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17th - 18th November 2017

Tom Fleming keynote speaker at the 12th International Culture and Creativity Conference, Kaunas, Lithuania

This major event brings together speakers from across the world to explore strategic opportunities and challenges for cultural policy at a time of political, social and economic uncertainty. Hosted by Vilnius University, Tom will describe trends in participatory cultural policy, including a focus on open governance and intercultural cities. Tom will also reflect on the possibilities generated by European Capital of Culture, with Kaunas set to hold the title in 2022.

3rd November 2017

Evaluation of Merseyside Arts Foundation Music Programme, Liverpool, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is to deliver an evaluation of two music development programmes led by Merseyside Arts Foundation: an artist development fund enabled by the Performing Rights Society Foundation and a professional development enabled by the European Social Fund. Both are positioned to support independent music artists and labels, to add value to recording, promotion and distribution activities.

This is a continuation of our role as external evaluators to MAF over several years.

2nd November 2017

Evaluation and Impact Analysis Framework for CENDANA, the new cultural development agency for Malaysia

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy is working with CENDANA and arts and cultural partners in Malaysia to develop an evaluation framework, guidelines and tools to underpin robust sector impact analysis over five years.

This builds on our previous work developing the Creative Economy Blueprint for Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley which involved detailed mapping to establish a creative industries baseline; extensive sector consultation to explore the opportunities and barriers to growth; and an advocacy programme to build policy commitment.

25th October 2017

A Cultural Strategy for the London Borough of Sutton, UK

Tom Fleming Creative Consultancy will develop a new cultural strategy for Sutton, a Borough in south London.

For this strategy to be a success, it must identify how Sutton can benefit from the advantages that being part of London brings: a young and hyper-diverse population, an openness and tolerance other parts of the UK lack, significant numbers of educated affluent knowledge workers, global connectivity and networks, high visitor numbers, potential to access philanthropy, strong creative industries and dynamic cross-overs between sectors.

At the same time it shares the disadvantages of London including high levels of inequality and pockets of deprivation, the pricing out of artists and other creatives, the lack of space for creative experiment and performance, as well as the threat that Brexit and continued austerity brings to a fragile creative ecology.