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1st August 2017

Creative Cities Talk, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tom Fleming is in Kuala Lumpur as part of our work to develop a Creative Economy Blueprint for the Klang Valley. While in town and hosted by Think City, Tom will do a talk and Q&A on the 'creative cities' agenda. He will give his critical take on the way culture has been appropriated for urban development and how the creative city is in danger of being commodified as property development jargon rather than a progressive attempt to engage diverse talent and improve the quality of place.

The talk will take place at Ruang, a converted bank in Kuala Lumpur's old downtown - an area being sensitively reinvigorated via the programmes of Think City.

14th July 2017

An Action plan for Culture Creativity and Tourism, West Midlands Combined Authority, UK.

We are very pleased to be continuing our work for the West Midlands Combined Authority. Now that Andy Street is in place as the first Mayor of the devolved body, we will be helping to develop an action plan for culture, creative industries and tourism which places an emphasis on the role they can all play in supporting infrastructure development, economic growth and improvement in quality of life in the region.

Working closely with a steering group made up of the leading cultural organisations, local councils and Local Economic Partnerships, we will be helping draw up a set of priorities for investment, research and collaboration which will be able to rolled out from Autumn 2017.

2nd July 2017

International Benchmarking of Museums and Exhibition Centres, Museum of Art of Lima, Peru.

We are excited to commence work for the Museum of Art of of Lima to explore international best practice in the galleries and museums sector, with a focus on new business models which are digitally enabled and effective in generating commercial revenue. We will also focus on best practice examples where museums and galleries are playing a leadership role in mobilising collaboration within the creative industries and with other sectors. This will culminate in a workshop and presentation of recommendations by Tom Fleming.

This will support the Museum of Art of Lima as they play a more strategic role in creative industries development for Peru. It is part of a wider strategic exercise commissioned by the Ministry of Production. Here, the Museum of Art of Lima, in association with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Fundacion Telefonica, the Cultural Center of Spain and the San Ignacio de Loyola University, are collaborating on the project "Designing Strategies to Improve the Self-sustainability of Museums in Lima".

12th June 2017

Vision narrative and benefits analysis for a new library, museum, archives and art gallery, Doncaster, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy has been appointed by Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council to produce the vision narrative and benefits analysis for a new build library, museum, archives and art gallery in the South Yorkshire market town.

The proposed new building will be a cornerstone for the Cultural Quarter area of regeneration. The purpose of our work is to create a narrative which will help generate greater understanding among key partners as to what the building will do, how it will look and feel, and the way it inter-operates with other cultural venues and programmes.

We will be looking carefully at other successful new developments and the lessons that can be learned to ensure that Doncaster gets the maximum economic, cultural and social benefit it can from a multi-million investment in a new facility. The new building, providing for the first time a home for the archives as well as replacing the now dated gallery and library buildings, will help ensure the continued revival in the town, exemplified by the Cast Theatre which opened in 2013.