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25 November 15

'Cultural and Creative Spillovers in Europe: a preliminary evidence review' published

We are delighted to announce the launch of 'Cultural and creative spillovers in Europe: a preliminary evidence review'. Written by TFCC, this report is the result of a major study on 'spillover' effects of public investment in arts, culture and the creative industries.
The project involved a strong collaboration between the research partnership between Arts Council (Ireland), Arts Council England, Creative England, the European centre for creative economy (Germany), the European Cultural Foundation (the Netherlands) and the European Creative Business Network (the Netherlands). It is a compilation of an evidence library of almost 100 reports, studies and evaluations that purport to describe the impacts of cultural and creative spillovers. We then undertook a systematic review of this library to ascertain what claims have been made about spillovers, what evidence exists to support these claims and what methodologies have been used to gather this evidence. In this way the research has sought to establish a baseline of knowledge by taking a scientific approach to commonly held assumptions about publicly funded arts and culture and their broader impacts. The review classifies spillover effects into three broad categories and 17 sub-categories that fall across social, political, economic and cultural outcomes. The review found three areas where there is persuasive evidence of cultural and creative spillovers: innovation in knowledge spillovers, health and wellbeing and creative milieu and place branding.

The report sheds light on cultural and creative spillovers in Europe and will contribute to scientific, cultural and political debate around evidencing the value of culture and public investment into the arts, culture and creative industries. It also sets out research and methodological recommendations that the research partnership will act on over the course of 2016.

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23 - 26 November 15

Unesco and Sida Technical Asistance to the Government of Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tom Fleming will be in Hanoi to run a series of workshops and meetings to develop competencies relating to the 2005 UN Convention on Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions.

This is as part of the next stage of the Unesco Technical Assistance Programme. It builds on our previous work in Vietnam, with the Convention a critical underpinning of cultural policy development in Vietnam. The programme is funded by Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA).

Tom will return to Vietnam in the spring of 2016 to delvier a second stage of support and develop a summary report on how Vietnam is adapting its cultural policy in line with the Convention.

13 November 15

Three Sisters Shortlisted for European Capital of Culture 2020

Exciting news! Three Sisters is a partnership of the three cities and counties of South East Ireland (Waterford, Wexford and Kilkenny), which are collectively bidding to be European Capital of Culture 2020. After an intensive year of bid development, culminating in the submission of the Bid Book and presentation to a jury of European cultural experts, Three Sisters has been shortlisted.

Tom Fleming worked as lead bid adviser to Three Sisters. This involved supporting vision development, partnership working, engagement activities, and bid formulation.

Shortlisting status means the Three Sisters have until next summer to develop a high quality final bid which successfully competes with the other shortlisted cities of Galway and Limerick. This is a hugely exciting opportunity for the region and the next six months will thrust culture centre stage in economic and social development agendas.

12-14 November 15

Creative and Cultural Industries Masterclass, Estonian Business School, Tallinn, Estonia.

Tom Fleming will deliver three lectures and workshops to the Estonian Business School. It will focus on the overall global picture for creative industries policy development and investment. This will include a focus on key policy areas such as education and skills, investment, workspace, clusters and place.

Tom's course is part of a new Creative Business MA at the Estonian Business School. It builds on a long-term relationship with policy development in Estonia, including our work to develop the 'Tallinn Manifesto on Creative Entrepreneurship' in 2011-12.