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28 June 14

Tom Fleming featured in Vietnamese national press

Tom Fleming has recently returned from a UNESCO-supported study visit to Vietnam. The visit involved consultation to undertake a situation analysis of the visual arts in this fast-changing country. A national newspaper article based on an interview with Tom can be viewed here:

June 14

UNESCO present Tom Fleming's work in Vietnam

Tom Fleming has just returned from a 10 day visit to Vietnam where he was undertaking situation analysis on the country's visual arts sector.

Tom visited leading and emergent galleries and artists, plus art schools and support agencies in Ho Chi Minh City, Hue and Hanoi. Tom is set to report on his findings - which will be used to inform a long term strategy for the visual arts in Vietnam.

UNESCO's feature on Tom's visit can be viewed here:

June 14

Tom Fleming to Teach at the University of British Columbia Continuing Studies Centre for Cultural Planning and Development, Canada.

The UBC Continuing Studies Centre for Cultural Planning and Development is dedicated to the creation and strengthening of a global community of professionals advancing cultural development as a vital component of successful communities and sustainable growth.

Tom has been asked to teach a module on creative place-making for smaller cities. Commencing in October 2014, Tom will deliver a set of online workshops.

1-12 June 14

A Visual Arts Strategy for Vietnam

Tom Fleming is set to travel to Vietnam for a two week programme of consultation and policy discussion on the country's visual arts sector. This is as part of Tom's role as UNESCO expert on the cultural and creative industries. This - the 6th strategy visit to Vietnam in 2.5 years - will explore the current profile and dynamics of the visual arts sector in Vietnam. It forms part of Tom's role advising on the overall Cultural Industries Strategy for Vietnam.

The visual arts are particularly vibrant in Vietnam - with a strong tradition of artistic practice and a burgeoning contemporary scene. However, the market for visual arts is under-developed, censorship still holds back many artists, and too few artists have the management and entrepreneurial skills to balance against their creative skills.

Tom's work is in support of a UNESCO programme to ensure the 2005 UN Convention on Diversity of Cultural Expressions is effectively delivered. The role of the artist is seen as vital in an open and progressive society.