the distinguished Russian scientist, public figure, and urbanist Vyacheslav Glazychev; and staged by the Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences with the participation of the Department of Spatial Development.

This year the Glazychev Readings focus on urban research. Tom will discuss his career in undertaking urban research through a cultural lens. He will provide commentary on the key methodologies used and reflect on how his PhD in cultural geography was so inluential in his subsequent research interests and profession.

1st June 2020

Culture and Social Inclusion - a Development Programme. Central Alentejo, Portugal.

TFCC has been commissioned by the Communidade Intermunicipal Do Alentejo Central to provide strategic guidance in the design and delivery of a major new programme for culture and social inclusion. The central Alentejo is a largely rural area with significant social challenges linked to an aging population, reduced levels of mobility, under-employment and low wages.

This programme will build capacity in the cultural sector to deliver social impact across a range of outcomes, such as health and wellbeing, cohesion, mobility and economic productivity. It is supported by the European Social Fund and marks a major opportunity to embed culture in approaches to social development and planning.

TFCC will draw on good practice approaches internationally and help shape a tailored approach which works in the central Alentejo.

28th May 2020

Tom Fleming to speak at Intermuseum, Moscow

Four years after providing a keynote at Intermuseum, Moscow, Tom is participating in an online panel discussion. On the invitation of the Pro Arte Foundation and supported by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, Tom will focus on the role of museums in renewing the social contract post-Covid. As trust diminishes between governments and communities, can museums provide a safe space for cultural participation and dialogue?

Drawing on examples from his work internationally, Tom will set out a series of challenges for museums as they reframe their approach. He will be joined by Natalia Fedyanina of the Norilsk Museum. The conversation will be facilitated by Veronica Misiutina of the Skolkovo Institute.

Links, including for live-streaming on Youtube, are below.

6th April 2020

Evaluation of the Creative DNA Programme, East Africa

TFCC has been commissioned by British Council East Africa to evaluate the Foreign and Commonwealth Office funded Creative DNA programme and provide a context analysis analysis of the fashion sector. Creative DNA is one of the Sub Saharan Africa British Council arts programmes. It is aimed at supporting creative SMEs through the development of business and creative skills with a specific focus on promoting alternative and innovative approaches to the global fashion system. Kenya is one of the focus countries.

This piece of works builds on our role evaluating British Council Sub Saharan Africa arts programmes and specifically East Africa Arts work 2018-2020. The Creative DNA in Kenya is a 1.5 year programme. Our evaluation, context analysis and final recommendations paper will inform the potential scale up of the programme to other countries across East Africa and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa.

23rd March 2020

Guest Speaker, Cultural Policy MA, City University, London, UK

Tom Fleming was guest speaker for the Culture, Policy and Management MA at City University. He provided an overview of policy trends and perspectives from his work internationally. This included a discussion on the tensions between traditional cultural policy and the cultural or creative economy; on cultural regeneration; and on inclusive and impact-facing approaches.

Given the COVID-19 situation, this lecture and discussion was held on-line, with participants joining from countries such as Colombia, Korea and China.