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22nd October and 6th November 2020

Lecture Series: Spatial Development Department of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow

Tom Fleming will continue our longstanding partnership with the Russian Creative Industries Agency and Skolkovo to deliver a lecture programme which connects the cultural sector and creative industries to wider agendas in planing and city making.

Cities across the world are struggling to rescue their economies and reframe their role and purpose in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and other longer-term structural challenges. The creative industries and wider approaches to creativity and culture-led development, are vital to diversifying the economy, revitalising urban life and driving innovation across approaches to spatial planning. But most cities do not prioritise creativity and are stuck in old models of policy and practice. These lectures will explore the role and value of creativity - in work, policy and planning - for the revitalisation of cities as places for sustainable, inclusive development.

15th October 2020

Theatre of Uncertainty, International Gathering

Tom Fleming is set to present at Theatre of Uncertainty, a two day international gathering for theatre, performing arts and cuultural policy. Produced by EVE, the Israeli Independent Theatre Makers Association, the event convenes speakers and audiences from across the world to explore policy and pracice for theatre in this time of huge uncertainty.

Tom will reflect on the UK policy response to theatre and the arts in the Covid-19 crisis. He will point to the relatively piecemeal and responsive approach to policy which thus far has lacked trust, empathy and foresight. He will also reflect on the types of partnership, investment and positioning which will be needed for the arts to come back strong as we hopefully recover.

28th September 2020

A Creative Economy Strategy for Coventry, UK

TFCC has been commissioned by Coventry City Council to undertake a creative economy strategy. This strategy could not come at a more important time for the city, with the Covid-19 crisis radically disrupting the profile and dynamics of the economy overall, with a particularly pronounced impact on micro firms and freelancers, and on key parts of the arts and cultural ecosystem. Now is the time to re-think, re-frame and plant the seeds for future development.

TFCC will work with partners including the Coventry 2021 UK City of Culture team, Local Enterprise Partnership, both universities and the cultural and creative sector, to identify a set of strategic priorities and actions which can help Coventry maximise the potential of its diverse talent base and heritage of creativity and innovation.

Being City of Culture in 2021/2 is a huge opportunity for Coventry to reset wider perceptions (as well as delivering a huge uplift in local and intercultural participation, engagement, innovation and productivity). This creative economy strategy will help ensure that a key legacy of the year of culture sees Coventry recognised as a place where creative approaches to systemic challenges are encouraged; where creativity and innovation are central strengths; and where the diversity advantage of the city is an attraction factor for talent retention and inward investment.

15th September 2020

Creativity Now: A New Era for Imaginative and Inclusive City-making, Cidade Lugar Com, Vila Real, Portugal

Tom Fleming will provide a keynote address and participate in a Q&A as part of the Cidade Lugar Com series with Fundacao da Casa de Mateus and Municipio de Vila Real. This seminar will explore how, with Covid-19 such a game-changer, cities are looking to apply creative practice to enhance resilience, secure inclusive economic development, and drive innovation. It will focus on smaller cities such as Vila Real - cities which may yet rise again as talent looks to leave larger urban centres. It will set out some emergent ideas for a creative city manifesto for Vila Real and other smaller cities, shaping ideas for a brave and radical value proposition for cities which is fired by their creative talent.